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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm not selling anything on this board, I'm just reporting "sales and pricing" information.

    The post I'm replying to is very true. You can save money and wait, I'm just saying the wait may be longer than you expect.

    We have now sold 15 this month and only have 5 left, again we are selling them at MSRP or $500 off to our previous customers. The 5 will probably last through the weekend. We also have sold 11 of our 59 sold before they have even arrived from Japan (again at MSRP). Soon, there will be no QX's on "the ground", and if you want one you will have to order one.

    Now, Infiniti will respond - they will ramp up production and come March or so the supply will catch up to demand and the price will then come down.

    If someone really can buy a QX anywhere close to invoice, please let me know - I will buy them from the dealer myself because the demand in Texas in very high.

    PS This vehicle at MSRP is much better and less expensive than most SUVs in its class even though they are discounted $5-$10k. Most luxury SUV sticker at $70-$90k, maybe Infiniti should just raise the MSRP and then give you a rebate and you will feel better about spending the same amount of money???
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    edited September 2010
    It doesn't matter if Infiniti raises the price, no one wants to buy at MSRP price, unless one has money to throw away the window. With this economy where a lot of people are looking for a job and the ones with the job are trying to save for the rainy days. And also with the gasoline prices, it will always go up from here. Big SUVs are not what people buy right now. Any car/truck/suv that just comes out, the dealer always demands for MSRP because of supply and demand (the manufacture makes very few to start with), but after 3 months or so, prices will start to come down. IT ALWAYS IS LIKE THAT.

    I for one will not buy any car at MSRP! The invoice is what I am after. The last 2 cars I bought, always around invoice prices. Be smart, people. Don't let the car sale man push you. It's your money and you earned it with your hard work, you know that. And remember, sewellgsm is THE CAR SALE MAN.
  • LOL - true I am a car salesman. The economy may be down where you live or at your household. But the facts are (key word "fact") is people are paying MSRP right now - that is the going price. Check this website (true market value section) - what others are paying - and it will come up that it is MSRP. That is what this forum is for - reporting current deals and prices, so I'm not arguing that one day the vehicle will be selling for less than MSRP - I'm just saying that will be in 2011.

    I guess not everyone is struggling - BTW the gas mileage stinks on this vehicle, but if your shopping for a vehicle that gets good gas mileage - this one is NOT it.

    Have a good weekend...and know this - even at MSRP this vehicle is a better value than any SUV's out there. (I'm a bit bias :) ) Expect Infiniti to raise the price, they are getting over $100k for them in China.
  • Your post is funny. IT ALWAYS LIKE THAT; dont let the cars sale man push you ; and remember, sewellgsm is THE CAR SALE MAN are great to read. But seriously do you really think that someone looking for a job is looking for a QX56? Do you really think they care about MPG?. Come on get real. They are looking for the newest thing to show off and probably dont care about the MSRP. The people who have the money are likely getting them now and the people with less available means will get them next. Isnt that the way it always works?
  • benbobenbo Posts: 13
    I sort of initiated this thread and have just sat back and watched the direction that it took. It would seem that it has pitted the salesperson against the buyer. I respect [sewellgsm] as a professional but unless you hold a gun to my head , my money is still my money. Granted, the QX56 is a nice car but the attitude of the salesperson goes a long way in closing a deal. Sometimes you have to make people fell good about spending their money rather than having the car sell itself, ie. , it's the best vehicle out there, they are selling for $100,000 in China, they are sold before arriving at the lot, etc.
    In no way do I want to make this personal, but customers have a long memory , and I believe that (1) gas prices will rise, (2) Infiniti will produce enough so that supply will exceed demand, thou it may be temporary, (3) and the selling price will drop. I believe that the buyers will remember if and when they were treated with disdain, at least I will.
    The matter of selling and buying new cars at window sticker price is a bartering process established at dealerships years ago. If any customer leaves a dealership thinking that he or she "stole" the car because of the great price they paid, he or she is an uninformed customer. benbo
  • I agree with you benbo except gas prices will never stop some of the Premium SUV buyers from chosing them, Prices will drop but not due to gas prices. From what I gather the QX56 gets 20mpg with 400bhp. All the SUV's in this category get that or less. We shouldnt act like the salesperson is a crook for getting MSRP.. The fact that the dealer is making all the money is temporary , but who could fault them when they discount 90% of the models to get us to buy them. Let'm make all the money right now off the bigtimers who can afford it and when the supply overcomes the demand, they will get my business cause I'm gonna go "steal" me one. lol
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    I paid full MSRP for a loaded 2011 QX56 and do not regret it for a second. A great vehicle and bargain at the price I paid IMHO. If I had not gotten this vehicle, I would have kept my 2008 QX for long trips with the family and dogs. For work, however, I needed a large, luxury car. So rather than get a third car, I bought this and it serves both purposes. 3500 miles on mine with no issues at all, it runs great, handles great and the fuel economy is fine for what you get. I love this SUV. It is goin to dominate the current fleet of competing vehicles. A home run for Infiniti and for buyers. MSRP is put there to generate emotion in my view, it doesnt necessarily indicate the value of a car, especially a new one without peers.

    This is my 12th Infiniti however so I am biased but for good reason with the reliability and way the ones I have now and in the past have served my needs without failing me.
  • You guys are funny. To buy a $60K+ vehicle you either make a lot of money or made a lot of money in business. As business people, why then would you expect a dealer that can get MSRP due to tight demand to offer anyone a discount? Goodwill? In this economy "goodwill" doesn't pay the rent. As sewellgsm said, sometime in 2011 supply should increase and I'd imagine discounts will increase too. But, keep in mind, this is a Nissan Patrol which is sold all over the world. Nissan's going to distribute inventory where the greatest margin can be found (for Nissan, not the dealer). Typically, margin is lower in U. S. markets for foreign car companies so if production is capped they're going to sell cars in markets that make them the most money. For example, Australia's a huge Patrol market and the car hasn't even launched their yet.

