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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yeah, totally accurate. If you're leasing and looking to spend a little, BMW or Audi are the way to go. Purchasing, I'd stick with Japanese.
  • What an absolutely horrible tail. You need to forward your post/letter to BMW customer service. I'm sure that they would love to read it. I have a 2007 X3, and if i saw one of the techs gunning it and screaming out loud while doing so, I'd freak out on them like no tomorrow and talk to every customer service person BMW employs.

    I love my X3, and it has provided nothing short of an incredible overall experience. I suggest you not get down on BMW as a whole and find a vehicle that you like in your price range and go to a more reputable dealer. Maybe friends could provide a referral l to you?

    By the way, as you mentioned, the bait and switch tactic is probably as old as the sun! And BMW is no different than anyone else in that regard.

    Good luck and keep us updated on how things work out.
  • Hi:

    I've held off on a car hoping December lease support might improve... can you lend a hand with residual & mf for 36 & 24 months at 15k miles/year?


  • I'm also considering financing over 60 months - anyone know BMWFS current best rate for the X3 over 60 months? My credit scores would qualify for BMW's best rate.


  • Here are the deals I have on the table for a 2008 X3, configured with Premium Package, Servotronic steering, xenon headlights, privacy glass, heated front seats, heated steering wheel, alpine white (no charge):

    24 Month Lease
    15,000 miles per year
    MSRP $43525.00
    SALE PRICE $41425.00
    LEASE END VALUE $32643.75 (75%)
    MONEY FACTOR .00270

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -----------------
    15000 PER YEAR
    MSRP $43525.00
    SALE PRICE $41425.00
    LEASE END VALUE $28291.25 (65%)
    MONEY FACTOR .00270

    The selling price for the car is $41425, which is $1365 over invoice, but the dealer has to pay MAKO and Training Fees that aren't on the invoice, which brings my cost to $985 over 'invoice'...

    This seems to be a great deal for this car. The only rub is that I have an even more aggressive deal from Acura on their RDX base that's basically at invoice and monthly payments for 36 months ~$453/mo with no cap cost reduction....

    I'm stuck - $595/mo for the X3 or $453/mo for the RDX.... simple economics will probably win out, but I prefer the X3 (narrowly).

    hope this helps someone.

  • These boards appear to be largely unmoderated. I've leased two cars over the last 6 years and found these forums to be indespensible, largely due to timely response from the forum hosts. Alas, no longer seems to be the case at Edmunds.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    I can assure you that the boards are not unmoderated... The Prices Paid boards are for members to report their prices.

    Is their some specific information that you needed? Perhaps, I can point you in the right direction.

    Host-Prices Paid Forums

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Koberry,
    I drove both the X3 and RDX this Saturday. As a returning BMW lessee I can do about $100 better on the X3 with 10k, but the 15k is worth about $40/mo.

    Base RDX is available at $425 or so including 7% NJ sales tax, so shop around some more.

    Still not sure which one to get, but the X3 needs an update.
  • Hello All,

    I am a leasing newbie. I am looking for info on two vehicles, the 2008 528xi and the x3. I appreciate all of the postings from you all as they have been extremely informative. I am not going to be able to take advantage of the incentive for 12/07 because I will not be able to purchase until mid-end of January.

    I live in NNJ and would like to find out this info because according to this forum this is what I need in order to negotiate this purchase:
    1 - Invoice price on a 528xi w/nav & cold pkgs, the money factor, residual percentage, and any January incentives you may know about. Looking to lease for 24/36 mos whichever works out better with 15k/yr
    . Also, info adding prem pkg as well.
    2 - Invoice price on a x3 w/nav & cold pkgs, the money factor, residual percentage, and any January incentives you may know about. Looking to lease for 24/36 mos whichever works out better with 15k/yr

