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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,


    That was the 1.8s with the special edition package.
  • amazing

    how u do know how u were able to get such an amazing deal?

    i had the manager let me look at the invoice which includes the holdback amount, the amount was roughly 426, i was able to negotiate it so the dealer kept 200 of it

    the price u have is well well below invoice even with the holdback, just curious
  • Hi,


    They had it as a advertisment for that price. THey also has two 1.8s with Automatic for 9980. I like the look of the special edition better even through it was a bit more. THe only thing is we were not able to get the special APR for that price. I had to get a loan from my Credit Union to get a better rate.
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  • I'm going to be looking at getting one in the next week or two. I live in CT and I've checked the TMV pricing for this model. I'm looking for loaded, with the ABS/TC and Audio package, not the special V Spec brake package. Any idea what I should expect, anything lower than TMV?
  • Just buoght a new 2005 Nissan Sentra 1.8 S yesterday. Did pretty good. $11,888 plus tags, tax, etc. We shopped at Nissan of Tracy in Central California. They were completely awesome, helpful, and honest, which about floored me. Quick backround....


    Went in October to Heritage Ford in Modesto. Wanted a 2003 Ford Taurus SE. Nice car, wanted Thirteen something for it. Dad talked them down to 11,500. He was cosigner and they placed him as primary on the financing and came back with a 3.9% for 60 months. Not bad. Took SPOT DELIVERY!!! Bad choice because in California they have that "rescind" clause deal. Anyway, next day we are told we have to redo contract that the bank wouldn't accept it with Dad as primary so they had to switch us around. I knew it was going to be bad, but it was 14.9% bad and the car had to go back. We probably should've have demanded proof of rejection, because we NEVER received a denial in the mail or in person. I think it's Fraud to lie abut financing. Anyway, because we had talked them down 2 grand, I guess they figured out they could make up the difference on the car by getting a kickback on the difference from a regular bank. Scums.


    So, I was devestated and disguisted that I couldn't even have a co-signer with a decent rate even if they have perfect credit.


    Enter Nissan of Tracy!!! We had negotiated ahead of time and there was absolutely NO pressure. Not to mention it was submitted to "CUDL" and we got a 4.29% with dad as primary. They say that CU will report to CRA's. Anyone out there that can confirm this???? I had purchased a 1998 Saturn SL2 when they had the "no haggle" slogan. There was more pressure at Saturn than at Nissan.


    I was up front on our objectives in that it was for rebuilding credit and that mine was in the dirt, that we wanted the most for the least amount of money, and they never..not one time..applied pressure except to sell a extended warranty, which we didn't take. But hey, can't blame the FM, lol. Honestly, just being treated fairly was so appreciated that I would highly recommend the dealer. They received one of those Customer Service Excellence Awards from Nissan, and I can see why now. If I buy a Nissan again, I'd return there.


    Also, inquired as to my score, because now they have t disclose it. In October, 2004 I was only 520, but last night I was 560. How fast can I expect to see my score creep up with on time payments? Any guesses??? I'm dying to know. I want a house next hear and have to make 620 because, as we all know here, it's a numbers game,lol


    Can't wait to hear what everyone says!!!
  • You might check out our Smart Shopper board, where we've got numerous discussions about finance & credit. Some of our members who have expertise in this area hang out on that board.


    Sounds like you are on the road to improving your credit - congratulations on a responsible rebuilding effort!



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  • Hello, im currently in the market for a new car and ive narrowed my choices to an 2005 nissan sentra 1.8s and the corolla s..but i noticed when searching on msn/auto site under the review section it showed that sentra had major problems with its engine from 2000, 2001, and im wondering if i should reconsider buying a sentra even though its cheaper than the corolla s based on siginificant engine problems.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Your best bet is to read and then ask questions in the Nissan Sentra discussion about their experience with the vehicle.


    That way we can keep this discussion about the actual prices paid & buying experiences.


  • My 16 yr old daughter wants to purchase a '93 Sentra, automatic, 2 dr., 99k miles. Any recommendations on that car?
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    Most of the conversation in our pricing discussions centers around new vehicle purchases. You might visit our topic about Purchasing Used Vehicles to get more feedback on pricing, or our regular Nissan Sentra discussion to talk to those who own this car about reliability.

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  • scoicscoic Posts: 1
    You got a great deal. I should have done more homework. I even went through a friend of a friend and paid $15,000 for mine. I love it but when I see what prices others are paying for it I really get annoyed. Atlantic Nissan near Babylon NY.
  • j2thomasj2thomas Posts: 25
    Spent the day with my SIL and she had her heart set on the Ford Focus, $19K sticker and $16K out the door price with my xplan and their $2500 rebate. Sun roof, heated seats, spoiler, alloys, auto, cruise, (no ABS or side air bags). Disappointed with the ride, interior, price and dealer nonsense. Earlier in the week she tried another dealer and a very similar car but the dealer wouldn't budge off $16.5K.

    We then tried a similarly optioned Nissan Sentra - 1.8 S, special package with sunroof, ABS and side airbags, cabin filter, flaps, mats (all the Ford goodies except heated seats and mirrors), for an out the door price of $15.5K, (includes tax, title, doc and $2500 rebate). The dealer was great to work with and she loves the car. The Nissan is much cheaper to insure, gets better gas mileage and less depreciation. We had a very productive morning.
  • wgd9891wgd9891 Posts: 1
    Dealer quoted me 13,500 for 1.8 S Nissan Sentra. Additonal 800 bucks for Special Edition Package. I work at their place in the parts section. I think they are not giving me a good rate and possible trying to rip me off. I live in Towson, Maryland, what do you guys have to say about his price.

    Thank you.
  • 2005 Sentra 1.8s Special Edition
    out the door 13200

    Good car, nice ride, good fuel economy,

  • 2005 Sentra 1.8s Special Edition
    out the door 13200

    Good car, nice ride, good fuel economy,

  • marklarmarklar Posts: 1
    I'd love to see the 1.8s SE go for 11,888 around me. In receiving quotes the past few days, the lowest I have received (automatic, SE) is 13,500 after the $2500 rebate. This is in the South Jersey area.
  • Can you tell me what dealership is 1.8 SE for 13,500?? is that out the door?? I got a 1.8S 2005 quoted for 13,560 in Central Jersey OTD. Obviously a 1.8SE for 13,500 OTD is awesome. Thanks for your help.
  • amaoamao Posts: 32
    I am in South Jersey and one of the quotes I received is:
    2006 sentra 1.8S Automatic with ABS/side airbag package, floor mats, special edition package, splash guards, and a power sunroof for $15,661 plus tax and tag. Is this a good deal or not?
  • I bought my daughter a brand new 2006 Nissan Sentra on 11/28/05 from Sheehy Nissan in Annapolis, Maryland. Included 1.8 Special Edition Package (Included Audio & Sport Appearance). Automatic trans, Carpeted floor mats and trunk mats, In-cabin microfilter. Vehicle list price was 17,205.00... I got the vehicle on the road for 13,588.60 included 2000.00 rebate. Hope this helps.
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