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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • frankie515frankie515 Posts: 2
    Took a leftover 04 on December 31 and got $8000 off sticker in NY/NJ area. The MSRP was $55,350 and paid $8,000 dont get a great choice of color, but I took the last Cobalt Blue and I learned to really like the color....besides the truck is great and saved over $20K compared to the Escalade which was $68K with the same options.....
  • I saw that this same reporter wanted to speak to someone regarding Lexus Rx330 and Infiniti QX56. I am very interested in speaking with this reporter. I had a 2005 RX330 for 5 months. When my vehicle reached 5,000 as required I took it in to Kendall of Lexus in Miami, Florida. Approximately 2 weeks later the car was stolen from my circular driveway, steps away from my front door. The alarm did not go off, no window was broken, police and all others I contacted believe it was an inside job from the dealer. I wrote to the CEO of Lexus, Bob Carter back in May, 2005 when this theft occurred. To date no one at Lexus seems to care nor have they acknowledged my certified return receipt letter, which was received. I am now looking at purchasing an Infiniti QX56 and hope that Infiniti will stand behind their vehicles and their customers a lot more than Lexus. The breech in security and personal information at the dealership seems to be a problem which Lexus wishes to ignore. I want everyone to know my experience and I believe there is a big story about theft after having a vehicle serviced. If you are interested, please contact me at miamilexus330.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,674
    I will pass your information along to the reporter - thanks!

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  • paotronpaotron Posts: 7
    I am thinking to purchase a 2005 QX56 very soon. Does anyone know if the brake problem have been resolved?
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,674
    You can ask those who already own the vehicle in our regular Infiniti QX56 discussion.

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  • Guys,

    Currently have 2000 LX 470 and looking to trade for 2005 QX. LX is great, but not many bells/whistles for $$$. The QX's nav is cool and room is second to none. The fold flat 3rd row is very exciting vs. LX crappy 3rd row. I'm in St.Louis area and Bommarito Infiniti will take care of me if any problems. Question is I want to put 22" rims/tires on it and was hoping any of you guys that have done that can recommend package. I know good when I see it...the dealer's aftermarket wheels are just average. Thanks alot and I'll make I sure I share my experiences.
  • bigkev7000bigkev7000 Posts: 23
    I would start by looking in some magazines like DUB, Rides etc. I seen one in both rides and dub sitting on 26" Gianelle Milos-6 rims.Just a thought you might want more stopping power rolling on something like that. Its in the june/july edition of both magazines. Hope this helps
  • Thanks, I think I've decided on some 22" Akuza OJs w/Nitto tires. It's amazing the different wheels out there - they do look great on the QX.

    BTW, I'm getting $500 over invoice on a fully loaded 2005. They have fixed the brake/rotor problem and your service mgr can tell you if you have the new/improved based on build dates. If not, eventually everyone w/ '04 and early '05 models will get retrofitted. God luck and happy motoring!
  • Since the 06's will be released in a few weeks, I'm looking to purchase a new 05 in order to save a few dollars since the dealers need to sell off the remaining 05's. What are people paying for the remaining 05's? I've also heard that the brake problems have been fixed on all QX56's manufactured after May 05. I've also been informed that the only difference in the 06 vs. the 05 is that the 06 will come with Bluetooth as an option.
  • nomar69nomar69 Posts: 49
    This from

    "The QX56 enters 2006 with several enhancements – most notably the addition of power folding outside mirrors with heat, electrochromic auto-dimming, power adjust and integrated turn signal, 60/40 split for the 3rd row seat, Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System and mp3 playback capability are added to the vehicle’s extensive list of standard technology and convenience features."
  • snowdonsnowdon Posts: 38
    Looking to get an idea on price, have sent out several request for prices.

    Michael :shades:
  • lds3lds3 Posts: 5
    I test drove the QX this weekend and fell in love with it but dealer won't budge too much on price. GM is offering me a great deal on a 06 Denali loaded...then I look at Nissan and can get a good deal on a loaded LE Armada....what is the justification of spending $5-6K more on on Infiniti than the Nissan??? thanks for your help..I'm baffled!
  • nomar69nomar69 Posts: 49

    I, too, am trying to justify spending the extra $$$ for the QX over the Armada...or the Acura MDX. I'm not sure if the extra luxury touches warrant spending extra money. I am, however, waiting for the '06 on all the above models.

