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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm in the market for an 05 QX56 with DVD player and sunroof. What's a good price in the DC/MD/VA area?
  • Nissanman, Are you sure the Sec 179 write-off ended on 12/31? Not that Congress makes much sense but it would stand to reason that the law change from 100% unlimited to 100% $25k max would not have been made just for the two months prior to the whole law going away. My acct is not well-versed on the rules but it seems yours is. Any thoughts? Any problems with the Q?
  • dougcdougc Posts: 3
    I bought my qx56 2005, totally loaded except laser cruise control for $50,150 from Marin Infinity. I was working with three dealers and two (San Diego & Serramonte) said the price was impossible for an '05. All & all a good price.


    The QX is the best foul weather truck I've ever driven. In two weeks I've tracked 1,500 miles in torrential rain storms and similar blizzard conditions. The truck is more sure footed than any Audi Quattro sedan. Switch to 2wd on dry roads and kick the tail around in a turn; fun stuff.


    The second row bench design is brilliant; the nav/radio/climate control design is the worst I've encountered in any vehicle. The truck has assembly issues which by this time in production I'm surprised still exist. I'm receiving no benefit from having a second year run vehicle.


    Infinity is not Lexus and with three visits and four days in the shop already for tsb's my experience suggests Infinity is not Dodge, Chevy or Ford either. The local dealer (San Diego), not the selling dealer, is very defensive about their expectations of customer dissatification Re: the truck. The real problem is not the truck because the tsb's are accurate and in my case severe window clatter and DVD bracket rattles; TSB #052, fixed the problem. It took them three visits to complete the repairs. The truck was returned with a dirty headliner and grease on the second row seat. I asked the service manager a rhetorical question of; " what point do you people start to get embarrassed". I just got it back yesterday and today I've discovered the rear AV and climate controls don't work.Infinity customer service is non existant. Nothing more than an apoligy service directing you back to the incompetant dealer. Not fun stuff.


    Great truck but beware you have no advocates to represent you if your local dealer is subpar.
  • I know the 100% write-off for small business of SUV's up to $100,000 was terminated Oct. 22nd. But you are right; congress currently lowered the loophole write-off to $25,000. But I heard (don't quote me) that they will raise the SUV weight limit write-off from 6,000lbs to 15,000lbs. That will eliminate all the luxury SUV's. My advice, just ask your accountant to check that info. So far, no problems with my QX56 with almost 4,000 miles, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  • lar60lar60 Posts: 10

    Which San Diego dealer are you working with? I am just a few months away from getting our new SUV and live in SD, so service down here is an issue. I would most likely use the Discover dealership in Carlsbad. By the way, I have a friend that just bought his Q from the Dealer in Marin and was very happy with price he paid. Do I have to go up there to buy my truck?

  • dougcdougc Posts: 3

    The Marin dealer moved a unit for their year end tally; that's all they got out of this transaction. They were very aggressive on their advertised specials; but at that they were only equal to Serramonte; (Colma, South San Francisco). By the time I made up my mind the advertised specials (04's) were history. It was at that point the Marin sales manager called and offered me the 05. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that dealership. I cut the deal on the phone on Wednesday from SD. On Thursday morning I walked in the dealership and picked up the car. I was out of there within the hour & that included obtaining financing and insurance. The deal was honored to the penny; there were no surprises or attempts at ancillary sales.


    My local dealership is Discovery in Kearny Mesa area of town.


    By the way the truck is great. My wife loves it. She's 5' 1" & it's her daily driver. The truck has the best seat, mirror & pedal adjustments we found. That coupled with the accuracy of the rear vision screen allows "Hippo" to defy's it's size in daily driving. There are alot of posts, including mine, that seem to highlight the low points of the QX. Don't let it concern you; I think it's frustration that Infinity did such a good job with so many of the things that matter that it would be nice if they took a closer look at things that are real easy to fix.


    Good luck on your decision
  • I bought my '05 Qx56 for $49.5k loaded, except for DVD. Bought it from Hiro at Infiniti at Montclair. Had it deliverd via transport. Pleasant experience. I've had my Qx for 2k miles and it's been flawless. No rattles, no brake probs...flawless. I have no issues with anything! Mine was manufactured in Oct '04, maybe they made some changes or improvements? Anyway, this truck rocks and btw, write off is 25k + 50% of the remaining 15k...ended 12/31/04. Now, it's just 25k. I made it. People that bought before 10/22, welp, win/lose. '04 Qx is stinky, but better write off. And a note to my friend CJDawg, the '04-'05 Landcruisers are totally lame! Might as well buy a '94 since they're identical! And pleeease, chris, don't buy a flippin' tahoe! My gosh spare me!


