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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nomar69nomar69 Posts: 49
    According to some posts, this brake problem has been taken care of. Or is it inaccurate? I defnitely would not consider buying the Armada/QX56 if the problem still persists. Wouldn't Nissan smarten up and take care of the problem at least for the '06s??
  • I also thought that the brake problem was fixed also. I read somewhere (not sure if it was on this board) that it was fixed in units manufactured after May 2005. I don't want a car that is a lot of headaches. I already have one of those that I am getting rid of (a BMW 540i). The qx56 was rated one of the best for low repairs on something I read.
  • I haven't went back to look at the interior of the 2006 qx56 yet, but I am still working with the dealer on the price. I think they don't want to deal because they want to squeeze me into buying one of the many 2005 they have left sitting on the lot. I told them their competition is dealing on the 2006's, but I still haven't got too far with that. I really want the 2006 but don't really want to pay 4,000 more for it. You are right about the gas .... another big jump today. It's crazy!
  • kaykay3,

    keep us posted on your negotiations with the dealer on that '06 QX.

    What is the MSRP of the '06 QX that you want? My dealer said that the brake problem was "solved" in March of this year. Does anyone know what Nissan did to resolve the brake problem?

  • I just purchased a 2005 QX56 that was manufactured in June and paid $500 under invoice for a fully loaded model (msrp of $55,140, purchase price of $49,800). The brake problem was fixed earlier this year and verified by all 3 dealers that we spoke with during our search, so if you want to get a great deal on the QX56 then purchase a 2005 that was manufactured May or later. We felt that it didn't make sense to pay more $$ for an 06 for what we consider to have "non-essential" additions (bluetooth, etc.) especially given the fact that the 05 we are purchasing has the new brakes, which was ultimately our main concern.

    As for the other large SUV choices, here is our take: we looked at the Armada with the thinking that we could save a few $$, but after seeing the cheap interior, we decided no way and didn't even take it for a test drive. The 06 Denali would be a very bad choice since GM will be introducing a brand new, redesigned Denali/Tahoe/Escalade next fall. The big Lexus is a blah looking truck that is way overdue for a redesign. The mid-sized Lexus is a nice truck, but again it's not as big as the QX. The Acura MDX is much smaller than the QX and not as sporty as the X5 or the new Mercedes ML500. The X5 shouldn't be a choice either given the fact that BMW will be introducing a new, redesigned X5 next fall. The new ML500 is very nice, but is much smaller than the QX.

    So, we decided to purchase the 05 QX56 and couldn't be happier.
  • Congrats on your new "Q"!!

    How was the selection of '05s at your dealer? And, were there any '06s in the lot? Did they offer any "special" financing?

    Where on the vehicle do you check for it's manufacture date??

    Congrats again!
  • lds3lds3 Posts: 5
    Ist off, I have now ruled out the 06 has absolutely NO cargo room and coming from a Yukon XL, i would like to have cargo room! Spoke to a 04 QX owner last night in a parking lot, and they love their's so much, they will trade for an 06...they had brake problem but it is no longer an issue and has been fixed. Now, just trying to decide between 05 and 06..Dealer not budging at all on price, even with given gas crunch problems. I emailed Infiniti corporate about when 06 will be in the Georgia area, and have not gotten a response. 05 special financing in our area until 9/6 is 3.99 up to 60 months of 1.99 under 36 months. Does anyone know msrp on 06????
  • Ids3,

    Infiniti website has the MSRP on the '06 QX56. You can build and price an '06 now.
  • nomar69,

    We're in Chicago, so there are still lots of 05's to choose from; however we found that in our area there were only five 2005 QX56's in Silver Indulgence that were manufactured May or later (ours was manufactured in June). I did not see any 06's at any of the dealers we visited, but again, we didn't want to pay the premium for an 06 with "new" features that were meaningless to us. The only way to tell if the truck was manufactured in May or later is to ask the dealers in your area if they have any stock since the date of manufacture is not something that the dealer will include when posting their inventory on their website.

    We decided to lease the QX56 given the fact that this truck does not hold its value over time, so I don't know if Infiniti is offering any "special" financing rates. Again, all of the dealers that we spoke with were willing to match our best price, $500 under invoice, which in our minds is truly a great price and would make up for a lack of "special" lease rates. Our residual on the lease was 56% and the money factor was .00209, which comes out to a 5.0% interest rate. The residual is much lower than our BMW lease (higher residual = lower monthly payment), but again this is an Infiniti, not a BMW. At the same time, a 56% residual is not bad when compared to the 48% offered by Range Rover, which we also contemplated buying during this whole search process.

    My advice is to utilize and send out a "price quote request" from this website to all of the dealers in your area. Specifically describe the truck you want - ex. Silver Indulgence with Captain's chairs, DVD, sunroof, willow interior, AND it has to be manufactured after May of 05. The dealers will get back to you with their best price and let you know if they have what you're looking for in stock, but make sure you tell them you definitively want one manufactured after May. If you really want an '06, then I think you will have to wait a few months until all of the remaining 05's have been sold - then, I'm sure the dealers will be willing to "deal" on the 06's.

    Good luck!
  • litespeedblade,

    thanks very much for your insight!
  • just to let you know that you paid invoice for the qx 56.
  • kowboy69,

    Thank you so much for your insight and attention to detail. However, if my calculator works correctly, I believe that we actually paid $696 under invoice. The invoice price for our 2005 truck - with DVD, Sunroof, Splash guards, trunk mat and including the destination fee is $50,496.