    I got the first QX in WA at invoice (below counting the loss the dealer took on my '09 RRS trade he ended up selling at auction). But I live in a small city and the dealer was afraid of getting stuck floor planning a $70K vehicle not knowing how they'd sell. And let's face it, the styling is a bit polarizing. Since mine, they've gotten four more which they sold at $1K off MSRP all to out-of-towners. So, discounts can be had if you're opportunistic and willing to invest the time and look in alternate locations. But don't come down on dealers looking to make a profit where they can. Selling things for less than people are willing to pay for them isn't how you made the money you're using to pay for your QX.
  • QX 56 2011, 2WD, black ext, wheat Int, theater pack. MSRP 60295. Neg price 57220. monthly payment $861 plus tax. 0 down. 36 mo lease. 12k/yr. res 56%. MF 0.0022.
  • I just got an email from Infiniti stating that the QX won't be eligible for VPP until the spring of 2011. They didn't mention if there is a distinction between employees or friends/family participants eligibility. Sewell, keep ringin it!
  • True, no VPP - A, B, C, or D plans are "expected" to be eligible on this vehicle till Spring 2011 (even then the dealer does not have to participate if inventory is still low) - I realize it is in folks nature not to trust someone who sells vehicles for a living (as oppose to houses, clothes, season tickets, furniture, airplane tickets, etc) but I'm not trying to sell anyone anything on this site (for the most part you guys are too frugal ;) ). But if you want a QX before they (Infiniti) raises the price, you better get one now.

    Honestly, if anyone is getting a big discount from your local dealer - please let me know - I will buy every QX on their lot (after you get yours of course) and happily pay invoice or a little above and pay to have them shipped down to Texas where folks want them. This vehicle is awesome!

    Ring, ring...
  • According to the price for the 2011 QX for VPP customers is Invoice.

    I called Infiniti and they told me that if a dealer does not comply, just report it to Infiniti so they make note and report...I imagine the VPP program is a 2 way deal between companies and Nissan doesn't want partners upset.
  • This VPP news is very interesting. The FAQ specifically addresses whether any vehicles are excluded from the program as well:

    Q. Are all Nissan and Infiniti vehicles eligible for the VPP discount?
    A. No. Currently the Nissan Versa 1.6 models and GT-R are not eligible for purchase under VPP.

    It does state that the dealer can choose not to participate though, which is where the confusion comes in.

    I am awaiting for from my local dealer about availability, but my hopes are lower than before, for sure.
  • Sewell, I was just on your website. Do you have 114 2011 QX56? Wow, if those aren't inbound and all on your lot, that has to be the most in the country. Chicago dealers have between 2-6.
  • There is a room full of marketing MBAs at Infiniti who are well versed in Product Life Cycle and the Product Diffustion Curve. If you extrapolate out sales figures on the last model, Infiniti sold about 67,000 QX over 6.5 years. Assume they hope to do the same with this model. "Innovators" are the first to buy a new product and account for about 2.5% of sales, in this case about 1700 units, they are willing to pay sticker to be the first in. Next are the "Early Adopters" who account for about 13.5% of sales or about 9000 units. Early Adopters will probably pay between MSRP and 2k off, (just a guess). Next comes the ugly part of the bell curve which is when discounting from MSRP gets steep. That's why Infiniti has had $10k factory to dealer incentive the last 3 years on the QX. The math works out such that the first years production of about 10-11k vehicles Igoes to nnovators and Early Adopters for close to sticker, which is why Infiniti is holding back VPP sales. They are making hay when the sun is shining. The marketing MBA's know all to well they will have to discount pretty heavily in 2 years or so. That being said, all bets are off if gas goes to $6 per gallon or the economy goes in the dump.
  • To WA?

    In the Seattle area here, and looks like the dealers here aren't getting any 2011s anytime soon.
  • I wish! Those are inbound. If the stock number begins with a "7" it is in Dallas on the lot. If the stock number begins with a "B" it is in Houston on the ground. If the stock number begins with anything else - it is on order from Japan.

    We are down to 2 in Dallas and Houston is sold out :cry:
  • VPP price is equal to invoice but the QX is not eligible yet and dealers don't have to participate - it is in their dealer agreement. We have always honored VPP in the past at Sewell, but they won't do VPP until there is adequite supply on the ground.
  • At least in this area. While my wife and I love the car. They are hardly flying off the lots to deserve msrp. I travel in and between south jersey and Princeton on a daily basis and have only seen 1 on the road since introduction. That's poor for a new car introduction in any economy. Even in Philadelphia, which has a significant amount of luxury cars, we have yet to see any. Don't get me wrong, quality is top notch, but it's clear by the lack of cars on the road, Infiniti clearly overshot the price point for this suped up Nissan patrol.
  • I'm not surprised that you dont see many QX56's in the Rust Belt.No offense but most of those blue collar folks couldnt afford this vehicle or any like it Especially since the economy is so bad there. I'm in the south and you cant even get you hands on one much less get a good choice of color and options. I've been asked to find one for my Mom and cant get a Sage or White one completely loaded anywhere near me. Maybe I should give a shout to a dealer in that area. The price isnt so bad since some competitors are higher on their vehicles. I guess she'll have to wait until more are available.
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