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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kperesskperess Posts: 29
    Thanks for the info.
  • kukukukukuku Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    My 2007 BMW X3 (~36k miles, premium, winter, xenon, heated wheel) has a $29500 residual at the lease end.
    For how much do you think I could buy this car and with whom (and how..what to say,etc) I should negotiate (dealer or BMFS) ?
    thank you all for your help.
  • Planning on buying an X3 this summer. I've done all my online research and now I'm visiting two dealerships tomorrow. The car I'm interested in is an 08 model CPO white with black interior with 29,000 miles. It is the basic x3 without the sports or premimum package. The dealer has it listed for $32,900. What would be a reasonable offer for this car? Any information would be great. This is my first BMW so I have no idea how much money I can knock off the sticker price and I want a good idea before I go to the dealer.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,102
    With the brand spankin new 2011 X3 due to hit the showrooms by the end of the year, you can bet the BMW dealer will come way down off ther asking price for an '08 X3. Go in, with an aggressive out the door offer of $26,500 + tax. If they try to bump you up, politely thanks them for their time, & walk out. BMW cheap leased these X3s out (I have one) & there are plenty of '07 & '08 CPO X3s to choose from. Good luck & keep us posted!

    The X3 is a fantastic vehicle & you're going to be really happy with it. We have to turn our '07 X3 back in to BMW at the end of the month.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35

    32900 is a lot of $ for 08. with that kind of $ you can get newer GLK350, RDX,Murrano, EX35, SRX (not to offend BMW fans here)

    On second thought , why not hook up with this guy for a better deal on a CPO 07 X3s?
  • kperesskperess Posts: 29
    You can do better. I picked up a loaded CPO 2007 X3 with 26K miles and it cost 27K otd.

    Check the CPO's listed on the BMW site and then do some cruising of I agree that you can negotiate a better deal.

    Also, I believe that the dealers still have $5K available to give on new X3s (this is the build out money. When I was considering a new one I was able to talk the sales person into at least a $6500 reduction off of list.
  • Whatever happened to your X3 situation?

    I have had mine about a year now and it runs exactly the same as before. In other words it bounces all over the place, is quite uncomfortable and has the same bizarre transmission. It has low miles so nothing has broken yet.

    I hope the multiple repairs have done the job and held the car together for you.

    Ignore the cheerleaders. Some people simply cannot understand a situation unless they have actually experienced it. Too little imagination and absolutely zero empathy.

  • 2007 CPO X3, 25k mile

    premium leather, garage opener, bluetooth, 18' premium wheel.
  • Time to turn in our leased 525 and want to get an X3. Dealership says 10 will be shipped by end of the year. Is there any negotiating room on price since these cars are in high demand?
  • It is okay, not a rip-off, but could be a little better. I spent a month looking and saw what you described offered from $26k to $30.6k. In Mass, where I live, the prices seemed a bit higher. I landed a 2008, prem, cold weather, priv glass, heated wheel. B/T (part of prem), leather and navigation, 31,100 miles for $29,200. I did notice that when a dealer has more than 4 or 5 they offer one at a lower price (bait and switch?), but it might be one with a hideous color scheme (silver gray w/ beige interior comes to mind). I got to one dealer that is 50 miles from home and someone was test driving the 2008, black/black, prem, col, nav for 28,780 when I arrived, the bastards bought it, I waited for 20 minutes to make sure their financing went through. The dealer offered up another car, same overall, but with 5k more miles and the xenon and they wanted $34,279. We could not come to terms. btw the xenon cost a fortune to replace.
  • Signed a promise to buy pending inspection and test drive for an 08 CPO X3 with premium package, cold weather package, rear privacy tinted window with 7k mile for $32,100. The sales manager haggled us for the extra $100. I'm quit unhappy about the haggling for $100 but hubby shook it off and agreed to it. :mad: Well... not the end of the world but I just don't like to be haggled for $100 especially after waiting in the showroom for 30 minutes++ and being brushed off by the original salesperson that I had an appointment with (he transferred us to a different salesperson because he was finishing up with the financing guy).

    Can somebody tell me if this is a good deal? If not, any suggestion on negotiating further...... The car seems to be in good condition. We read the service history and this car only came back to the dealership twice during the 7k miles. Both for oil changes.

    TIA for all the advises. We decided to go with the BMW because of the rude salespeople that we encountered at (believe it or not) most of the Lexus dealership in the area. We find each one of them to be the worst of the worst sales team in the luxury brands. And we have dealt with most of the luxury brands (Audi, Land Rover, Acura, Benz, BMW). This BMW dealership that we dealt with had been okay thus far and eventhough they haggled us for the extra $100, they're still 100 times better than their neighboring Lexus.
  • Test drove the new X3 last week and now negotiating. I know as a new vehicle it won't be easy, but is there any info available on invoice pricing vs MSRP? I built up a 28i w/ bunch of stuff and MSRP is $48,375-dealer is dropping only $1,000 off that. Haven't pushed him yet as I am waiting a few weeks, but trying to determine what if any real room there may be. There are a couple other competing dealers in the region, so can do that, but was pretty happy w/ the first dealer's demo, etc so want to give him the business if he wants it bad enough...thanks in advance for any insight.
  • dan12dan12 Posts: 114
    edited January 2011
    Build it through Edmunds and then send your desired car configuration online to mulltiple dealers. You should be able to do better than 1k off MSRP although some dealers may not be willing to cut further. You just have to find one who is willing. If you submit through Edmunds they know you're getting multiple bids.
  • gets $1125 off MSRP. I don't know if any auto buying service like BJs, Costco, AAA could do any better.
  • mao1mao1 Posts: 1
    Just got about 5% off MSRP for 28i with packages. Worked out to $1K over invoice. Seems like a better bargainer could have a gotten a little more.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Posts: 266
    I did just about 1k over invoice...$44.8k msrp.
    Very surprised as other dealers would not even consider anything more than a 1k discount.
    The classic was this dump of a store in eastern Connecticut- the wallpaper was literally peeling off of the walls in the showroom- sales manager was offering me an 800 discount off of msrp! I almost signed as long as he would promise to remodel the place!
  • Based on some shopping around, it looks like $500-1000 above invoice will work with fleet/internet sales managers in the major regions. ($2.5-3.0 off a loaded X3)
  • mole7374mole7374 Posts: 5
    Ok everyone... wanted to see what you all thought about this deal, if I should pull the trigger as is or negotiate a little more? Also...wanted to get an opinion on which car to get (package)

    Here is the vehicle:
    '11 X3 35
    Cold Weather
    Sports Activity
    MSRP: 48,325 Sale Price: 45619 or,
    with Tech: MSRP 51200 Sale 48,357

    I'm going select (or through credit union) BMW quoted select with 5K down, 576 on first deal, 615 on second.
  • satishmsatishm Posts: 16
    Placed an order for a 2011 X3 3.5, White, Chestnut with $1000 deposit as follows for delivery in May 2nd week. Zip code 33029 - South Florida.
    Tech Package, Premium Package, Convenience Package, Satin Roof rails
    Cost including destination was $46950. USAA price was 47,340.
    Truecar says I paid about $550 over invoice.
    Dealer doc fees of $549, Sales tax and tag transfer were extra on top. Cash purchase.
    Good deal?

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