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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Since this is their offer (first offer, I presume), you can probably go lower with your counter-offer. The demand for these kinds of vehicles just isn't there so I'm betting they'll be willing to negotiate. Last time I was in an Infiniti dealership, there were over 10 on the lot...and half of those are '05s! Be patient, the end of the month (and end of year) is fast approaching..they'll see things your way before the new year. Good luck and let us know the results.
  • pulled the trigger today. we got down to 54k even, with a decent interest rate for purchase, 5.24%. i think you're right, waiting to the end of the month might have shaved a few more bucks off, but for family reasons we need it now. now to see how we like it.

    "According to Consumer Reports, Infiniti's QX SUV is the least-reliable car on the market. It is 300% less reliable than the average car.

    We really enjoy the $50,000 QX. It is extremely opulent and sophisticated, but remember a basic rule: The more complicated something is, the greater the number of things is that can go wrong. This is especially true for such an expensive guinea pig as the QX: It was not only an entirely new car when it went on sale in early 2004, but it was also the first Infiniti built in North America.

    Ironing out the kinks in the QX's manufacture has not gone well for Infiniti, as the model is the least-reliable new car on the market."
  • Congratulations! I paid 51,800 for my 2006 QX56 back at the end of September(no DVD and laser cruise control). I got financing thru Pentagon Federal Credit Union for 4.75% (5yrs). Its very easy to become a member. I opted for the bench 2nd row. The captain's chairs in the second row greatly limits seating options, in my opinion. We have an 8-month old girl and we plan to have another soon so seating was a big consideration. Did you opt for the bench 2nd row as well?

    We like ours more and more everyday. Especially now with the snowy/icy roads.

    Keep me informed on your progress with your "Q". Congrats again!
  • I would suggest nobody buying this SUV. Look how unreliable it is. You would do better off buying a 7 year old Suburban with 100K miles.

    So for the people who bought one is it actually running?
  • I did weeks of research on the QX56 and decided to buy our 2006 last week(got 3,000 off sticker). Infiniti did not want to launch an all out recall for the brakes but did create a larger and thicker rotor that has fixed the problem. To date I love this truck. I have a 01 Denali also, the Infiniti is so much nicer to drive. My daily driver is an 04 corvette Z06, however I look for reasons to take the wifes QX anytime I can. :shades:
  • jbjorljbjorl Posts: 1
    I am pricing a 06 qx 56 you mentioned 50k can you give me that dealership info

  • it's been about a month now, no problems whatsoever. We went with the captain's chairs in row 2- with the center console removed the kids can walk directly to the third row without flipping seats (which is nice if you put the youngest ones car seats in the second row to easily buckle them in). Drove to DC today for shopping, it was a pleasure in our QX.
  • I pulled the trigger earlier this week (Tuesday). Was waiting for vpp pricing. Had to go with black because Infinit has taken out ALL the colors (Blue,Jade, Kashmir). Anyway, got 1 fully loaded, all options including XM, put 200 miles on it and so far loving life! Nomar, you are right does not ride as smooth as my 5 yr old with 90k miles LX470 did, but has alot more room and will tow alot more as well.
  • Just purchased a brand new 2005 QX56 4X2 for $8000 off MSRP. The color choices were limited but definitely worth it.
  • dsteberdsteber Posts: 5
    I live in Louisiana, and found an 05 QX56 in Texas. Here is the features:

    Silver Graphite with Willow Leather Interior


    Air Conditioning
    Rear A/C
    Dual Zone Electronic Climate Control System

    Telescoping Steering Wheel
    Homelink System
    Steering Wheel Radio Controls
    Digital Information Center
    Cruise Control
    Tilt Steering Wheel
    Heated Seat
    Tinted Windows
    Navigation System


    Power Steering
    Power Windows
    Power Locks
    Power Mirrors
    Power Driver's Seat
    Power Passenger Seat
    Memory Seat Position


    Security System
    Keyless Entry
    Anti-Lock Brakes
    Traction Control System
    Driver's Air Bag
    Passenger Air Bag
    Side Air Bags
    Fog Lights
    Intermittent Wipers
    Four Wheel Drive
    Xenon Headlights
    Rear Defogger
    Rear Wipers


