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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    True Market Value - listed on this very website - is at MSRP. So, most people are paying that - if you get a discount, consider yourself a great car buyer and be sure to watch your trade-in value and/or the financing - that is where the dealership will try to recoup the money they gave away in the discount. :blush:

    mlad11 - none of this is directed to you specifically, I'm speaking to the general public to let them know what is happening from my perspective. Again I'm only at 1 of 180+ stores, so maybe things are different up North or on the Coast - we are in Texas.

    PS I expect Infiniti to raise the price on this vehicle either mid-year 2011 or by 2012 for sure.
  • Been following this forum for awhile, and really appreciate the info from sewellgsm and others.

    I was looking at a 2010 back about July 1st, but the technology in the vehicle just seemed outdated (I couldn't get past no USB port, and the dumb compact flash slot).

    I'm been tracking the 2011 for awhile now, and have decided it's the one for me. I even have a buddy who just recently moved from the Dallas metro, and we considered going to Sewell to buy (I live in Kansas City). Salesman was very nice and indicated many inquiries were made on VPP, but not available.

    Anyway, I haven't seen any updates on the availability of the 2011 on the VPP program. I know right now it's excluded, and since I found my employer qualifies me for the program, I am holding out on purchasing.

    I visited my only local Infiniti dealer today at lunch, and was informed this vehicle was now on a 30 day notice for VPP. From what I gathered, this means in 30 days, Infiniti should decide when they will release it to the program (not that it will be released at that time).

    sewellgsm...can you validate that info at all, and let me know how it works? Also, do you have any personal opinion on when we might see VPP availability on the 2011? Again, just doesn't make sense to pay MSRP with that in my pocket, and the ability to wait. I will be crushed if they say Feb 2011 or something though.

    Any new VPP info here would be great, thanks.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    I would wait on VPP too. You will get the vehicle at invoice once it is eligible. However, I have not heard anything about 30 days; once day supply starts to build up they will open it up. That will be a wait and see type thing.

    I'll post anything I get that is official. :)
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    2011 Qx56 with entertainment/delux touring and technology package in black/black 4wd version with bench second row seat. Bought it from Sewell in Dallas. I have had 12 infinitis and this is my favorite. Great combination of refinement, power and luxury car feel in an SUV. Great experience with dealer as well, my first purchase from them after buying in Houston where I have lived until recently.

    Infiniti reliablity and customer approach won me over initially along with quality for value. But though had some features I value more than the many other goodies. One is blindspot warning. I would buy this car again for its value, look and perfomance but the safety aspect of this one feature makes it a slam dunk for an older driver like me. There is a reason it is going for full MSRP for now, it is a good value at the price and demand is high for valid reasons. With this SUV, I dont need a luxury car, it is an SUV and luxury car all in one package, so saves me getting a third car.

    A homerun on this one Infiniti, way to go and thanks
  • Just bought an '11 QX with Theater pkg, black w/ wheat for $3800 off trade. Best dealer experience I have had. I'm in hi-tech sales so I understand the art of negotiating. I knew what I wanted and what I was willing to pay (not MSRP) and called around till I got it. Wasn't a lowball offer...but fair. I do have access to VPP as well and was going to wait but I'm willing to pay a little more if the dealer is willing to work with me.

    My QX was not on the lot but due in next week. I think the dealer was happy he didn't have to pay any flooring or deal with other dealers wanting to trade him for it. Plus Cash for Clunkers peaked in Aug last year so dealer Y/Y comparison is going to be rough. Good weekend to make a deal.

    I'm in Northern CA, supply is very limited around here as well but each of the major dealers seem to be getting a handful of QX's a month.
  • matsolmatsol Posts: 8
    Can you please let me know which dealership in northern california; I am looking for a 4WD with all options.