    The QX has a better warranty (4yr/60,000mi) vs. Nissan's 3yr/36,000mi. As told to me by the salesperson at Infinity, the QX has 120 lbs more in sound deadening material so that it is more quiet than the Armada. The QX also has a better looking front end (in my opinion) and has xenon headlights. Of course, you'd be getting Infiniti's customer service.

    What other vehicles are you considering?
  • lds3lds3 Posts: 5
    I'm considering the QX or the Armada (loaded) or the 06 GMC Yukon Denali (which is considerably louder)...I'm leaning toward the Infiniti because I know so many people that swear by their service, but still $$$$!!! Why wait on the 06 models, which I have been told don't come out until November? Won;t they again be considerably higher with not that many changes? I drove an 05 which had JUST come off the truck (15 miles on it) and it was $500 more than one sitting on the lot! So confusing!
  • lds3lds3 Posts: 5
    oh, and by the way, isn't the Acrua alot smaller than the Infiniti????
  • nomar69nomar69 Posts: 49
    When it comes to the MDX, looks are deceiving. It's actually as wide as the QX56 (about 78 inches). The difference in length is about 19" (MDX-188"/QX-207")...the QX has considerably more leg room in the second row as compared to the MDX. But in the 3rd row, they are comparable in leg room. In the pics of the 3rd row of the QX, it appears that there's quite a lot of leg room. But, since Infinity put so much leg room for the second row, it decreased the amount of leg room for the 3rd row. The reason why it LOOKS like there's a lot of leg room in the 3rd row is because the 3rd row seat surface is considerably shorter (from front to back) than the second row seats. But, there's a lot more legroom back there than most SUVs.

    The main reason why I'm holding off til the '06 QX is because the it has split 3rd row bench seating (which is important to me). And, I'll also be getting a bench 2nd row versus 2 captain's chairs. I configured an '06 QX and it came to $55,712 (incl. destination). I'm hoping the dealer will come down on that since V8s right now are not considered HOT because of gas prices. The Armada (loaded) came to about $47K and I'm sure the '06 MDX will be in the mid- to upper $40K as well.
  • lds3lds3 Posts: 5
    I checked out the '05 and ;06 Armada's today and defintely have crossed them off the list! The interior package is awful! The "leather" seats look and feel cheap. The interior trim is as well. Didn't even test drive it. All I had to do is look at it....I, too, like the split seat in the back .. looking forward to seeing if Infiniti will deal, but doubt it! Good luck!
  • kaykay3kaykay3 Posts: 8
    I am also considering a qx56 2005 vs 2006. I saw some of you post today that you are waiting for the 2006's. The 2006's have just come in because I looked at one today. (I live in Houston) It still doesn't show in the dealer inventory on Infinit's webpage, but probably because they just unloaded them and were in the back of the lot and not totally "unwrapped" yet. I did not look at the interior of the 06. I did not realize the 3rd row was different. The dealer told me they were not making deals on the 2006's and they also don't have the special financing on them either. Not sure if the bluetooth, mirrors, and seat are worth the extra $ or not. I am going to go back and check out the interior of the 2006 tomorrow.
  • nomar69nomar69 Posts: 49
    That's too bad that your dealer is not willing to deal. My guess is that the '06 QX56 wont be 'flying off the shelves' so dealers should deal even a little bit to help move them...especially now that gas prices are up. Here in Wash. DC metro area, gas jumped 25 cents today!

    Are you considering the '05 or '06 Nissan Armadas? I got quotes from dealers on '05 Armadas and without haggling, they offered $41K for a fully loaded LE (MSRP $47K and invoice of $43K).

    I'd like to stick with the QX though. Let us know what you think of the interior of the '06 QX when check them out.

    I wonder when the DC metro area will be getting their stock of the '06 QX??
  • Beautiful SUV.......however, watch out for its brakes.....they run out every 5K to 7 K miles.....that is a real headache and I don't see any solution to the problem yet.....Dealers do replace brake discs and pads while in guarantee........but what about after the warranty expires......are you willing to put out of your pocket between $1500 to $2000 every time you have to change the oil on it?
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