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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I added it up.. just listed it twice.. Didn't pay it twice...

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  • I went ot the bmwusa web site and tried to calculate the details of their lease special (why don't they ever publish the money factor?). Here's how I derived the $349 figure:

    MSRP = $36,995
    Sales price = $33,420 (you pay $2,500 upfront plus they discount the car $1,075)
    Residual = 63% ($36,995 X 0.63 = $23,307)
    Money factor = 0.0012 (came from the X5 leasing forum)

    Payment is $348.99 plus tax

    The residual value is given in the ad (36 mos 10K miles) - I don't know what the money factor is for September but it was 0.00075 in August. Of course BMW dealers are known for bumping up their money factors so I would wait until I know what the official money factor is.

    Anyone have any further info to share?
  • I think you are pretty close.. except, instead of "Sales price", I think you mean "Cap cost"..

    Most of BMW's advertised leases assume a discount from MSRP of around $1000...

    And, you are correct on the residual and money factor for September... 63% for 36mo/30K, and .00075 for the money factor... That is a new money factor for September.... It was higher in August..


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  • I had the money factor as 0.00075 in August with an increase to 0.0012 in September. Is this correct? Your message indicates that 0.00075 is still used for September.

    Do you know what the numbers for a 36mo/36K lease are?
  • X3 3.0i

    36 mo/36k mi – 62% Residual Value – Money Factor .00075 Base Rate

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  • It looks like for the X5 the money factor jumped up to 0.0028 although they are knocking $5,000 off the price. Better to buy the X5 and lease the X3.
  • I agree...

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  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    What is the residual on a 15K/Year lease?
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    Sorry, disregard my last post. I found the residual info in the X3 Leasing forum.
  • I have followed this forum for the last 2 years or so and have found it to be of tremendous help. I desperately need your valuable input.

    KYFDX, please help me with this. I have a 2004 X3 2.5 that I bought new in Mar '04. It has ~11k miles. I would like to trade that in and get a 2005 X5 3.0. especially since X5 has a $5000 incentive.

    Here is the scenario:

    2004 X3 2.5
    Panoramic Moonroof
    Privacy Glass
    Jet Black ext/black leatherette interior
    I have approx. $14k auto loan remaining on X3.

    I want to buy: 2005 X5 3.0
    w/ Prem. Pkg
    Alpine White/Jet Black

    Questions I have are:
    1. Can I do this transaction? i.e. will my bank and the dealer be okay with it?
    2. Is there a way to refinance the loan to assume the difference of the cost and the value of the trade in?
    3. Would I have any leverage while negotiating the price down for X5 given that I will also have to negotiate the value of the trade-in (X3)??
    4. What is a good way of going about this given that I want to buy and not lease and that I will need to take a loan to come up with the difference?

    I would truly appreciate any advice you can give on this topic.

  • 1) No problem.. this is done every day.. Almost everyone that has a trade, also has a loan on it..

    2) When you trade in your car, you don't refinance the loan.. The loan is paid off from the proceeds of your trade, then you take out a new loan for the new car.

    3) Leverage is about the same... You need to have a good idea of the value of your trade-in.. A lot of people say you should negotiate the sale price of the new vehicle first, then have them value your trade-in.. That is fine, if you think you might keep your old car, or sell it yourself.... But, if you have to trade it in, to complete the deal, then the only number that matters is the difference between the price of the new car, and the trade-in value of the old one.

    4) Example.. New X5 has a selling price of $42K.. Trade-in price for the X3 is $25K.. The difference is $17K.. The new loan, assuming no further downpayment, would be $31K ($17K difference + $14K balance on old loan).


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  • Our "new" X3 2.5 has never been titled and is an '04. It was in dealer service as a loaner car for 9 months and had 10K miles. It was pretty base-y, with only panorama sunroof, auto and a few minor add ons. But has everything we need.
    With these cars, BMW gives the dealers a credit every month of use, so they have to sell them after a few months, but BMW also allows the dealer to extend the basic warranty to 55 K miles and additional months, also. In our case, the dealer also gave us the Certified Pre-Owned Warranty, 72 months and 100K miles. Good deal for $27.9K, huh?
  • Hey, newBmr...
    The probs I see with your transactions are:
    1. There are three transactions involved, separate them all to get the best overall deal:
    a. The purchase (shop for the best price)
    b. The trade in (sell it yourself instead and get the most you can)
    c. The loan (shop for the best rate, credit unions etc have the best deals. get pre-qualified for the amount you want to borrow.