  • Just picked up the 2WD Mountain Sage/Wheat QX with Theater package and roof rails (dont need a 4WD here!). Ended up paying $800 over invoice which the Sales Manager was giving me a hard time for but I am in sales too so am used to it. The vehicle is beautiful and after comparing it to the Escalade and Lexus 570 (unless you are planning some serious off roading), there is no comparison on bang for the buck.

    They are doing a 2.9% financing up to 60 months which is really great on this type of vehicle. Makes financing the car vs leasing it a no-brainer.

    Hats off to Infiniti for finally figuring the Large SUV buyer out - we traded our 10 year old QX4 which we loved but at 150K miles we were ready

    If you live in the ATL area - try Nalley Infiniti of Decatur first - they seem to be the most aggressive right now. Salesperson was great, and the sales manager was willing to work with me.

    Good luck!
  • The dealers are having a field day with this Q56. It is indeed a really nice SUV but it is foolish to pay MSRP for this thing. Invoice plus a few hundred maybe. There are other SUVs in this category cutting good deals. They are playing it to the max. But.... just wait and give it a few months. They will be wheelin' and dealin' again. There isn't a huge market for a luxury SUV in this economy and Nissan/Infiniti knows it. When the lots start filling up, there is only one way the price will go and it's down. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.
    Toyota is playing the same game with their '10 4Runners. I was persistent enough and I ended up getting the deal I was looking for. Same with a GL450 that I purchased a year ago at well below invoice; persistence and patience paid off. I really want one of these but for now, I'm just gonna sit back and relax.
  • I know someone else who was offered a Mountain Sage QX56 with 1500 miles at a discount too. He was told all other colors were MSRP. I guess that color is not popular or maybe it was the miles.
  • benbobenbo Posts: 13
    I got a call today from the dealership that sold me my 2008 QX56. Salesperson was really nice and inquired if I was still interested in 2011 QX56. I replied that I was but inquiry at other dealers revealed that they were asking sticker price (MSRP) and if that was the case with his dealership. He replied that this was true and the 2011 was such a great vehicle and much improved over my current QX. I agreed with him as I have test driven the new QX but I also advised that I would not be paying sticker and I realized that if he could ask and get sticker he would not be interested in working a deal with me. I informed that I would wait until inventory got larger and was advised that Infiniti was limiting the number of vehicles being imported and therefore could more or less maintain the high selling price.

    I thanked him for his call, informed that I really liked the new QX56 BUT I would be waiting , and from his attitude, a very long time, if and when prices come down.

    I guess he told me!!!! I'll wait.
  • I would wait...its a new model so will be some pressure to keep closer to MSRP. I know however here in Atlanta, $60K SUV's arent exactly in everyone's price range. The dealerships will see this in another 4-6 weeks and then start to deal. Be patient, I am sure you can get down to $1000 or less over actual invoice. Be sure to ask what their documentation fee is as well before you agree to any pricing.

    Good luck!
  • The wait maybe longer than you want....we led the Nation is QX sales last month with 36 - all at MSRP or $500 off for our previous customers, we only were left with a handful in stock (about 10) and are only getting 10 in the month of September from Japan - so we anticipating selling out of them in September.

    Here is the sad thing. We just received our allocation for our December units - Infiniti gave us 9 - I called to complain, told them I was ready and willing to buy 60 - my Disctrict Manger said they were only building 300 for the Western US - either they are back ordered on parts of they are running into CAFE restrictions.

    So, I predict most of you who decide to buy will be buying them off the inbound list (vehicles somewhere in between the dealer and Japan) because there won't be many to choose from. I also predict they raise the price. They sell the QX world wide - in China they are getting over $100k for it (in US dollars).

    Remember, it is not about the discount - the ony thing that matters is the transaction price when comparing to other makes. The new Escalde stickers in the 80's, so they can take $7k off - you still pay in the mid-70's - the QX is a much better value at MSRP.

    The price will come down eventually, but no time this year. At least not in Texas.

