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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    The check engine light might have been caused by a loose gas cap. Even if it is something else, the factory warranty will cover it.
    You can cancel the extended service contract if it has only been a few days. You are probably stuck with everything else and will have to be more careful next time.
  • jason168jason168 Posts: 2
    Location: Empire Nissan, Ontario/Fontana, CA
    Trim: 2.0
    Options: CVT, ABS, Floor Mats, Splash Guards, dealer installed spoiler
    Price: $14,618 +ttl

    Price above already includes $500 rebate for financing through NMCA, another $500 rebate, 0.7% 36 mo. apr financing, a $300 dealer discount (roughly equal to dealer holdback), and the $615 destination charge.

    If you're a recent college grad you could get another $500, but too bad I gradated a while ago.

    I negotiated everything through the internet using Nissan's request a quote feature from their website (contacted 2 dealers). There was no negotiating when I got to the dealer. Price was preset, I waited about 1.5 hours for a car wash and that was it.

    Total OTD price was just under $16,100. Keep in mind, tax varies and I had a 7.75% sale tax rate. CA title and license was $166, there was $55 doc fee, and $8.75 CA tire fee.

    I hope this info helps others get good deals. Keep in mind also, I got lucky that there were all these incentives and it was the end of the month when I purchased. Good luck.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    You can cancel the extended service contract if it has only been a few days. You are probably stuck with everything else and will have to be more careful next time.

    Canceling the warranty won't do anything for your payment it will just reduce the time you have to pay on it about 2-3 payments.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    How could a $1400 warranty plus the interest on it only reduce the time by only 2 or 3 payments?
    It should reduce it by several payments. Not just a couple.
    Sounds like something a salesperson would say.
  • Location: Mid City Nissan, Chicago, IL
    Trime: 2.0
    Options: CVT, ABS, Floor Mats, Splash Guards, Side Molding
    Car Price: approx. $14,700

    I got two $500 rebates as a customer incentive. 1.9% financing for 36 months. ( 0.7% expired 07/31/2007 )

    Total OTD: $15,900

    I submitted an offer ($16,100) through edmunds to several dealers; this one called me the next day and promised to beat my offer. After some negotiating, we settled on the price above.

    Tax here is 7.75%

    My goal was actually to beat jason168, and I can't believe I did it :D. I'm still surprised at how flexible these prices can be. Another dealer was stuck on $16,800 OTD and would not negotiate any further.

    Good luck, I hope this info helps anyone looking for a good deal.
  • Purchased my 2007 Sentra just a few days ago:
    2.0 CVT ABS + floor mats/splash guards
    Super black w/charcoal interior.

    I walked out the door with $14,200 balance due.
    (including doc fees, $400, yes I think they were bogus too.) So the car price they gave me was $15,300 - $1500 in rebates (new grad rebate included) + doc fees for $400 = $14,200

    Plus they gave me choice of color and went and found the car and brought it to the lot for no extra charge.

    I also went with the 36 month .7% interest rate. The kicker for that was the finance guy made a mistake and currently I pay only .07% (equals $15.32 over life of the loan!) I think Nissan will catch that eventually and I'll be back to .7%.

