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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • not a bad deal at all. btw keep in mind USAA price includes MACO and doc fees (but not leasing fee) so 47,500 is spot on.
  • satishmsatishm Posts: 16
    Good to know silverforum, thank you!

    Just to clarify for others, my USAA price certificate says "Your price does not include dealer documentation (processing), tax, DMV,registration,title,licenses and other government fees, or dealer installed accessories" so the $549 Dealer Doc fee is over and above USAA price.

    So price I got was $46,950 + $549 + Tax + Tags whereas USAA price would be $47,340 + $549 + Tax + Tags. Both include MACO.
  • Hi,
    I bought a 2011 BMW X3 28i w/

    -premium pkg
    -convenience pkg
    -cold weather pkg
    -tech pkg
    -sport activity pkg

    the order is placed with a deposit.

    MSRP: $49375
    Invoice (Truecar):$45575
    Price I got: $46000 (got a good price for the trade-in)

    Extras: Sales Tax (MA, 6.25%), doc fee $350, Reg $100

    What do you guys think?

    Is this a good deal?

  • Price I got: $46000 (got a good price for the trade-in)

    Does this mean the price paid 46k includes your trade-in?
    What dealership did you work with? I'm trying to buy a similar car from Herb Chambers but they won't quote me a price, gettting such a run around.
  • relativejunk: $46000 is the price for the new car, I mean to say that I got a good price for the trade-in too.

    Do you think it is a good price?

    Do you have a trade-in

    I went to Herb Chambers to test-drive, they treated me like s**t and now they are non-stop calling me and sending me emails & mails.
    I got it from BMW Gallery Norwood, I did most part of the negotiation thru email & phone, it was easy when I went in, took just over an hour.

    Good luck!
  • ramarulram: Herb Chambers is still giving me the run around, lots of emails and calls w/no price. I should check out Norwood. Yes I have a trade-in. That's the part that's giving me stress.

    I"m no pricing expert, but from other blogs, I'm trying to negotiate 250-300 over invoice. Which is about where $46k puts you.
  • relativejunk: Yes, you should try other dealerships.
    I totally understand the trade-in being a stress, the dealer might want to see your trade-in to give you a quote, but try to negotiate the price over the phone/email.

    I dono if we can PM here, may be we can chat sometime
  • Price I got: $46000 (got a good price for the trade-in)

    Herb Chambers finally gave me a price $750 below msrp. I'm sure I can do better. And it makes me think you got a great deal!
  • Good deal? Give me your thoughts

    - 60 K service completed.
    - New Tires
    - SMOG check done .
    - Registration paid for until June 2012.

    pics here
  • skiyourskiyour Posts: 1
    Did you go to another dealer to compare the deal? That's the only way you can compare apples to apples. :) They leverage trade in with sales price, very confusing. It can appear that you got a good trade but they jack up the cost of the new car to make it up. I got a lease quote on the same x3 loaded to the gills with all option packages except convenience: $ 1000 Olympic test drive credit, BMW owner loyalty credits, and the Cap. cost reduction was $44,776. Mo. payment $575, no money down, 10K, $2800 upfront for taxes, 1st payment, etc. Hope that helps.
  • I got the new car at $500 over invoice, which no other dealer in my area matched...:-)
  • wow73wow73 Posts: 1
    I'm about to pull the trigger nd order a 2011 X3 28. I'm impressed but considering the X3turbo.

    Has any one found it quieter on accelerating than the 28i?

    Also, which dealer took an order for $500 / invoice.

    Appreicate any feedback
  • fllcfllc Posts: 17
    Looking at leasing the 2011 X3 28i, with premium, technology, convenience packages - MSRP 46,675. I would only need 10k, but would like to know for 12k too. My current BWM lease is up Sept. 2011.

    What should I seek as the buy price? What is the money factor and residual that I should seek? Payment?

    Please help! I want to get the best deal possible. Located in Florida. Thanks.
  • dan12dan12 Posts: 114
    I got a bunch of online quotes in the San Francisco Bay Area before ordering a new X3. Best price was at BMW of Monterey. Ask for Stephen Caron. Apparently BMW of Monterey is not subject to Maco fees so they can go a bit lower than other Bay Area dealers.
  • dan12dan12 Posts: 114
    As far as the price you pay, you should be able to get $1K above the Edmunds invoice, if not better. If you already know the car you want, get multiple online quotes and negotiate that way. Focus on invoice, not MSRP.
  • rags4026rags4026 Posts: 17
    I had a question about the pricing of X3 vs the pricing of 535i/X5 35i.
    X3 35i starts at $41k and fully loaded is around $50k. An 535i/X5 35i starts at around $50k without any options and a fully loaded 535i/X5 35i costs around $70k. Why is it that there such a huge difference. A base 535i/X5 35i costs almost the same as a fully loaded X3?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,613
    Most people would compare an X3 to a 335, not a 535...

    X5 = 535

    X3 = 335

    It's not apples to apples either way, but I think you put a pomegranate in there.... ;)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • rags4026rags4026 Posts: 17
    Thanks kyfdx,
    I didn't think that way. A fully loaded X3's price matches with a fully loaded 335. :)
  • hi, i am thinking about purchasing the new x3 2.8., and i was wondering if you got it on a really good deal like that you can help me,..
    thank you
  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    The BMW stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have very few X3s between them. Nevertheless, you might try Autobahn BMW in Fort Worth Texas. They have higher customer satisfaction scores than the others. I think a really "good deal" could be possible if each dealer had, say, 40 in stock. So far inventory has been in the single digits.
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