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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    Add 3% to the 15K residual numbers for 10K.

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  • haakonhaakon Posts: 24
    Thanks for the info. Where can one obtain the residuals percentages?
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    These rear seat entertainment packages while warranted under the manufacturer are sourced out through another company, maybe Audiovox??? Almost always and I mean always you can get an equal video system installed aftermarket cheaper. Now if your leasing and the video package can be residualized., then you'd only be paying for % of the negotiated cost.

    For your own reference check out these links. The products are first rate quality (I've used these before in several installations). There posted model availability is often times not up to date, often times it's just better to call the help desk. - - reId=10001&categoryId=874323&langId=-1&page=&urlString=&productId=&brand=
  • haakonhaakon Posts: 24
    Ordered a X3 3.0 at Concord BMW (invoice + $500). I found that they were customer oriented -- had bad experience (not at all service minded) at SF BMW and at Peter Pan BMW on the Peninsula. Have you already visited any of these dealerships?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    Where can one obtain the residuals percentages?

    On other BMW specific forums that I'm not allowed to link here...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • randvrandv Posts: 15
    I went to Peter Pan to test drive. For the first 15 mins no one even bothered to talk to me. After I grabed a sales guy he was not motivated to sell the car at all. I wouldn't want to but from them.
  • randvrandv Posts: 15
    thanks, do you provide instalation services in the bay area?
  • randvrandv Posts: 15
    Hi everyone,

    Can someone explain what does the term 'dealer holdback' mean?

  • haakonhaakon Posts: 24
    Thanks for the hint. I believe I found the site...
  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32
    We've decided that the X3 is the next SUV. We recently sold our 2002 328i and are selling our Jeep GC and I was in a state of consternation about which SUV to buy. We have looked at the Escape, Highlander etc but I really wanted both a sporty drive (like the 328) and a small SUV. So Viola!

    I've purchased many cars over the years and always gotten great deals - mostly private party purchase. We'll I worked out the numbers and with the lease deals on the X3 it seems like the time is right to jump in.

    I've read this board over the last few days and it has obviously benefited folks like my self tremendously. However I don't even know what variables I should be asking for (I did read a leasing primer.)

    Here's what we are looking for:
    3.0 Liter, Auto, Premium Package, Sport package (I've read a number of posts on this - I like the seats, rims and steering wheel), Servotronic Steering, Satellite Radio Prep, Metallic Paint, Rear Side Airbags.Privacy Glass
    Total MSRP w/ destination and Options $43,105
    (not inc BMW assist - I don't know if this is a "standard option"

    We live in Marin County - SF bay Area and there are tons of BMW dealers that advertise attractive leases.

    What It sounds like I should do is create a mental "bid sheet" (or maybe a real bid sheet) and ask for the following details:

    Negotiated Price
    Cap Cost Reduction
    Net cap cost
    Money factor
    Acquisition Fee
    Term/Mileage Allowance
    Due at signing: (Tax Title, 1st pymt, acq fees, security deposit, cap cost reduction, other fees?)

    Are these the right questions?

    Then report back? (I see where newbiebmw really made out by paying attention!)

    Thanks in Advance,

  • randvrandv Posts: 15
    I am also shopping for the an X3 in the bay area... planning to close the lease by the end of the month (i think this is the qtr end as well). I noticed that the bay area dealers have huge X3 inventories.

    I think most of them are offering little above invoice with 62% residual for 12K miles.

    If you are interested we could jointly negotiate for a better deal. Let me know if you are interested.
  • sharmabmwsharmabmw Posts: 45
    This is what I have learned after reading many posts by kydfx.

    36 mo/ 15000 mi/yr:

    1. negotiated price: yes, shoot for very close to invoice (there are plenty of x3's out there)
    2. cap cost reduction: do NOT pay this
    3. MF: should be .00100. BMWFS allows the dealer to increase this, but negotiate for base.
    4. residual: 60% (add 2% if 12000 mi or 3% if 10000 mi)
    5. acquisition fee: $625 (again dealer can mark up)
    6. due at signing: roll the tax into payment, roll acq fees into payment
    7. Play around with lease calculators online and you'll learn very quickly what these numbers mean.
    8. And like I always say: do Eur Delivery instead, save $$$, and have the time of your life.

    good luck.
  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32
    Wow, Thanks for both responses.

    Randy, Yes, let's put our heads together. email me. With the support of folks like sharmabmw we can do great things.

    8 good points. I'll start working on them. Yes, I'd love to do Euro Delivery (we did this with the 328 - ended up in Italy. But w/ the 3 year old,.....)

    Here's a note I received from a broker through email.

    You didn't tell me how much down payment so I just figured the lease up with $5000 down.
    2005 BMW X3 3.0i in black and black leather, automatic, premium, sport, privacy glass and satellite radio preparation.
    The MSRP is $40720. Your lease payment is $323.26 plus tax for 36 months.

    I will send him the points made above and report back.

    Where do I find a lease calculator?


  • randvrandv Posts: 15
    I will email you about negotiation...

    How much of the downpayment is for cap reduction, if my math is right you are putting about 3500 towards capreduction. the rest are fees and first month payment etc. Am I right?

    I also put together a spread sheet to calculate lease payments and to break down dealer quotes. I will send that across as well. I would post the spread sheet here but there no file post feature avaialble.

  • labuyerlabuyer Posts: 14
    Is the "destination charge" of $695 noted on the sticker and on Edmunds pricing tool different from the "acquisition fee" of $625 (or more)?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    The destination charge is part of the MSRP and the invoice price..

    The acquisition fee is charged by the bank on a lease.. It is a financing charge that is only applicable to leases.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    I’m on the opposite coast and soliciting business is a no no on Edmunds. Cali is a hot bed for aftermarket products in general. :shades: Most companies are based in your neck of the woods.

    Just some advice, do some research and see if you can locate a reputable shop, product and pricing info in your area. After getting the numbers and a product that suits your needs take it back to your dealer and see if they’ll beat or match the deal. A good dealer will work with you once you’ve sourced this out, you may get a sweet deal and the warranty to back it up. Sometimes the extra leg work pays off. Good luck!!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,819
    Sorry, solicitations for group buys aren't allowed in the Forums, and posts have been removed.

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  • randvrandv Posts: 15
    thanks for the info, I noticed that one of the dealers were asking for $1000 for installation on top of the the sticker price $1800.
  • randvrandv Posts: 15
    I emailed the lease calc.
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