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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sewell, thanks for pointing that out since now that I read my prior post that it is incorrect that way I worded it. Meant to say that I obtained 3.15% for 72 months through a loan from my bank.

    Regarding the "...chinks in the MSRP armor"; the chinks are $2200 off QX with theatre package for some dealers operating in "Sewell" surrounding areas. QX56 with deluxe and/or tech seems to be where the MSRP armor is currently on for the moment.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    I would use the edmunds dealer inventory to check the number of QX56 available. One is more likely to receive a deal based on a vehicle that is currently on a dealers lot. I have a 2008 QX56 with 22K still like a new vehicle. To obtain a new QX56 2011, I would trade my current model in for 41-42K. The 2011 model I would pay 55-57K depending on options in the vehicle.
  • You will have to sell your 08 QX yourself to get anywhere near that amount.
    I bought a 2010 QX at the auction last week for just under $ 09 are bringing in the mid/high 30' your 08 will trade for around 33k or so (+2k if 4wd).

    You can have an independent appraiser give you a buy bid on it - like Car Max.

    Again, retailing it yourself will bring you the most money, but you better ask about $37k or so or your phone will not ring. :(
  • Yes, the Tec pkg are super rare due to constraints at the factory.

    I've started to hear rumors of dealers discounting so I hate to admit it but the supply is starting to catch up - when that happens the dealers start to battle each other for the business and the discounts begin...we've started discounting the QX $50 for every day the vehicle has sat on the lot. Not too many lasting 10 days, but if someone is willing to wait they can wait and hope for a bigger discount, but with all the shoppers - if they wait too long someone else may snag it.

    PS I put in a 40 day max, but we only have one demo with the coach of SMU football team that has made it that long.... :)
  • I'm trying to buy and Infinity QX 56 2011 (Delux) CASH in full, but they want go down on it at all...Does anyone have any IDEA's on what I should ask the salesman are should I go right over his head. :confuse: :confuse:
  • What city are you in?
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    Go on different infiniti dealers web sites and look at there inventory of QX56. The more vehicles noted, I believe the better the deal. Most dealers need to move the inventory especially in the first 3 months after receiving the vehicle. A dealer gets to keep more of the dealer holdback.
  • Got a 4WD QX with theater package in the first week of october for a little more than $4000 off the MSRP; with shipping it out of state and half way around the country, I still saved more than $3000 than the dealer closest to me.

    The truck is phenomenal; quality and is the best of all large luxury SUV's out there. Just a few things that I have noted. The 22 inch wheels are great if you live in a place with good roads but the ride is a little stiffer than the base model.

    The deals are certainly out there if you look around
  • Any ideas on when the VPP deals be available for QX56'11. I contacted Infiniti they asked to check back after Jan 3rd. They are expecting more inventory with dealers in couple months.
  • in which state do u live? what is the name of the dealer you used?
  • The inventory in Louisiana is hitting the showroom floor then gone in less than a week or they are pre-ordered. Got a 4WD Dark Currant/Wheat - Deluxe, Technology and Theater packages in route for December the other three have deposits.
  • Hmm. New Orleans dealer has about 5 in stock.
  • Not only on QX but all vehicles. Due to the weak US dollar vs the Yen, Infiniti has decided they are raising the prices on all Infinitis an average of 2% (each model will be a bit different) - if the vehicle is current in stock, there will be no change. But as soon as it is official all units inbound and ordered going forward will have the new prices in place. So, if you are shopping now, may want to look at what is on the ground - if you have one on order - you are okay too, those will be price protected. This still stinks. :(
  • Any black friday deals on 2011 QX56? Since we on the topic of pricing I might as well throw out that question. LOL
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    edited November 2010
    I just picked up one yesterday for 30% off of MSRP but I had to wait from 3am till the dealer is open around 9am :) They even have other models on sale for like BOGOF or BOGO half. LOL

    just kidding :)
  • There was a long line and only the first four people got QX56 bracelets for the doorbuster price of 50% off. LOL
  • drleedrlee Posts: 2
    I just picked up my 2011 qx56 about $5300 off MSRP. Graphite/graphite. 2WD with theater package. A local dealership's GM accused me of lying when I told him an offer from another dealership. I had to drive 3.5 hrs to pick it up but it was worth it. I LOVED the drive back home.
  • I have decided to purchase a QX, and hopefully this December. What kind of deal should I reasonably expect? Prices paid according to this forum are all over the map. I am hoping to buy a 4WD w/ Theater. Can I get this vehicle for 60K? Less? More? Any help is much appreciated. I am in NY by the way.
  • Check out if you have not yet.
  • Wow. No I had not seen this before...very helpful. Thanks.
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