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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Seems like just about all of them are charging doc fees. I always do all my negotiating using the BOTTOM LINE, after all fees etc but before taxes. If they want to be competitive with a high doc fee, that just means that they need to slice the price somewhere else, otherwise they are out of the running for my business, that's all. I've even gone out of state to buy several vehicles this way (with lower doc fees), and I have saved thousands of dollars. It works!
  • darboodarboo Posts: 2
    I had the same question as p_wallace. Is the 0% offer legit?

    Also if anyone recently bought a 1.8S SE what did you end up paying? And any other general advice...

    I am a new college grad getting my first car.

  • I am thinking of buying a Nissan Sentra today (09/02/06) and am kind of dissapointed to hear that there was a better rebate available earlier in the year, but anyway, the current rebate is 2250, and after doing a lot of research, which included being able to look at the dealer's stock (they have it online) and checking out the "loss-leader" cars versus other cars in stock, I am going to try go for a 1.8S Sentra with privacy glass for 12,000 out the door. I don't know if I can get that but their "loss-leader" advertised price is 12,455 without the privacy glass, and our sales tax is only 4% so that will help a little. Anyone think I am being unrealistic? Oh and it is a manual shift, not automatic, so I am saving about 1000 right there. Anyone have any advice? I may be able to hold off on actual possesion and signing until Monday, so any advice is welcome.
  • Hey guys,
    Just bought the car, ended up being 13,424.11 out the door. I had such high plans for going lower than the loss-leader price, but ended up just going with the loss-leader price because of the stpid destination charge. I couldn't really find a way around the 605 dollars that the dealer has to pay I guess, and the holdback incentive was only 280 dollars or so on the vehicle. What do you guys think? I got a 1.8S with the normal floor mats and the microfilter and the splash guards. I know I am going to be kicking myself if tomorrow they have a loss-leader that is even lower, you think that will happen? :P
  • I am planning to buy a Sentra. Hawaii007 can you tell me what your base price was and your sales tax percentage? I will have to pay 7% sales tax in NJ. How much will be the best out the door price.
    This is the first time I will buy a new car. Any advice for the bargaining.
  • Durgun,
    I think the price that was taxed was 14,705 or something like that. The way they got that price was 12,455 plus 2250 (rebate amount). The 14,705 included the destination charge (605) and the other "options" like the floor mats, the microfilter and the splash guards.
  • Just got my o6 Sentra today. 1.8S special edition auto with MSRP 17,415. I paid 13,500 + tax and license in so cal. I think it's good value comparing to Collora or Civic. The other one I was considering is Focus with almost same feature about $12k but the driving is a little loose and louder road noise. The special edition is nice option for the price.
  • Got my new car 1.8S Special Edition for $14,400 OTD. All inclusive taxes,VLT,registration,title,doc fees,dest fees think it was a good deal. Got Security Alarm and All floor mats included in it tooo! This is in Arizona!
  • We found a "previously owned" 6000 mile, SE-pack in red at our local dealer. Previous owner had traded up for an Altima. Knowing we were in the market for another car, the salesman called and we made the deal.

    We have purchased from the same salesman 03 SpecV $13500 (new) and 97 Max SE (used, district manager's car) $18500 (prices have really gone up since 1998). Northbay Nissan in CA.
  • hondakidhondakid Posts: 17

    Can anyone tell me what the Canadian (Ontario) dealer cost is on the 2007 Sentra 2.0S complete with: Luxury/Xtronic CVT Transmission package.

    Thank You In Advance

  • I just wanted to say thanks to all those who have posted about pricing that they have received on this car as it helped me alot when I was determining what I was willing to pay myself.
    I researched the 07 Sentra for a couple of weeks before buying. I went into to several dealers and drove a couple of cars and decided on the packages I wanted.
    Then I called 5 different dealerships in my area and gave them a price I told them that a dealership had quoted me, and told them that if they beat it I would go to them. I listed all of the options included and told them that the extras like Mats and splash gaurds were included in that price also. They all started quoting me and a couple told me I was crazy or being lied to, but a few gave me a fairly competetive price. One dealership wouldn't quote me over the phone, but told me that if I went in to see them they would beat any price by at least $500.
    I went into the dealership that gave me the best price and got a printed quote from them and then told them I had to think about it and would most likely be back later that day.
    I then went to the dealership that said they would beat any price by $500 and had the most horrbile experience with a sales manager I have ever had! Their customer service was Awful! I was ready to go somewhere else and pay more just to not have to deal with them. I got on the phone right there in their office and called the first dealership I went to first that day. I told them that I was at this other dealership and they were going to beat the price by $500. I told him that I was very unimpressed by their serivce though and if he would match that price I would come right back over. he said OK and told me to come back, which I did.
    My car was sitting there waiting for me when I got there and it only took about 1 hour to get everything done and be out the door. :)
    They tried to overcharge me on a couple of things like GAP insurance (they quoted me $600 and I said NO, so they dropped it to $350), and also tried to charge me over $400 for registration charges :mad: but when I complained they "Checked on it" and it came down to $180. :shades:
    My price before taxes and the doc fee was $15,500 (this price included my $500 rebate for doing my financing through them)
    I am VERY happy with the deal I got and I LOVE my new car!! :blush:
    It seriously is so much fun to drive and I have not had any buyers remorse!
    Make sure you do your research and don't get screwed over!
  • webaggiewebaggie Posts: 5
    Hi scksucker. So, your price before the rebate was $16,000. MSRP is $18,870 and invoice price is $17,449 on a car with those options. You got it for $1,449 below invoice? (That's assuming you're not including GAP insurance or doc fees.) Is this right? Will they really come down that much off invoice? I'm assuming there were no mfg. rebates. There was a post in Feb in the Nissan Sentra 2007 forumn by indiajOnes that paid $16,500 + ttl for the same car but with the audio pkg (invoice 17,971), making that deal $1,471 under dealer invoice. That really seems like a lot off for a relatively inexpensive car. Anyone else get the same deal? Thanks.
  • Can anyone comment on the current market for Sentras? Impression I am getting is that you can buy this car for around invoice, plus get $500 cash back (and another $500 if you are a recent college grad). Can anyone confirm?
  • This past monday, i purchased a 2006 nissan sentra. I am 23 a student and I work. this is my first vehicle and i have some credit issues which are about 4k. I have been on my current job for about 4 months now. I got this car with gap insurance and a 2000mile/60 day warranty with a down payment of 1200 dollars. I have this car financed at 72 mos for a payment of 349 a month at about 25% apr. My bf says i got ripped off? is there anything i can do at this point?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Not sure what your credit issues are but 25% wow! Based on the information you supplied, the total of your payments are $25,128. That is quite a bit for a 2006 Sentra.