    Thanks, also any tips or rec's for dealerships and salepersons and also other deals made are appreciated.
  • Just leased my new X3 from Laurel BMW in Westmont, Ill. dealer very close to invoice price and at current lease rates (RV - 67%, MF - 0.00255). Knowing how to calculate your payments is a must at any place you go, but this dealership's internet sales department was very willing to take a low profit deal and did not insult my intelligence in the process. I found some very helpful lease calculators on under Ask-A-Dealer --> Lease Payment Calculation link. Edmund's price list for optional equipment is spot on, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise like they tried at Bill Jacob's dealership in Naperville :lemon:, and the guys at Laurel always replied to emails and were very professional.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Gee, BMWUSA is offering some mighty high residuals on the X3. Too bad BMW Canada is not quite as generous.
  • syrahsyrah Posts: 9
    I just got the following from a Tampa, FL dealer on a X3 with premium pkg, premium sound, privacy glass. I just started using the site and wanted to know thoughts on how these numbers sound.
    36 month - 15k miles
    MSRP $43,360,
    Residual - 64%
    Total Start = $720
    Month Payment taxes included = $620
  • jayutmbjayutmb Posts: 1
    My girlfriend and I just went to a BMW here in houston and got a new 08 328i which I cosigned for due to her income and credit.. I have good income and great A+ credit so it was not a problem.. The problem came when the night we got the car we did the paper work for the lease and left with a loaner car because the car she got was in bound from "port"... They said that it was late and that the rest of the paper work would go into BMW in the AM. So for the rest of the week we heard nothing from the dealer and it was durring this time that we sold off her only car becuase we "now have" a new car... The next week they say her car is in and we should come pick it up. When we show up to get her new car, they tell us THEN that we need to fork over more cash because BMW now says that with her income she needs to have her payment note at below a certain number....So now she is left out with no car because she was under the idea for the last week and a half that the deal was done since we signed all the paper work that night and have heard nothing from them for so long :mad: .... Is there anything that can be done?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I would think either they have to stick to the SIGNED deal, or the deal is cancelled and you can walk away.
  • My wife has an e90 330i with a lease ending in late September. We are thinking about moving to a new X3 as its replacement.

    I have three questions.
    1. Does anyone know when the 2009 X3 production begins? When would I place an order for a 2009?

    2. What is the latest date I can order a 2008 so it is built before the factory transitions to the 2009 production year?

    3. What is the typical length of time it takes to receive an X3 after an order is placed?

  • tennisboytennisboy Posts: 3
    I am shopping around for a 2004 or 2005 X3. Most of what is within my budget (around $21,000) are 2004s, 2.5s or 3.0s. Three questions:

    1) Is the 2004 X3 a good car? I'm also considering an Audi A4 (2004) so any comparable guidance would be great.

    2) How much better is it to buy from a Certified Pre Owned dealer than a used lot?

    3) Is $22000-$23000 reasonable?

  • tennisboytennisboy Posts: 3
    Well, I did it. I just bought a 2006 X3 3.0 w/40K for a killer $22K. Pretty good deal, eh? I am really excited about it!!
  • stewdystewdy Posts: 17
    Anybody purchased an X3 recently? I've been looking at them and was wondering what kind of deals people had been getting. Are the discounts remotely comparable to what people have been posting about X5's or much less than that? I've seen amounts nearing $7-8K off MSRP posted in the X5 forum.

    Obviously MPG is on everyone's mind right now, but honestly, the MPG difference isn't a huge one between the two vehicles, so I think it would almost be worth it to go ahead and get an X5 if the effective price difference between the two was even lower because of better incentives on the X5. Is there anything like the X5 Premium Package Incentive with the X3? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "...the MPG difference isn't a huge one between the two vehicles"

    I assume you're referring to the X5 3.0. If so, how's its performance compared to the X3? Right, not so good. But if you move up to the X5 4.8, the mpg gap widens.
  • szimdahlszimdahl Posts: 5
    I bought a 2007 X3 CPO back in April ( a little before the higher gas prices) with 6400 miles. It was a "retired" service loaner. It is Jet Black with black interior, premium package, xenons, cold climate, nav, and heated steering wheel. I paid $37,900 for it. I've only put about 2500 miles on it so far but am averaging about 22 mpg in my mixed driving commute in Chicago so far.
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