    Wood Trim
    Leather Steering Wheel


    Bose System
    CD Player
    CD Changer
    DVD Player


    Tow Package
    Running Boards
    Roof Rack
    Third Seat

    NEVER TITLED!! Great Price!! Super Low Miles!! In This 2005 INFINITI QX56 Loaded with Leather, 6CD Bose Custom Sound, Navigation, Alloy Wheels, Heated/Memory Seats, Rear Park Assist, Xenon Headlights, Dual Zone Climate Control, DVD, TV, 3 Row, Reverse Camera!! This car was inspected by a Master ASE Technician, passing an extensive 121-Point Inspection. Oil and filter was changed. Brakes and tires are in good condition. Be sure to ask about Infiniti Certification to 100,000 miles!! Paint is in Good Condition SPECIAL INTERNET PRICING-reduced from $52,995 for internet buyers for quick sale!!!

    It has 448 miles on it. I have them down to 45,850. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot.
  • That sounds like a good deal to me. But if you can get them down lower maybe by 1000 or more try it. Be sure to try to find you own financing.
  • Just wondering. I like the styling but have been put off by the low reliability ratings.
  • I'd appreciate feedback from anyone on whether or not this is a good deal on a lease of a new 2006 QX56 with DVD, sunroof, 12k miles per year:

    MSRP: $56,572
    Sale Price: $53,572
    Monthly payment: $777.74 (residual 48%, money factor .0043)
    Due at signing: $1415.74 (first month, Bank fee of $550, tax fee of $49.50, 38.50 for new tags)

    This dealer is also eating the last two payments of my 2003 M45 ($515.25 mo)which I leased from the same dealer.
  • I just traded in my '04 Yukon for an '04 QX56. So far I love it although miss just a couple things like power folding mirrors and dimming driver mirror...also no place for spare change.

    My question is for experiences with the heated seats. One thing I hated about the Yukon was the seat heater button was right beside the window button and costantly I was turning the seat heat on by accident. Within a few minutes you were getting very very warm and sure enough I would discover the heat button on. Now with the QX when I turn the heat on I really cant feel it? Is it just getting used to it compared to the fire seats in the Yukon or does it sound like I need to look at taking it to the dealer? Perhaps the Infiniti definition of heated seats is to simply take the chill off the leather??
  • Hey guys if anybody is even remotely interested in picking up a QX56, the time is now. I helped a friend get one last week for $44,500 plus TTL! I couldn't believe the price myself so I made the trip out there to be sure. It is an 4x2 06 model in Tungsten Pearl with Willow interior. The only option this beauty had was the Sunroof Package. MSRP was $52,900!
  • Given the price that your friend was able to get, do you think that I should hold out or attempt to negotiate for a lower price on a 4X2 06 model in Silver Graphite (with black interior) at dealer price of $45,800? The only option is the Sunroof package. It does have the second row split bench seat which sounds like a rare configuration. Alternatively, another dealer is offering a demo model with almost 1000 miles on it, same colors, with DVD and tow package for $44,900 (that was his initial offer). Unfortunately, we saw the car before it was cleaned, and it was in pretty bad shape (although they could clean it well and the dealer offered to replace 2nd row captains seats that had imprints in leather from car seat). Let me know what you think is the better deal. Thanks!
  • Wantqx56,

    Well this all depends on how soon you would like to park the QX56 in your drive. I would hold out BUT there is the possibility of losing out on the vehicle. 06 models are going to become a rare commodity soon and the giant rebate will disappear when those models are gone. There is a $1300.00 gap here. To make myself feel better, I would see if your salesperson is even willing to split this with you. The 2nd row bench is rare in my city so that might be worth the money to you to pick it up today. BOTTOMLINE- I would tell him I was offered a lower number like $44,800 or something and see what happens. Doesn't hurt to try when you're saving money. Good LUCK!

  • Thanks for the advice. The negotiation continues. We found another dealer who was able to offer same vehicle, only with 2nd row captain seats, for $500 less. There possibly is yet another dealer offering same vehicle, with captain's seat, and with a DVD player for $45,500. I think that would be worth it, given that it's a $1500 add-on. I'll let you know how it turns out, but now is the time to get a good deal on these vehicles.
  • Hi...we're about to lease a 2006 Infiniti QX56 (with DVD)--

    here's terms:

    $617/month (including tax/title)
    39 months
    15K miles
    trade in worth approx. $3000K

    Is it a good deal???? Deal is to finalize tomorrow....

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