    Still, I think if you want a 2007 Sentra, now is probably a good time to get one and try and go at least $500 below invoice. Worked for me. Good luck.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    Anyone getting $500. or more below factory invoice for an 07 Sentra CVT w convenience package in my neck of the woods? If not here, anyone buy from Northern PA, NJ or New England?
    Might be a cash deal, no trade.
    Any help much appreciated!
  • bridge2bridge2 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2007 Sentra 2.0 S with Conv. Package, ABS, splash guards, side moldings, floor mats and tinted windows (could be standard) for $15,500.00 from Round Rock Nissan in Round Rock Texas on Saturday. The sticker for this car was $18,390.00 and the invoice is $17,100.00. I shopped for weeks looking at Toyota, Honda and Nissan not really caring what car I got as long as the price was right. I did a request from and got four replies from area dealers and one had the S for $15,200 and I used that to go to the dealer by my house who was $267 higher to begin with. He said he would meet the price from the competitor. While test driving the car I noticed a scratch in the dash. He said he’d take another $100 off for that. Beginning the real negotiations he asked if the quote was for the convenience package and I said I don’t believe so. He said the cost was $900 for that. I said I’ll sign right now if you take $15,500 for the car. He went into his manager and came out with the final numbers. The numbers were $16,500.00 for the car plus a $500 rebate, along with another $500 for financing through Nissan Motor Credit. To me that was exactly where I wanted the price. Tax was nine hundred and something and title, etc was a couple hundred more. I put down $2,500.00 and my final amount to finance at 4.9% was $14,183.52. He pointed to a figure that said “EST. payment $275”. All was good so I agreed. It was getting late and I suggested we complete the deal tomorrow.
    Here’s where the fun begins. I arrived back the next day and upon finishing up with the sales person, I was met up with the Finance Director. He sat and talked with me for a bit which led right into the warranty speech. By that time the monthly payment had become $279. I sigh’d over the four bucks but proceeded on. He got done with the warranty speech and tried to sell me the complete package for $341 /mo. I said no way and he said well how much are you comfortable with? I said like $290. He said ok the the maintenance contract and window tire something for $297. I said no, he said ok I’ll take off another $5. I did some math and saw that was a $13 difference / mo which was like $800 on the life of the contract. I said ok. As he was printing out the papers and I was signing I noticed the financed amount on my paper was now $15,500.00. I asked why that was and he started double talking away how the 890 this and 390 that was what we agreed to. I said I don’t want any of it now. He said you agreed to it. I said I DON’T WANT IT TAKE IT OFF. He said wait, we agreed to $290/ mo. I said I agreed to pay $15,500 for the car and finance $14,100. I said for this deal you must have been incorrect about the original monthly payment. He said no that was right on and did some calculator thing and said see. I said, Give me my check back and I’ll get the car somewhere else. He calmed down, tore up the signed papers and tried to put the $279 back into the system. I balked back at him and I said well maybe the monthly payment is lower. No he insisted and sat there frustrated for another five minutes. I watched what he was doing until he finally put in $267/mo and everything passed through. He said expect a call from Nissan Motor Credit because that figure was wrong. I just laughed. He then quickly printed out the papers and had me sign what was left. I was out of there with the price I wanted to pay. Lesson learned. Know your monthly payment before you let them tell you an inflated one so the additional stuff they’re selling you doesn’t sound so expensive.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    Texas is a long way away from western NY state, but appreciated this knock out, drag out fight you had with the dealership. The dealers won't like it, but I believe in keeping this potential transaction uncomplicated. A cash deal
    for $15,500 plus tax, tags, title, inspection fee. No extended warranty, no Nissan financing, nothing! Of course, that is one heck of a deal you got...convenience package, ABS,
    body side moldings, splash guards, floor mats. Tinted glass comes standard these days. Advertising fees and the financial reserve I'm sure are the variables that can make one dealer have the advantage over another. By the way, again Nissan USA is again depriving the US market the lack of heated outside mirrors for the 2008 models. Nissan Canada is making that feature available again for 2008.
    Thanks for sharing your story!
  • mdpxmdpx Posts: 2
    I bought a 2007 Sentra 2.0SL, Polished Granite exterior with Saddle Leather at ABC Nissan in Phoenix. The add-ons were moonroof pkg., body side moulding, mud guards, tint, floormats, lojack, clearcoat reseal every 6 mos. Price I negotiated down to was $18,038. The $1000 rebate (includes $500 cash back and $500 back if financed with NMAC). Bottom line: $17,038. Now add all the taxes and fees and less my trade of $4,500 for my trade, I financed about $15,300 with a payment is $431.00 for 36 months at 0.7%. The total cost of interest is around $184.00. So in three years, I will own the car entirely and have not paid much in interest. I'm pretty pleased with my deal. I did a lot of homework before going and didn't allow them to upcharge me or play with the numbers. And, I love my car. I absolutely love it. People are amazed that it's a Sentra. They can't believe it. They say it looks like a mini Maxima.
    So far, so good.
  • knewbieknewbie Posts: 6
    sentra base model brand new how much worth .
    can any one tell me about this deal
    is 10400 OTD is a good price for a 2006 base model sentra with zero mills. no A/C or radio and M/T. they are asking 8299 plus 629 destination charge 299 prossesing fee, and Plus TTL

    thank you
  • 2007 Sentra 2.0 S CV Transmission
    Magnetic Grey/ Charcoal Steel
    Convenience Pkg, Splash Guards, Body Color Molding, Floor Mats w/ Trunk Divider, Tinted Windows.

