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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Swellgsm

    I think with all the significant large inventory of QX56s in Houston, 9K off is not competitive enough. Once the 2013 hits the market then you and the other dealers are forced to give stronger incentives. I was already hearing that some folks got 10K off last month. I would expect that Dec and Jan will be the strongest discounts. I would expect 15K off the car as a minimum. I am actually ready to buy now but not in a hurry. I want to get the best deal out there. So waiting until Dec/Jan for the right price is worth it for me.

    Houston, TX :shades:
  • I just received a quote on a 2012 with theater package MSRP of 67405 for 62,9000. Invoice is about 600 less are people finding better deals? I also am will to look at 2011's but the best price I received was 53.2k with 34k. Since they have about 150 2012 QX in my area will pricing get better?

    At this point I am willing to go to Dallas and pick it up for 10k off of MSRP.... Help!!!!
  • I am in DFW area and was talking to Grubbs Infiniti.QX56 with 4WD and theater package MSRP is 67.5K and the best quote I got is 62K.
  • If you dont mind can you please share the dealer info?
  • Blue...I assure you (promise) we won't get to $15k...I've talked to both District and Area manager...they know there is a problem - but not with demand...we sold over 40 last month - they simply built too many. So, the problem will self correct over the next couple of months (they simply slow down building). Infiniti also is holding back the 2013 until inventory levels get in line. Every other model, the 13 is either on the ground or coming. They told me they will not release the 2013 QX until December, so that gives us over 2 months to sell these...and at $9k off they are selling. Most dealers are out of Deluxe, getting low on bench seat, no Dark Currant or Mountain don't wait too long.

    We expect about $4-5k from Infiniti next month plus us dealers can knock off $4-5k, so you may see $10k off in October. We will see...I will post the incentives as soon as I get them next week. :)
  • Sewellgsm...are you sure about the delay on the 2013.
    I put a deposit down and ordered the 2013 from my dealer. He gave me a print out from the NNA website which showed the Order #, production month as 9/12 and ETA as month of 10/12.

    Are you saying this is not coming till December?
  • SewellGSM,
    My husband and I have been looking at purchasing the QX in November, but if the October price is better ($10K off), then there is no point in waiting. Can you confirm that $10K is what was decided? Thanks!
  • I'm in the northwest but was given $60,000 for white/wheat 4WD, theater package, illuminated plates, cargo mat/net, roof cross bars, all weather mats for 3 rows, cargo protector. I would have waited longer but color was important to me. I'd love to hear from others whether this is a decent deal.
  • I saw that there is a 4k dealer incentive to move these trucks, but I'm wondering if it could be better for Nov/dec. I'm not to picky on color but really want the split bench seat and where I am there are not to many in stock.

    Anyone want to share recent purchases?
  • Purchased mid-September in Tampa, FL. MSRP 67,420, and I paid $58,800.
  • eagleeye3eagleeye3 Posts: 44
    edited October 2012
    My wife drove a 2012 QX56 this afternoon. Nice SUV. Large but manageable. Was looking at Sequoia but heard Infiniti was giving these away. Sure enough, the opening offer (starting point) from the dealer before I said a word was $9k under MSRP. Big step up from Sequoia. I'm aware of the $4k dealer cash. I understand the 2013s are coming soon. I think I will shoot for $11K under and will live with $10k. Must admit the whole dealership/vibe struck me as second tier; my other car is German (assembled in South Carolina), but I guess it does not matter. Don't plan to spend a lot of time there after the purchase anyway. Anyone done better than 10k under MSRP recently (2WD)?
  • I looked at the QX56 for the first time this weekend and was very impressed with the car. I saw on this board that the 2013 is expected in December -- does anyone know what type of changes will be made for the next model year? If I am happy with the 2012 and am not in a rush, when is the best time to buy this car? End of December?

    Any insights would be appreciated.

    Scarsdale, NY
  • theta2theta2 Posts: 3
    minor changes for 2013

    Infiniti QX Full-Size Luxury SUV

    Moving Objection Detection (MOD) added to the standard Around View® Monitor
    New standard auto-dimming exterior mirrors
    Upgraded remote control and interface added to the Theater Package
    New Smoky Quartz exterior color (replaces Mountain Sage)
    Available September 2012
  • Just purchased 2012 QX56 (2WD) in Southern California. Final selling price was $11,000 under MSRP (plus tax and DMV). Feel like I got a reasonable deal, especially since it was my wife's preferred color. Time will tell.
  • jjawjjaw Posts: 6
    What options did your qx56 have. What was the total msrp
  • jjawjjaw Posts: 6

    Do anyone know what the current dealer incentives are as of Nov 1st. In Oct they were $4000. But those expired Oct 31st. Thanks in advance
  • I am looking at one of these in Socal as well, Can you tell me which dealer offered this to you? Thanks!
  • South Bay (Torrence). A long way from my house in north San Diego County, but worth the drive to save thousands. MSRP was just over $67K, theater, 22 wheels, and some accessories. No issues after almost 1 month. Wife is happy. That's all that matters in long run.
  • Sorry I did not see this before. The incentives did not get any better in November nor will they get any better. They are already at a point that the QX are selling like crazy. :)
  • I own a 2011 qx56 with 36500 miles on it. I paid 66000 with 2.9 financing. Sticker was. 69615. At. The time, it was great deal in sept 2010. Trucks has everything except tech package. I was just offered by a dealer to take back my truck and sell me a 2012 with a 78,400 MSRP for 67200. They are giving me 45000 for my truck which according to them is a wash. Kelly blue book 46-50k. At end of day, I will walk out with leaving my 2011 with 36000 miles on it and leaving with a 2012 loaded with zero out of pocket and a payment of $40 cheaper a month. 2013 model has no major changes so I am not buying a dud. Is this a deal that is worth doing? Trying to figure out the down side. I will owe much more on loan now but does that's really matter? I would appreciate any input .
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