  • gelo7gelo7 Posts: 3
    We drove the escalade ESV, navigator, Gx470, Lx470, and the QX56. We liked different things about all of them. But, the QX56 came out ahead of the class for us. We had three dealers offering $7000 off MSRP for their 2004 models, which was around $48,100 for 4wd,DVD, sunroof, mats, splashguards,intellicruise,and navigation. We settle on a black on black 2005 2wd,DVD,sunroof, mats,XM radio,navigation, intellicruise, splashguards and a full tank of gas from Troncalli Infiniti for $48,100. I've been lurking on these boards since last March, so we knew what to look for. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  • md_usermd_user Posts: 10

    Congratulations on your new QX56. I am in the market for one, can you publish the dealer and state where you bought your QX56?
  • gelo7gelo7 Posts: 3
    md user,

    Thanks, we purchased our QX from Troncalli Infiniti in Decatur, Georgia. There are about four dealers in the metro Atlanta area. Good luck.


  • The guys at Infiniti of South Atlanta at Union City are competetive also, they are transplants from the Troncalli dealership. Bought my QX from South Atlanta, two Q45 and FX45 from Troncalli. Atlanta is by far the major market for Infiniti and Troncalli always has triple the inventory of any dealer in the country, but Infiniti controls the dealer swaps. By the way I received the second to hit the floor last spring and got a $6500 discount then when everyone else wanted sticker or at best $500 off
  • Picked up a brand new 04 QX for 50K. Sticker was 55,250 so it is fully loaded. Could have rec'vd the 2K rebate, but that is good only if you buy and I am leasing. Paid $300 over invoice, so I feel good about it. They are not discounting the 05's much.


    39 month/39K mile lease worked out to $673 including 5% MA sales tax (paid first month, acq fee ($550), plates ($83), and doc fee ($149).


    Will check back to give an update on the truck after the wife puts some miles on it.
  • I'm in the market for an 05 QX56 with DVD player/Satellite radio/sunroof/Inteligent Control. What's a good price in the DC/MD/VA area or neighboring states?
  • jaybeaujaybeau Posts: 2
    Well we must have hit it just right. It was about two weeks before Christmas at about 6 o'clock on a Friday night. We had been looking at Tahoes and were pretty fed up with stickers close to $40 grand for what we thought was an "average" SUV. My wife had been driving a Volvo C-70 convertible and was tired of being run off the road. When she saw the black QX-56 that was all it took. By the way, the name of it is liquid onyx, and it fits it perfectly. The "list" on our leftover (only 23 miles) was $51,750 and the dealer ran an ad in the local paper~ which we did not see until we hit the show room floor~ for $47,950...we were not at all familiar with Infiniti's pricing until my son chirped up,"Dad, they don't budge on prices." Well we got the deal of a lifetime and the CHEAPEST car we have bought since the early 80's. Let me explain~ we got 30 grand plus for the Volvo and paid no tax on the trade in value so for about 15 grand we drove off in our new QX-56. It might help to tell you that the dealership was in total turmoil as they were moving~ right around the corner to our house. We bought the cargo net for the rear area and it seems to be working well. The price is stiff but so is the gas pump after you fill up.A K&N will net no mileage gain so save your $50~ we already tried. Great vehicle~ hope you enjoy yours as much as we do ours.
  • jaybeaujaybeau Posts: 2
    Come to Baton Rouge~ see our post #97.
  • Peteydog (And any other recent '05 QX buyers)

    Momoftwins here and I cannot believe that you got your '05 QX for 49K (alebit in Dec '04 vs Mar '05)! Where do you live so I can go to your dealer and how were you able to get it for $49K when invoice for a fully loaded QX (minus ICC) is $50,171?

    Please let me know ASAP as I have been quoted $53K for a fresh off the truck '05 QX ($3,100) over invoice. Thanks.
  • mricha02mricha02 Posts: 2
    Just purchased an '05 QX56 2WD with sunroof, splash guards, and rear cargo mat. I paid 47.5K at Infiniti of Melbourne (Melbourne, FL). I've bought a lot of cars and have to say that this dealership was the best experience my wife and I have ever had. We traded in an 03 Navigator and their first round of numbers they gave us 3K over Kelly Blue Book value for excellent condition, which was great considering that the resale on a NAV is horrible. The second round they came down to 47,984 and we settled on 47.5K. Finance office was great and gave me the best rate (which I had researched prior to) without any haggling or trying to get me to buy an extended warranty to lower the rate. I was in and out in a little over an hour including test drive. If you're looking, definitely check them out
  • This is my first luxary car and I love my QX56. I can't see buying this cars because I want to drive a new car every 3 years. Tell me if i got a good deal, 2004 loaded but no DVD. I got it in december $659 a month 36 months. NO money down. All i paid is first month and registration fee.
    I love this truck eventhough the brakes are no good. I took it in for service and the service is amazing. I got an FX45 (loved it) to hold me over and they fixed all the little things and the breaks within 1 day.
  • How much under MSRP have people been paying in the Dallas, Tx area? Thx!
  • Katana2:

    I am purchasing a Silver Indulgence QX56. I saw your post about tinting the front windows. Do you know what "percentage" you used on the front windows? I wanted to match the fronts to the rear sides but they advised it would be VERY dark. Do you have a photo? Let me know... How do you like the truck?

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