    Negotiated Price $15,000
    Includes Rebates ($1,000)
    Sales Tax 7.75% $1,270.96
    Dealer Fee $399
    State Title $28.25

    Final Total Price: $16,698.21

    Desert Nissan
    Las Vegas, NV

    Original negotiated price after $500 cash back rebate was $15,500. I was going to pay in full, but was offered another $500 rebate to finance a minimum of $5000 through NMAC. New purchase price before tax, title, and dealer fee was $15,000. I financed the $5,000 for a term of 36 months at 1.90% and paid the balance.

    Details: Best treatment ever, from first internet contact to driving away from dealership. My wife loves this car and she drove all other vehicles in its class. Words cannot express how awesome the bluetooth enabled phone and the keyless entry/ignition features are. I believe the dealer was motivated as we are in the last half of Aug. and the 2008 model is due out in 30 days.
  • Sentra 2.0S
    F02 Convenience Plus Package
    W01 Alloy Wheels/ABS Package
    N10 Front Fog Lamp
    L92 Floor Mats and Trunk Mat
    B92 Body-Color Side Moldings
    B10 Splash Guards
    MSRP $19300, Invoice $17843
    I got it yesterday from Pinebelt Nissan in Keyport for $16850 after $1000 rebate. They charged me only $129 dealer fee additional to MV fees and taxes. I think it was an ok deal. Very happy with the car... :)
  • I picked up a 2.0S (sedan, CVT) with the options varchar32 indicates and the Rockford Fosgate Audio. It was August 31 and this was the only 2.0S with ABS at the dealership. MSRP $20,015; invoice $18,488. Negotiated $750 under invoice.
    $17,738.00 Sale
    $ 1,241.66 Tax
    $ 199.00 Doc
    $ 7.50 Tire
    $ 27.50 DMV
    -$ 1000.00 Rebate
    $18,213.66 Out the door :shades:
    Thank you Edmunds!!!
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I hate salesmen for precisely these kind of games they play. I admire your patience.
  • stlrodstlrod Posts: 8
    Had researched several car models and ended up getting a Sentra at a price I thought was very, very fair? Was it?

    2008 Sentra 2.0 S (w/ CVT and convenience plus package) for a total of $15,438 plus taxes and title.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I paid around $17k for my Civic last year and was satisfied with the price for the car. Getting out of a cranky '03 Sentra, I didn't want to get the '06 Sentra for fear of similar issues. It was the same model basically anyways. Now if the new Sentra had been out, would've given it a fair shot against the Civic. But it was not on the market yet.
    The new Sentra's I've seen look very nice and it seems to be a more substantial car than the last generation. Though the price has gone up. think you did very good with the price you got the car for. How much under invoice was it?
    Good luck with the new ride.

    The Sandman :)
  • stlrodstlrod Posts: 8
    It looks like I paid about $1581 under invoice per Edmunds ($500 was rebated.) I had been planning on buying a Versa or an Elantra. My daughter's 06 Elantra had been totaled (not her fault.) We got $13,200 for it and I wanted to stay close to the amount I had paid for it originally which was $15,000. 07 Elantras were too hard to find and she liked the styling of the Versa sedan. I was planning on getting an 08 Versa SL w/ ABS but w/o the convenience package which would have had to be obtained from another dealer. The dealer said he was going to throw some advertising dollars at me since I had owned Nissans/Infinitis for 18 years (and he didn't want me going down the street to the Hyundai dealer even though the same family owned it.) The dealer said he would prefer that I take something on his lot and he offered me the 08 Sentra with convenience plus package for $15,438 so I figured it wouold be about what I was going to pay for a new Elantra and took it. It seemed like I was getting a great deal, but it also seemed to be just a little too easy.
  • stlrodstlrod Posts: 8
    Even better deal than I thought. Exactly $2000 under invoice ($500 of which was the current rebate.) I had forgotten to include body side moldings and splash guards. Only extra was $199 documentation fee, so net was $1801 under invoice. It was a cash transaction, no trade.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996

    Been awhile since i have been to this board. But OK maybe 4 or 5 payments regardless it will only shave a couple payments off. If you do the math 1400/300per month payment = 3.5 payments....

    Just something a salesman would do is say "do the math"

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