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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It seems like a decent deal.. Do you have the car now? How do you like it?

    (I try not to think too much about the price, once I've got the car..)


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  • OK - I really like the X3's. My first choice is the manual transmission - quite hard to come by in the remaining 04's. I have had one dealer give me a price of 29,500 on a demo car with 6k on it - is this a good deal? Warranty has been adjusted to 55k and 4 yrs. Now, on the other hand there is a plain (no frills) 04 X3 with the manual transmission at another dealer. I believe his price is a bit on the high side - $32k. On top of that, he told me if he did not sell this week, he would put it in "loaner status." (Personally, I find it difficult to believe they would put a manual in loaner service.) I would appreciate any sage advice from all of you. (kydfx - you always have a good perspective.) Thanks to all.
  • I have to add to message #393 - the demo is an automatic with moonroof and satellite radio and luggage racks. And a very "aim-to-please" friendly dealer who came recommended. Hmm - manual or automatic...
  • The demo seems like a good deal, but only if it is the car you want.. Also, the 4 years on the warranty starts from when they put the car in-service, not from when you buy it.

    On the new one.. if you price it out.. it should be selling for about $500 over invoice... If he is asking more than that, its too much.. Manual shift SUVs have to be hard to sell..


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  • lojaklojak Posts: 7
    Frankly, I'd rather people render opinion on something they've actually used. For me, I have used the BMW Navs and the Honda Navs (w/o voice recognition). I prefer the BMW Navs tremendously. Sure it's not fancy, but it does the job quickly, exactly, and properly - just like a BMW. Other may try to impress u with on-paper feature lists and wizbangs, but once you use it, you'll know the difference.
  • lojaklojak Posts: 7

    Here's a breakdown of what a lease price should be,

    Invoice per your config. $39,220
    +$500 dealer profit $39,720
    Cap Reduction $1,500 (out of your $2,500)
    Residue $23,434 (59% for 3 yr lse.)
    MF should be .00079 (1.9%, dealer may tell you 2.9% but 1.9% is available to 750+ CRC)
    Monthly lease chrg b4 tax $459.51

    If you opt for more miles the residue would go down a bit and if the MF is .00121 (2.9%) the monthly should be $485.20.

    Conclusion? You probably got a fair deal.
  • lojaklojak Posts: 7
    My feeling on auto vs manual is that on the X3, go with the auto. Manual is fine on e 3 series sedan/coupe but to appreciate the X3 and the xDrive, auto is a better option. The demo sounds like a good deal but beware! I test drove a demo (not buying it but just to get the feel of the car), and they get abused quite a bit. You warranty might take care of mechanical issues but the hidden wear and tear may fall under "normal wear and tear", therefore not covered under the warranty. There are plenty of 04 X3s left w/auto, so if you want a deal, go for those.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .......... If you "really" like and enjoy a manual and will "really" like and enjoy it in a base model in 2/3 years, then get it and enjoy it .... but, if your buying it to keep in budget, or you think you might be saving money, then do the *pass* dance .... these are extremely hard to sell or get a dealer to put any real money at trade time - kinda like the kiss of death and the resale value of mud ...................... ;)

  • pjo1966pjo1966 Posts: 120

    you had mentioned that if I were to order a car and I went through BMWFS I could lock in the current program for up to two months and then choose between the locked program and whatever the current program is when the car comes in. I asked my salesman about that. He informed me that I can only lock it in for 30 days. Is there a link you can point to where it is in writing so I can show him?

  • No link.. just personal experience... The 60 days thing has always been the case.. and I know it to be good as recently as this past June.. I guess its possible it has changed.. You could ask-a-dealer.. And, I think you know where I'm telling you to do that?


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  • pjo1966pjo1966 Posts: 120
    you betcha... thanks...
  • Also.. if you check BMW's website, you could probably get the phone number for BMWFS, and ask them directly... I think you can even apply online, and lock the rate in.. even before you've negotiated a deal.


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  • pjo1966pjo1966 Posts: 120
    Thanks... as an aside, has the current lease deals listed for November.
  • pjo1966pjo1966 Posts: 120
    According to Angie at BMWFS, it's up to each individual dealer to decide which program they want to offer. As for applying on-line, that is good for 60 days, but it's just a reference... the dealer could choose not to accept it. Also, once you are approved for financing on-line, that financing is good at one specific dealer only.
  • Hmmm.. interesting..

    IOW, BMWFS will lock it for 60 days.. But, your dealer may not participate.. I guess that is so the dealers can manipulate the program to their benefit, if they so choose..

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  • I'm trying to negotiate a lease for a 2005 X3 - I haven't told any of the dealers that yet - I'm at this point trying to negotiate purchase price first, then I'll ask them to base the lease on that price.

    I keep getting "we have one low price so we don't negotiate" stuff. Each dealership has come down from MSRP $800-$1200 but refuses to go any further (they are still $2200 above invoice). I'm looking for help finding a dealer that will actually negotiate and not give me this one low price jargon? I'm in Denver, Colorado but I don't care where I get the car from, just trying to get a fair price. Any ideas?

  • I am new to leasing and am about to lease an 05 X3 3.0.

    I asked the dealer for the current lease rates and here is what he told me.

    money factor .00245
    residual value 36 months
    61% for 10k
    60% for 12k
    58% for 15k

    I saw these rates posted on RF
    Money Factor .00210
    36 months
    Residual Value
    10k mi - 61%
    12k mi - 60%
    15k mi – 58%

    So basically the same residual value but .00035 difference in money factor. Is that pretty standard for dealer profit?

  • 1) If you are having the security deposit waived, that is a .00015 bump in the MF

    2) Residuals are set by BMWFS and the dealer can't change them, so nothing to worry about there.

    3) The maximum that BMWFS allows the dealer to raise the MF is .0004

    4) I would insist on them using the base rates.. If they want extra profit, then I want them putting it in the purchase price, not hiding it in the finance office.

    5) Base acquisition fee is $525.. BMWFS allows them to charge up to $725.. Watch for this also.

    6) Many, many dealers bump the rates up.. Some don't.. It isn't unusual, but that doesn't mean you have to like it.


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  • Thank you for the quick reply.

    on #4)
    What are the base rates? Can you explain a little further so I can push for this. I assume these are the rates you refer to in #6.

    Thanks in advance for your knowledge!
  • On the X3

    MF .0021
    Residual for 3yr/15K lease is 58%
    12K is 60%.. 10K is 61%

    Base acquisition fee if $525

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