    2. Don't let the dealer handle all three. They will give you a good deal on the price (you are enamoured with the $5K incentive), but not a good deal on the loan rate nor the trade in. I got a point less with my credit union than with BMW dealer's best rate.
    3. Trading in.... you can probably get more selling on or, etc if you can wait a few weeks to attract a buyer and not be too greedy on price. Dealers are not giving good trade in offers on used SUVs now. Also, after direct sale you have your cash equity in hand and are in a stronger negotiating position with the dealer, not having to worry about whether you get a good price on the trade in. If you sell your car and need another while you are shopping, you can just rent one for a couple weeks cheap, don't let the pressure of needing a car force you into buying fast.
    My advice... separate the transactions and deal from a position of power.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    On the selling yourself vs. trade-in question, it is important to recognize the tax implications. Some states charge sales tax on the entire new vehicle price, some only on the difference between the new vehicle and trade, and some allow a tax credit if you sell a vehicle privately and purchase a new vehicle within a set period of time, typically 90 days.

    If you are unwiling to sell a car yourself, then I have always believed that separating the new car vs. traded car negotiations is not a good idea. It is silly to negotiate on a new vehicle price, then introduce a trade, then do another round of negotiations on the trade the nullifies the first round of negotations. You also are in a position of weakness on the trade negotiation if you've already agreed to buy the new car at an agreed-upon price, but need to get rid of the used car in the transaction.

    My experience also is that the difference between new car prices at dealers is typically small, but their trade in allowances, which involve a lot more judgement, vary much more. So negotiating on a single number that involves the trade makes more sense in cases where you are unwilling to sell a car privately or where the sales tax consequences are unfavorable for a private sale.

    Good luck,

    - Mark
  • Please if you have some recommendation to let me know what was your experience, I am looking for the same/very similar model,
    thanks a lot!
  • ladiladi Posts: 11
    Is this a good deal? It sounds like a rip off. How do I negotiate it better.
    All my options - Metallic paint, Nav, Premium pkg, Privacy, Cold Weather.

    Cap cost of $40,670
    Acq fee $695

    Not sure yet on all the other numbers..we were on the phone. The bottom line is that it works out to $622/mo.

    I am in NY 7.375% tax. 12k, 2yr lease. HELP!!!! What should I go in there with to get a good deal?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,906
    Before a lease deal can be evaluated, you need a lot of information...

    Selling Price
    Lease term (3yr/36K, in this case)
    Amount due at signing
    Monthly payment (including tax, or not?)

    Once you have all of that information, post it here:

    BMW X3: Lease Questions

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  • ladiladi Posts: 11
    Thanks for responding. Okay, here is the deal:

    My options: Prem, Nav,Cold Weather, Privacy, Metallic paint, Auto for a MSRP of $42,195. I am interested in the lease prepay option because financially, it works out better for me right now. So she first gave me a selling price of $40,670 and then a lease prepay option price of $17,654.61 at $622/mo for a 2 year prepay lease and 12k miles.

    I left her a message to offer a selling price of $40,570 but that would now include the Premium Sound option. On the prepay price, I am asking for it to be bumped up to 15k miles and rounded out to $17k prepay price.

    I just felt like all of her numbers were based on the MSRP and who pays that.

    How does that sound? What might she come back and say, then what do I say?

    The second piece of this puzzle that has not been addressed yet is that I have a lease trade-in (Jeep) and I have 8 months left on it ($3000) The residual is $12k and the car has 68k miles but is in excellent condition. That will be factored in afterwards so what might that look like? How would I handle her with that?

    Sounds a little complicated though.

    Thanks for your help.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,906
    Well.... you are all over the map here... :)

    The prepay lease is going to be hard to evaluate.. But, before you said it was a 3 year lease, and now you say two? If that prepay is for a 2 year lease, it is very expensive.. which is not surprising, as the two year lease numbers for the X3 are not that great...

    We'll just assume that you still are looking for a 3yr/36K lease..

    With an MSRP of $42,195 and a Cap Cost of $41,295 (selling price + $625 acquisition fee), the payment should be about $539/ tax.. Or, around $580/mo. including tax...

    So, the $622/mo. looks high... like, maybe they are marking up the money factor...

    Of course, all this is moot, as they haven't valued your trade yet... It is possible that you are many thousands upside down on the Jeep.. You say it has 68K miles? What is your mileage allowance?


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  • ladiladi Posts: 11
    Yes, I did say 3 yr before because I wanted a general idea. I then realized that with prepay, it is figured differently so I needed to be more specific.

    It is the $17,654 is the price of a 2 yr lease. That is supposed to be with taxes and all the fees included. She said that it came out to $622/mo. She said something about it being because they have a deal now and that they really try to discourage prepay so the interest is a little higher. In my notes I have a 4.2% interest rate she gave me. My plan is to buy out the X3 at the end of the 2 yrs though.

    I also thought that if I figured out the purchase part first, then whatever came of the trade-in will just be figured in on the top. But I wanted a fair price to begin with. I am already 8k over my mileage, which is why I am looking to get out fast. Had to do a lot more travelling then expected due to an ill parent during this lease term. so I am trying to get out and into an X3 as painless as possible.

    My hands are pretty tied as to my options so I have a preapproved bank check which is why I am wanting to just prepay for 2 yrs and get a much lower monthly payment at the bank. As opposed to paying $500-600/mo for a regular lease.

    So, with that, what do you think this route looks like?
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