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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Most dealers will do VPP on all QX now. The supply has caught up with demand (finally) on the QX. Dealers are now wheeling and dealing for the most part.

    Infiniti still hasn't given any rebates or dealer cash, but I think that is coming...they are giving 1.9% for up to 66 months.

    The Deluxe pkg is still hard to get - especially on a 2011. When the 2012's start coming I think you will see many more with the Deluxe pkg.
  • Thanks for the reply Mike .

    Are you in oklahoma or purchased from different state. I'm in oregon and my local deler is not willing to do VPP on deluxe touring.
  • I am a newbie to the Infiniti brand and have narrowed my SUV search down to the GL450 and the QX56. I have read numerous posts about the VPP and I am wondering if it is remotely possible to get a VPP number because the website says family and friends. I don't have family with VPP so I am hoping I can make friends.

    Anyways, I have been looking at the QX56 with the theater package and 22" wheel addition. I was quoted $1700 off MSRP which I took as "they didn't take my seriously". I figure I should be able to get ~$4000 off especially since the 2012s are arriving soon.

    Any help on understanding the VPP would be greatly appreciated.

  • You'll have to know someone who works for Nissan/Infiniti pretty well since they have to generate the VPP code from their employee account.
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    I cant speak to availability of VPP on the vehicle you mentioned, but my local dealer indicated employees of vendors with Infiniti/Nissani can qualify for VPP. I am retired from an oil company who is on the list so cant qualify now but would have as an employee.

    I have a QX56 2011 with all three packages. Honestly, its the best vehicle I have owned including 14 Lexus's/Infiniti's (primarily LS and Q45 models and a 2006 M45 S. Handles, rides, turns and runs like a luxury vehicle and fit and finish and interior are top notch. I love the exterior as well its unique and radically in someways but the design works in my eyes.
  • I'm not positive that you can just walk in with a VPP number without being the actual employee or in some cases a "business partner" of Nissan. I just purchased a QX with Theater pkg and 22" wheels plus several other optional features this past weekend with the VPP discount since my husband's employer is a business partner. The dealership required proof of employment (e.g. business card) to honor the pricing.

    As of last week, Nissan brought all their VPP discount plans A-D to the same discount pricing as direct employees. Essentially, we purchased the vehicle at 10% off MSRP. Good luck!
  • I am in Orlando,Fl. I tried to deal with my local dealer, nice people, but they made it really hard, things must be going really good for them. I ended up in Tampa Infiniti and they are selling the same car to me @ invoice and they don't even have the car, had to get it from another dealer. We will see if I can close the deal soon. Buying the car in Orlando would have cost me about 1k more. I guess I will be using Orlando Infiniti for service only.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    In Texas, the QX has been on fire - they sold for list for months, then minimal discounts....but as the laws of economics came into play - Infiniti started shipping tons of QXs down here...recently the supply surpassed the demand - with the 2012's the dealers are taking $3000 off along with the 1.9% - that seems to be moving the vehicles.

    The Deluxe package is still very rare...dealers probably asking for more on those.

    PS Pricing just announced on 2012 - overall the price is about the same. Same MSRP on the base unit. The Theater Pkg is about $500 more (but picked up heated seats in the 2nd row of seats), the Deluxe package is $500 less since the heated seats is no longer in that package.

    Like someone else said - the only way to get a VPP number is to work at the right company or know someone really well who works at Nissan/Infiniti - they can give out a few per year, so they save most of those for family or close friends.
  • maw262maw262 Posts: 2
    I am looking at a 2011 QX56 4 wheel drive with DVD package. List price on the truck is $66k and I am receiving dealer quotes between $58.5K - $63K. Any idea how low a dealer can price a QX 56? I am planning to email the dealers who provided me the lowest offer and get their absolute lowest offer before I purchase. The three lowest are all right at the $58.5 range. How much lower should I expect? Thanks!
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    How scarce are new QX56's with both the delux touring and technology packages and what is the going price for new ones of either year?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Couple of items factor in. Is the MSRP $66k or just the dealer asking price.

    If it is the MSRP, then they bought the vehicle for around $61k, to sell it for less than what they bought it for would be pretty bad business for them (unless they were going to rip you off on your trade, or they have a QX that was wrecked or had hail damage, etc.) If the deal is too good to be true, then something is up. I would give them $61k for every QX they have, they would just need to call us - so why sell it for less??

    Now, if the MSRP is lower and they are asking $66k because they added a pin stripe and tint and some Nitro and other BS - I can't really help you until you find out the MSRP.

    Word of advice - the lowest price is NOT always the best deal - consider the whole deal - the trade in price, equipment, finance or lease rates, fees, service, etc. Generally speaking, the dealers who have to give the cheapest price to get people to come see them are the worst dealers - that is why no one goes there; therefore, they have to quote super prices - then once there try to make it up somewhere else. :)
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Very scarce for 2011 - if you find one - expect only a couple of grand off along with the 1.9%.

    The 2012 will be much more available (but that will still only be about 1 out of every 10 QX56). This MSRP will be the same as 2011 :) but not sure if there will be any special rates and the dealers probably won't discount as much till around Jan.

    This is just my opinion - but some of the dealers will do anything to sell a vehicle - so you never know. :D
  • maw262maw262 Posts: 2
    I am not trading in a vehicle and will not be leasing or financing the vehicle. $66k is the MSRP. I would say that their is a lot of availability. Most of the dealers had 10 or more in stock according to the Infinity website. Every dealer was able to offer the vehicle I chose in multiple colors.

    For reference I emailed every dealer in VA, MD, DE, and Northern NC. Infiniti of Chantilly and Bethesda both came in at $58.5k. The Bethesda location did not include destination fees.
  • This is also the car I have been shopping, (AWD with theater and few small misc options total is $66,160 msrp) and the best price I have been quoted is $1500 above invoice (I don't have access to vpp), which still puts my cost above $62k. I am really wondering if i am paying too much if you are getting for $58.5k. I don't understand how they can sell for that. Is that car a demo? I asked my salesman if there was a dealer holdback or incentive on this car and he said no, but I don't know. any info appreciated. thanks.
  • your deal sounds reasonable to me. I used the VPP and got around $4k off.
  • Your deal is good, there is a 1.9% incentive on the vehicle, but no money. We do get holdback on all vehicles, but there is no "dealer cash" on a QX.

    To discount a vehicle $7500 does not make sense; even if the customer was VPP - that would be about $60k on a $66k QX. If anyone is selling them for $58.5 - they won't have a job much longer ;)

    The 2012 are coming mid-Sept - should get interesting to see what dealers offer the 2011 for then...
  • Hi, can anyone tell me if this is a good deal, or if we should keep shopping around...

    2012 QX 4wd w/theater & deluxe touring & split bench packages & illuminated kick-plates-MSRP $$72,655, dealer came in at $67,096.

    Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    $5600 off is a great deal.
  • theta2theta2 Posts: 3
    was just at a dealer in Houston, they said all their 2011s were 4,000 off and 2012s were 2,000 off MSRP. Seems like you could get another 1,000-2,000 off that especially the 2011s. I was surprised the 2012s were already discounted.
  • It seems discounts are becoming more plentiful. In Austin there are quite a few 2012 QX56 vehicles on the lot and several more arriving daily. The San Antonio dealer is already offering over $6,000 off at least one 2012 vehicle. I wonder if there is any support from Infiniti coming into play? If nothing else, the seemingly plentiful supply of vehicles should work to the buyer's advantage.
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