    PS I got one for my wife - hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned. :)
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    edited September 2010
    I wouldn't take this guy seriously. He's trying so hard to tell everyone the car is hot and he's selling like a hot cake. Use your brain, people. If he has no problem selling it, he wouldn't have to try it so hard. With this kind of economy and no matter what you want Infiniti to be, it's no Lexus or German cars, anyone with a little brain will wait it out and get a way better deal at the end of the year. DO NOT PAY MSRP price.

    I'll wait and see if it's a better deal later in the year or just look for another SUV: GX460, LX570, MDX, GL, Escalde, Q7, X5. There are too many SUVs out there to pick from. I'm sure I will get a good deal for these cars, QX56 included.
  • SewellGSM, Let's remember this is Nissan we are talking about here. They will ramp up production to not only meet but exceed demand. They have done it time and again with every one of their hot vehicles. The new M was the hottest thing on the lot, touted to be the BMW and Mercedes killer, which in my opinion comes pretty close. That car was in tight supply for 3-4 months earlier this year, production ramped up, now dealers are 4-5k off sticker. Same thing will happen here.
  • littlejoe613littlejoe613 Posts: 53
    edited September 2010
    I have always found sewell gsm's info to be reliable allbeit from a sales manager point of view. It doesnt sound like he is trying hard to sell anything here. More like providing an opinion. From what I can tell some are too smart to own a QX56 and they will all be owned by the stupid people who pay MSRP initially. lol
  • I stopped by 2 weeks ago at my dealer in Southwest Houston (South 59 close to Sam Houston Beltway 8) and the general sale manager already agreed to sale $1K below MSRP. I said no thank and walked away, knowing that within 3 months, I can get it close to invoice. They offered me the 2010 QX56 $13K off of MSRP! Too bad it's the old model (body wise, not model year). Otherwise I would have bought it.
  • Just purchased a black on black AWD deluxe touring. Every option except tech. package. Paid $3500. under MSRP. Not a great deal but good. Sometimes you have to pay a little more to get what you want. In my case I was trading in an 09 Denali and if I waited to long, trade-in value would have been less. I buy cars pretty frequently and I have to agree with sewellgsm that you have to look at bottom line not amount off MSRP. This car is a value at these prices compared to the Escalade or Lexus and is a better car in my opinion. I would not be surprised to see prices go up significantly on the 2012 models. I could be wrong but it seems to me that Infiniti is trying to make a big splash and then may price accordingly.
  • If they tell you that they'll discount a 2011 QX56 $1000 and you walk away and they dont offer you a lower price, they either they didnt take you serious or they dont care if you buy it or not because there is someone who is willing to pay what the market will bare for the vehicle now. Certainly it wont be that way forever but I cant say that I blame them for getting what the market offers.
  • I did the whole negotiation via email with the Internet Sale Manager ($500 off) and then I went in for a test drive. After the test drive, I sat down with them about 15 minutes and before I walked out, the gsm came in and said this is the final offer: $1000 off. I didn't plan to buy at that price any way so I said no. I believe they can sale it for around $500 or $1000 off now but like you said, it won't be long before they have to discount further. I'll wait till the end of the year and get it for close to invoice for sure. If you have money to burn and want it now, pay whatever they ask you.

    All I am saying is, in Houston Texas, if you really want it badly, you can get about $1000 off of MSRP now. DO NOT PAY MSRP price.
  • I emailed the dealer today....i'm looking at either the audi Q7, land rover LR4 or the QX56. I'm partial to infinity because i already have a 350z and love it. the sticker price is $63,715. this is what the dealer sent me:

    My name is xxxx xxxxxxxx and I am the Internet Sales Manager here at Passport Infiniti. xxxx is off today. Everyone wants to get a deal these days. The QX56 is under priced at 63,715. We normally discount over priced, stale or new vehicles with minor lot damage. This vehicle is smoking hot. By far it's the best value out there. Let's make sure you like this vehicle and that it is even available when you come by to look at it. Will this saturday or sunday work for you?

    hmm...nothing off the sticker price. oh well.
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