    Waht was the selling price of car? Was there a trade? If so how much did they give you? What is the 2000 mile/60 day warranty?

    Your payments and the length of the loan for the car you purchased seem very very high. NOt much you can do now but you may want to consider refinancing the loan. Do some searching online for "Auto loan refinancing". This should lead you to websites that can get you some information.
  • I think I payed something around 14,750 for a new 07 2.0, and the dealer threw in a power moonroof at a suprisingly good price. The dealership in my area deals with a very professional company that adds really nice looking auto sunroofs and other options. It looks real nice too, they had it displayed in the show room. I'm Taking it in monday so they can put it on a flatbed and get it done.
  • janda1janda1 Posts: 26
    Stay away from the Gap.Great advice. My insurance company charges $39.00 a year for GAp.
    FINANCE GUY checked with his "District Manager" and stated we do not need to take the Gap and they will apply the rebate anyway. Very nice. The finance rate is .7 percent for 36 months. The price I got was for the sentra SL with mats 18,200 minus $1000.00 in rebates. After tax ($300), and Doc fees (bogus) of $394.50, registration and tag fees $49.00 and $39.00. Out the door for $17989.50. Might still knock down that doc fee.

    PS car arrived but my wife found a paint defect on the right rear pillar. Sales Manager says that he would not let us by the car with that problem. He is now looking for a new one for us. Should be in in three days. Do you think I should haggle the Doc fee or am I getting overly greedy?
  • tinksd19tinksd19 Posts: 1
    Before I bought my car I lined up financing with my credit union and did research online. I came out the door paying $80 dollars over my goal, but now, I can't help but feel I did it wrong. I was trying so hard to do it right and by myself and not have to tote along some guy for back-up. Anyway, these are the numbers from my Buyers Order.

    The car I got was a 2007 Sentra 2.0 CVT, gray with charcoal int, power windows and door locks, and floor mats. I traded in a 1995 VW Cabrio in Fair to crap condition. The passenger mirror was busted up, the top had a seam that came apart, the car leaked, the upholstery in the drivers seat was disentigrating (foam was coming out), oil leaked, it had been in two wrecks (not my fault), and the car darn near felt like it was going to vibrate itself to death when it ran.

    Total Price of Unit: 15290.93 (this included the 625 destination)
    Trade: 1850
    Fees: 489
    Sales Tax at 6%: 835.80
    Title Fee: 19
    Georgia Warranty Act: 3
    Rebate: 500
    Balance Due: 14287.73

    I have stole the print out of the vehicle detail sheet. The MSRP is listed as 16340 and Invoice is listed as 15672. Live near Atlanta,GA.

    They tried to get me to finance through Nissan, but the manager somehow messed it up and told me I could have something I couldn't and they tried to up it $500. He looked pretty pissed when the finance guy told him that I couldn't have it. He ended up just letting me bring the check from the credit union. So I atleast know they are loosing money because they don't get the back end money from the finance company.

    So, did I screw this up, get a good deal, or just come out ok? What should I do differently if I ever go through car buying again. I have a ton of things in mind, but would like other suggestions.
  • black00black00 Posts: 48
    Has anyone looked into leasing a Sentra SE-R?

    Can someone please post the lease terms for 24/36 months with 12/15K mi/year (residuals and money factor).
  • Well, after reading some of the other posting, it's confirmed - I got raped at west Palm Nissan...during their "bottom line sales event" I purchased a sentra with a sticker price of $17,ooo and after six hours (with no offers of food or even water) I ended up being talked into everything in creation, from gap insurance at $600 lojack at $800, paint sealant at $450, an extended warrenty at $1400 and glass tinting at $ 7.9% interest, the grand total came to a whopping $27,000! To make matter worse, the "service engine soon" light came on on my first trip to work! Believe me, if i could get out of this, I would, but I sincerly doubt they have a three day return policy....if you are think about purchasing a car, bring a negotiator with you, as well as food and drink!
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