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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I went to a couple of dealers who were very close in price. Massapequa and Competition - I would not pay more the. $50500 for a 2010. Also all the models that were on the lot all included the tech package. The only differences in cars were deflectors, etc which only resulted in a 600-700 variance in sticker price.

    I am very impressed with the customer service emails, phone calls, mailings and even a gift Infiniti are sending us. It has been the best customer service I have had to date of all the cars I have owned
  • marc68marc68 Posts: 27
    What is the money factor on a pre-paid lease for 39 months on a 2011 QX56?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    It is credit driven: can fall anywhere from .00220 to .00565
  • benbobenbo Posts: 13
    I bought a 2008 QX 56 in July '08. at present I owe $20,000.00 and have 30,000 miles on it. and wanted to buy 2011. Dealer wanted STICKER and wanted to work me over for trade in. I walked away and forget his name and the dealership. They only had one on the lot, a green one. Question, are dealers selling at sticker until inventory is built up or is interest in the 2001 so great that they can demand sticker. My current Q is black with a sort of metal flake, which is unavailable in the '11 models. I do however LOVE the interior, quality of seats , layout of controls etc. It listed at a little above $69,000, without all wheel/four wheel drive. OUCH!!
  • I have been asking at all four of my houston area infiniti dealers. They too want sticker price for this car. I noticed the 2011 are starting to build up on the lots. I have yet to see one on the road. I can't believe they are not willing to make deals. Who pays sticker price for cars these days? I am giving it one more month and then going to a different suv, other manufacturers are willing to deal. I like the car but not enough to pay MSRP or anywhere close to it.
  • mlad11mlad11 Posts: 19
    I've had the 11 qx for over a month now. Have one of the first 20 builds. My dealer gave me a deal under sticker. I'm leasing and paying $915 with 0 down, just taxes up front. 73xxx sticker. I love the truck infinitely nicer than the 08 I had in every way. I too have only see 1-2 on the road so far though.
  • fpinhofpinho Posts: 43
    Hi could you post all the details of your lease deal as your numbers seem way to good to be true or if you rather not you can email them to me at could you also provide the dealer that you used.

  • mlad11mlad11 Posts: 19
    edited August 2010
    I don't have the money factor used bc to be honest after shopping around and getting this number I really didn't care how they were factoring it. 39 mos, 12k miles per year, taxes, fees, first month etc up front(No cap cost reduction) $915 payment. 4WD, Theater PKG, Split Bench PKG, Deluxe Touring PKG, Aluminum Kick Plates, Stainless Steel Bumper, Roof Cross Bars, and a cpl other accessories.(I may be off on the exact MSRP, that is what I recalled it to be.) I got it from Ray Catena Infiniti in Edison, NJ. If you have any other questions or need more info, let me know.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Hey guys it is true - this vehicle is selling at MSRP (which is a good deal when comparing to a Land Rover, Lexus, Escalade, etc). We are one of the larger dealers in the US - finished #1 in the country last year - so we are high volume, but the demand on the vehicle is high because the QX is so nice!

    We sold 35 last month and have sold 26 so far this month! All have been at MSRP or $500 discount for our previous customers. The lease is very strong - has a 55% residual for 36 months for 15k/year or you can get 2.9%.

    I'm very biased, but I think this is the best SUV on the road right now - looks, feel, interior, gadgets, ride - drive one and you will see.

    PS We were only allocated 25 on this last order session (those will get here in Nov) this is not nearly enough to meet the demand - so I don't see the prices falling for awhile. Hope this helps. :D
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    So, would you rather buy an Escalade (2010) that stickers for $72k and get $6k off for $66k or a 2011 QX for $65???

    The transaction price vs what you get is what is important, not the discount.

    Infiniti has always tried to be transaction driven, not huge discount/rebates like GM or Ford.

    So, please weigh the actual price and not the discount - the vehicle is worth it. :)
  • What is the money factor for the 15k 36month lease from Catena. Numbers aren't adding up for the above 12k 39mo 73xxx lease. ( Assuming 55% residual.) Money factor must be way low..... My dealer(Lia Infiniti in Latham NY) is way higher.
  • It really is not about what car I would buy. It is the fact that it is 2010 and buyers have a lot more information now when they walk into a dealer. People really should not be paying MSRP for cars these days. I wont get into dealer hold backs and dealer incentives.
    If every infiniti dealer is selling close to 20-30 of these SUV each month, it will be a very good year for infiniti. Also this will be the most talked about SUV ever and I will see thousands of them on the highway. You are trying to create hype when there is no hype.
    Your failure to offer a discount will loose you customers. Two other houston dealers are giving $1500 off MSRP for this car.
    Your dealership is 10 mintues from my house and I guess I won't be able to buy my car from you. Seems like you have all yours sold through november. :)
  • kjdakjda Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    I just leased a 2011 qx56 for 996 for 39 months 12k miles, sign and drive. I should add the MSRP was 69,195
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Sorry for my delay. You are right - on most vehicles (all Infiniti except QX) - we discount them trying to gain market share, but that is on vehicles that are an "unlimited" supply (we can get as many as we want from Japan). But, the QX is limited - we are the largest Infiniti dealership in the country - yet we are limited in the amount that are allocated to us. Supply vs Demand is not in the customers favor on this vehicle (right now). So, if I only have 20 on the lot and I am selling them at MSRP and I know I will sell all 20 - that means I'll have 20 customers - so I'm not losing any - so my failure to not offer a discount is not making me lose customers (I might not get you, but I'll get someone else who sees the value in the vehicle and the dealership).