    $50,496 - $49,800 = $696

    But again, thank you for looking out for us, we appreciate it.
  • I'm looking for suv also. Anyone of you tried 2006 Land Rover LR3 SE with 3rd seat. I'm getting that for $46K. What do you guys think comparing LR3 with QX56, MDX?
  • Hi there.
    I have a 2000 Range Rover HSE. I have kids & the RR will never offer a 3rd row seat (they say) so it's going and we cannot fit in a new one. The LR3 is nice but small (but damn the 3 sunroofs are cool). So we decided on the QX56. I test drove and it's a horse, kids are happy. Got a quote from CarsDirect. Pasted it below. Wanted to see if there is anything too look out for / anything that I should request / reject. This quote is current as of this posting. Thanks in advance for any thoughts before we buy.
    (BTW -- I am going to put in my own entertainment / gaming system in, extra power outlets, etc. I'll tell you how it goes)
    Engine: 5.6L V8 DOHC SMPISTD
    Transmission: Electronic 5-Speed Automatic w/Overdrive STD
    Tires: P265/70R18 BSWSTD
    Wheels: 18 in. Chrome STD
    Heated Front Bucket Seats STD
    Leather-Appointed Seating Surfaces STD
    Radio: Bose AM/FM/6CD In-Dash Audio System STD
    3.357 Axle Ratio STD
    Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 7,100 lbs STD
    Monotone Paint Application STD
    2nd Row Split Bench Seat STD
    Power Sliding/Tilt Glass Sunroof $1034

    VEHICLE PRICING Price $ 49,805.00
    macore install$ 799.00 (some extra wood)
    Documentation fee(s) (not gov't. fee)$ 250.00
    Taxable Total: $ 50,854.00
    8.37% Sales tax $ 4,259.02 (NY Tax Woo Hoo!)
    Subtotal with taxes: $ 55,113.02
    Registration (title) and license fees†$ 195.00
    Additional Official fee: $ 22.75
    FINAL PRICE$ 55,330.77
  • Hi folks,

    visited Infiniti of Chantilly, VA yesterday to take a closer look at the QX. While they were willing to deal on the '05s (they had about 10 on the lot), they say they wont/cant budge below MSRP on the '06s. I want an '06 but since they wont deal, I may have to wait a while longer until they do. At MSRP, my configured '06 QX56 comes to $55,600. The salesman was very friendly, courteous and very professional..these guys are definitely "a cut above" other dealerships...even other Infiniti dealerships in the area. I sent out quote requests to 3 other dealers in the area and I have not yet received replies from them while I have already received 4 emails from Infiniti of Chantilly. The salesperson says the '06 QX will be in demand when they come out. I can see how that can be especially with a vehicle like the QX but I just dont foresee them flying out the door especially with the gas prices where they are.

    Has anyone found a dealer willing to go below MSRP on '06 QXs? Hopefully, when it comes time to buy, the dealer will want to negotiate a price..especially when he/she sees that the QXs arent selling as fast as they anticipated.
  • I recently received a quote from Pearson Infiniti in Richmond, VA. They offered $1500 off MSRP for an '06 QX (MSRP = $56,272). I also received a quote from a dealer from in PA (Infiniti of Willow Grove) for $2652 off MSRP (MSRP=$57,422). These are their internet pricing. With this "ammunition", I will try and get my local dealer, who originally said they won't/can't budge down from MSRP, to come down from MSRP. My local dealers are Passport Infiniti in Alexandria, Infiniti of Chantilly, Rosenthal Infiniti and Jim Coleman Infiniti.

    I'll report back later.
  • I am hearing the same thing from the dealers in Houston. It looks like they will only budge 1500 to 2000 off MSRP. I want the 4wd which makes it more difficult because there are only a few black or graphite (my 2 choices) available in the state of Texas w/o DVD package (I am adding headrest DVD players). I went to look at one today and it all of the sudden was sold when I got there and then the other black 4wd at another dealership all of the sudden was sold (even though it wasn't earlier today). It could be true, then again it could be a little game they are playing with me. I have to wait until tomorrow to find out if the car is "sold" or not.
  • kaykay3,

    Actually, the 1500-2000 off MSRP were the offers the dealers gave me without me haggling. I will try and get them to go lower when I'm in the position to buy, ie when I have my financing ready. By the way, Pentagon Federal Credit Union ( has great rates...4.75% for 60 months. Becoming a member is easy!

    Looking for an '06 Black/Graphite QX56 with my specs (2nd row split bench seating/No DVD) is a bit more difficult to find. I found a dealer in PA (I'm in VA) that has every option I want (and a bit more) and that dealer is giving me about $2600 off MSRP. The downside is that the dealer is 2 states away.

    Sounds like that dealer you went to has QXs flying off the lot. Kind of hard to believe. Maybe the dealer is trying to make you think that the QX's are "in demand" to try and justify their lack of discounting.

    Keep us posted. I will do the same.
  • Are all the brake problems fixed on the 06. Looking to get a QX or a Range Rover Sport. Big difference in both but like the room in the QX-56.
  • Ray964,

    QX56s and Armadas produced after May 2005 are free of the brake problem.
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