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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • anycallanycall Posts: 10
    I just purchased 08 Sntra SL for $18238.66 OTD This is with 3.9% with 1250 cash back through NMAC. I'm not sure if I got the best deal... Hopt this help others looking to buy same car.
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    I thnk you got a ver ygood deal. I bought a 2008 Sentra SL a month ago. It came down to around $18,T600 with the rebates and everything. I like the SL because it has leather, CVT, bluetooth, sunroof, ABS, etc. How do you like the car so far??

    We got the magnetic gray color with charcoal leather inside. Let me know what you think of the car. Good luck!!
  • The guy want to sell me the Sentra 2.0 basic for 1570-2500(double rebate) = 13,500, not include any fee, tax.
    How far I can go down from that number?
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Posts: 152
    sticker was $17160.
    price $14909 which was $200 off of invoice
    taking the 3.9% financing + $1000 rebate

    $13909 was the final price
  • justin714justin714 Posts: 10
    I've been offered an OTD price of $16,174 for a Sentra 2.0S CVT, options are body side moldings and splash guards.
    Do you think this is a good deal? I live in Orange County, California btw.
  • That's a good deal for sure, but you can do better. I think after twenty some odd years of buying cars I have finally cracked the code. Once you have found the car you want, and it sounds like you have, send an email to four or five dealers in your area with your last and best offer. The SECRET is you have to do this on the absolute last day of the month in the afternoon. Trust me, you will be shocked. I had worked out a deal for the exact same car as you, and could only get my local dude down to $16,500 out the door. I thought I could get $15,700 after reading up on this site. Sure enough, I did the shot gun email on the last day of the month and "bingo" got exactly what I wanted. Even got the dude to throw in a lifetime power train warranty.
  • justin714justin714 Posts: 10
    Thanks schabotnik.

    I've been working the dealers for the past week via email and this is by far the best offer I've received. I sent this deal to all the dealers in my area so I'd expect one of them will come back with a better offer. I'd love to wait til the end of the month and see how much better I can do, but, unfortunately, my wife had totaled her car in an accident 3 weeks ago and I need to get her a replacement as soon as possible. Looks like you've got yourself a pretty good deal, don't thik I can beat that.
  • Well, good luck to you regardless. Yeah, I know its pretty hard to wait sometimes. I think I had a little unusual experience as it was the end of the month, but I actually had one dealer tell me that he would beat my $15,700 deal by five hundred more bucks! You know how all the stuff you read says the end of the month is the big time for these guys. Well, I never really believed it, but literally I had one dealer immediately go to near my goal, and another hit it right off the bat. They were all so busy on the last day, they weren't even answering emails or calls. That is the beauty of email, you can just sit around like a fat cat and play these guys off each other. Good luck, and that price you quoted is still pretty good so don't lose sleep over it. Just keep bugging them and maybe you can squeeze a few free oil changes or something, ha.
  • justin714justin714 Posts: 10
    Just drove home in my new Sentra 2.0S. Got it OTD @ Cerritos Nissan for $15512, they didn't have the options I wanted but I opted for splash guards and floor/trunk mats.
    Phew...glad it's over.
  • klasklas Posts: 22
    Got 08 Sentra SL for around $18400 OTD (w/ sunroof, body side moldings, hide a trunk, mats, splash guards)

    Car is great, but need to take for warranty repair. Some weird noise coming from the roof in the rear where the handle is. It sounds like handle is rubbing against the roof, so they probably forgot to put something in between.
  • tlcruztlcruz Posts: 54
    Will you be taking your new Sentra to Cerritos Nissan for service? I've never had a good experience there.

    What color did you get it in? :)
  • justin714justin714 Posts: 10
    They gave me a first oil change for free so I'll be taking advantage of that. I'll be going to a local Nissan dealer for all future service. BTW, the guy who helped me with this deal is Reggie, I thought he was very professional and caring. Even the meet with the Finance guy was brief and painless. At least he didn't try to push me to buy anything extra.

    I got it in black, which I thought is the best looking color out of the 4 they had in their lot.
  • Justin, that's a great deal...seems like you owe me a Nissan hat or something ;)

    I think we have the exact same car...mine came with splash guard and floor mats...that's it, oh and the CVT. Yours is auto...right? Man, you can't go wrong with that car and that price.
  • esong1esong1 Posts: 1
    I'm planning to buy a 2008 sentra 2.0s manual transmission some time in April or May. If I offer them $16500 (includes splash guard, side molding, floor mat, destination fee) will it work? Is that a good deal?

    After 4% tax ($660), document fee ($200) and $1500 cash back, it would be $15800 OTD.

    When would be the best time to buy?