    I think any dealership who discounts this vehicle is foolish, they will find themselves with no vehicles and customers who are willing to pay for them, but they sold them all (at a discount) OR maybe they tell you they are discounting them and then not give you a fair amount for your trade or have higher closing cost or financing??? Price is but one part of a "car deal".

    Come visit - you are only 10 minutes away - come see why we sell more vehicles than any other dealership even though our price is a tad higher...we find customers like to avoid "games" and be treated like they are about to spend $60-$70k - treated with respect. :D

    PS If you got a trade - I'll discount whatever you want ;)
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    How do you like it?
  • mlad11mlad11 Posts: 19
    Not to get into debate with you, but in the day of the Internet people can see what others are paying and also shop around nationwide. If you think that mentality will keep buyers loyal to you, good luck. I have had 2 previous QX's from the same dealer, he quoted me a price, I cold called another dealer who gave me a number $135 a month better. Instantly went to him and since being so aggressive in the price with me and straight forward I have referred 2 buyers to him and will purchase my next Infiniti there. You may call that "foolish" but I call that good business on their end. Loyalty is one of the greatest things a dealership can have going for them and when someone purchases a car to find out shortly after someone has gotten a substantially better deal then them, they won't be returning to that dealership for future business. I assume though you are only a salesman at the dealership and not an owner and in turn do not speak on behalf of the dealership.

    Also what are you using to qualify your dealership as the "largest in the country?" (I don't see it listed #1 in new or used car sales volume.)
  • I did call Catena and their price was better than my dealer but it is obvious they aren't discounting the vehicle either. My dealer was going to charge me more than sticker. It pissed me off because I purchased a G37xs from them and leased my current Q56 from them. There are alot of nice cars out there so it is up to you as a consumer to be educated in all the lease formulas and buy interest rates. It is really easy to see when they are trying to screw you!!!! Do your homework... The Q is nice
    but I will be driving the Q7 Audi, and the Mercedes GL too.
  • kjdakjda Posts: 3
    Awesome. They really made it drive like a car and very luxurious.
  • You should be able to get a great discount on an Audi Q7. I live by an Audi dealer and the same exact vehicles have been sitting there for 6 months. I guess they like washing and shining them up liike museum pieces. Thats what happens when they build a vehicle the public doesnt care much for.

    Good luck on that purchase.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    I don't mind debating. I am the General Sales Manger - hence the name. After 4 years of selling more than 1700 new Infinitis and finishing in the Top 5 in retail sales, last year we finished #1 in the country with 1198 (2009 was a tough year for new vehicle sales).

    Our owner is Carl Sewell, he wrote Customers For Life (google it). We have two Infiniti dealerships and are building a 3rd (awarded to us by Infiniti) since we have some of the highest CSI (customer satisfaction scores) in the Nation and we are high volume. We are 1 of only 2 dealership to win the Circle of Excellence Award from Infiniti (over 180 dealers in the country). I've worked at Sewell for 14 years, so I have some experience.

    It is not often, but every now and then a vehicle comes along that customer will pay MSRP or more for. Corvettes throughout the years, certain Lexus or the Escalade or Hummer when they first rolled out and that is what we have going on with the QX56 right now - sure it will fade...but not for a few months. If you wait, you will get a better price.

    Now - some dealers charge over MSRP (it is the Manufactors SUGGESTED Retail Price) - I think of Smart cars or the Mini or the SC430 - we never have - even when vehicles were super limited after WWII (Sewell has been doing this since 1911 - we have some loyal customers), we never sold one over MSRP - but we think it is fair to sell them at MSRP if the market bears it - do you blame us? If we know we are going to sell them all, why discount? Now have we, yes - to our loyal customers who have bought from Sewell we have given a $500 courtesy discount plus we give high trade-in values and no dealer prep fees or other "BS".

    We've sold 32 this month, have 5 lined up for folks to pick up Fri/Sat which only leaves us about 10 left with no more coming till mid-September. So, it is basic supply vs demand.

    37% of our sales YTD are repeat customers.
    12% are referrals.
    12% are "general reputation"

    That is 61% or are vehicles sold not due to advertising or internet, etc.

    In the end - if you can find a dealership to give you a big discount on the QX56 right now - congratulations, let everyone know on the forum, you did a great job - but I don't think it is happening out there and I am keeping a close eye on it...when the vehicles start to stack up on the lot...we will be the first to reevalutate our pricing stance until then we will "make hay while the sun is shining".... :D

    PS If you want a EX - I'll sell it to you for invoice - the $3000 dealer cash....
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