  • Esong, if you read my post a posts back you can see my two cents worth on buying strategy. You should have no problem getting that model for $15800. Several of us got ours for less than that with an automatic...You should be looking at the $15,000 range. Just go drive one, find the model you really want, and then park your butt at the computer and do the rest from the comfort of your home. Look around the site, and see what other people paid, and come up with your bottom line. Then...on the last day of the month...the absolute last day...send an email to every nissan dealer within an hour or so and tell them what you want to pay. You will be surprised at the effort to sell you a car on the last day of the month. Simple...
  • nimrod19nimrod19 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a Sentra 2.0S XCVT with the ff options:

    Convenience Package (bluetooth, intelligent keyless entry,etc.)
    Splash Guards
    Floor Mats
    Body Side Moldings

    My OTD price was 17288.36, doesn't really compare to the low prices I saw in this forum, I just hope the extra money translates to good service and I did not have to haggle at all, I just used the VPP D-plan. I could have probably done better but I wanted to buy somewhere convenient to go to in case of problems.
  • justin714justin714 Posts: 10
    I bought my 2008 Sentra 2.0S CVT a few days ago. The whole OTD price negotiation was done on my computer in the comfort of my home. The only time when I had to come in was to sign papers and drive the car home so don't waste your time visiting the dealers just yet. Here's my buying process:

    1. Get them to send you 2 OTD quotes in an email: one for the $1500 rebate, another for a $1000 rebate + 2.9%. Just don't tell them which option you'll take yet.
    2. Once you received your quotes from different dealers, pick 3 best ones. Send out another email to all 3 with the price you have in mind. I'd start low, say about $15000 for a 2008 Sentra 2.0S CVT. I've received another offer for $14900 OTD 3 days after I bought the car so I wouldn't pay more than $15200 OTD for the car you're getting.
    3. Wait a day or 2...or until you hear back from all 3. Remember, at this point some of them will ask you to come in...just be firm and say no. Tell them you'll only come in once you've received the best OTD quotes.
    4. At this point you should have heard back from all 3 so you should have the lowest quote from one of them. Here's where things get really fun and interesting. Forward the email from the dealer with the lowest quotes to all dealers in your surrounding area, tell them this is the best quote you've received so far and you'll do business with anyone that can beat it. You'll be amazed with what these guys will do to earn your business.
    5. Relax for a day or so. You should now have heard back from them with different quotes. Pick the best 2 and let them go to work for you, you will soon receive the best quote that will be close to what you have in mind. At this point, you can start making calls to the second best and let them know you intend to buy your car from another dealer unless they can do better. It's important to have all these offers in an email which you can take to the dealer...verbal agreement just won't do. Make sure to also let them know that once you come in and their OTD price is higher than what they quoted you in the email you'll walk.
    6. Now that you know which dealer you want to do business with and whom to meet when you go there, start working out your payments by using the finance calculator on this site. In my case, I brought my laptop along so I can do different calculations based on rebate and APR. Oh and don't forget to print out the email you received from them.

    Hope this helps and good luck to ya.
  • justin714justin714 Posts: 10
    Hey schabotnik, yep mine's a 2.0S CVT so looks like we got the same cars. I got a keychain and mug but no hat. I think I'm going to ask them for one when I bring the car in for service. I'll take a pix and post it here for you to look's that?
  • mgvhmgvh Posts: 4
    I had a good experience through DarCars in Maryland. I searched their inventory, and they clearly list MSRP and options. Click a button, supply your name/email, and it generates an automatic response with a price that includes "all applicable rebates." They clearly state that their price does include freight but excludes tax, tags, and a $100 processing fee.
    I liked a Sonoma Sunset 2.0S CVT with side moldings, floor/trunk mats, rear spoiler and splash guards.
    MSRP: 18070
    Invoice: 16796
    Their e-price: 14996.
    I live in PA and the dealership was about an 90 minutes away in MD, so I called to confirm availability and price. I asked for an OTD price.
    The e-price included Nissan's 1500 rebate, of course, and the salesman indicated over the phone a 16099 OTD price for me with a new PA license. (I.e., I had no trade.) I had a number of other quotes for quite a bit more, and from the Edmunds TMV guide, I knew that this was a more than fair price, so I agreed to it pending a satisfactory test drive.
    There apparently was some confusion on their part re: the PA license, and salesman said that they should have charged about 300 more, but they would certainly honor the price quoted me over the phone. After going through all the stuff with the salesman, I was sent to the finance guy, and now the OTD price is only 15727. I pointed out that I had indeed agreed to 16099, but the finance guy basically said his numbers were his numbers!
    So, basically I got the car for 16175 less the rebate >> 14675.
    Add tags and tax I was OTD at 15727. I'm happy! :)
  • Freinds,

    I want advice what could be done in the following situation.

    We bought a Sentra 2.0S CVT in mid march 08. At that time we filled up the application from NMAC and were told we were aproved. The next day when we went to take the delivery we were been told that NMAC has refused the loan based on our credit history. The finance manager arranged the loan from another bank at a higher APR. We signed the paper and were feeling lucky that we got the car.

    From March 21 to April 24th I was bugging everybody including NMAC, customer service, and the delaer to get me a refusal letter from NMAC. No one provdied me with one. On 24th April when I went to the dealership I was given a letter from NMAC that I was approved for loan back on March 20th with tier-1 status. Later I found that tier-1 means I was eligible for special APR.

    What are my options to fight aginst this fraud with this specific delaer.
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