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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Does anyone know if there will be any incentives from BMW on the 2014 X3 ?
    they have done few diff things to the car and change few packages around to make it more confusing.....

    What about older models ... now that they are EOL....will the dealers try to get rid of them faster ?

  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    There is currently no incentive cash on the X3 besides the $750 Loyalty rebate
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    There wont be any incentives on the 2014 X3 when they first come out but I'm sure they will at year end or maybe Labor day. The X3 is going to be the same besides making the packages with different options from the 2013 packages
  • murphy143murphy143 Posts: 2
    edited March 2013
    Looking at leasing (36 month - 15,000 miles) X3 28i AWD, here are the details:

    MSRP $44,195
    Discount $750 (since we are looking at leasing another vehicle, they are willing to take another $750 off so a total of $1,500 but the additional $750 is not figured in below)
    Selling price $43,445
    Aftermarkets $495
    Total rebates $750
    Customer cash $4,752
    Residual $25,33.65
    Monthly payment $582.85

    Cold weather package
    Split rear seats
    Heated front seats
    Panoramic moon roof

    I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and suggestions. We have always bought our vehicles so the leasing thing is extremely new to us.

  • In the process of leasing x3 28i for 36 month with 15000 miles.
    with the following packages

    Sport Activity Package

    Cold Weather Package

    Dynamic Handling Package

    Premium Package

    Premium Sound Package

    Technology Package

    rubber mats

    Total price of vehicle was 51 plus not including receipt doesn't state residual value.. tax or doc just list options and down payment/monthly payment....Salesman just started working there i guess.
    just 2700 total out of pocket...don't know exactly what this includes or what fees im paying.
    loyalty rebate of 750 goes to dealer i believe...that much i know coz of the promo

    599 monthly payments...

    I just gave them a list of options and they charge my credit card for happen so fast that ..I didn't even get a chance to negotiate. I was hoping to get lower payments since im currently paying 559 a month on a 2010x3
  • edlee3edlee3 Posts: 2
    I plan to get my 1st BMW X3 xdrv35 3.0L soon. would like to get some advices on the price range? how much is reasonable reference to invoice price? which dealer is recommended? thanks
  • zterzter Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    2013 X3 28 i with following features

    - Premium package
    - Technology package
    - Cold weather package
    - BMW assist and online

    The MSRP comes to $48,000. Dealer is offering for $40,000.

    Is this a good deal? Is there room for more negotiation?
  • amaggie05amaggie05 Posts: 1
    seems to be a great offer, what is the zipcode of that dealer?
  • richzrichz Posts: 125
    Not as great a deal when you consider it's loaner. With 2014s already on lots for a used car with that many miles I'd expect a steeper discount.
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    I have an earlier version of the X3. I bought it brand new. It is almost out of warranty.

    Since it is a low mileage car I get the annual oil change which is the only service it usually receives under the four year warranty/maintenance. The car is not a high cost vehicle under the BMW warranty/maintenance.

    I made an appointment to get the oil change and was told when I arrived that they would not be doing any service on the car. They would check the items I requested but they refused to do the oil change because it would be 6 days too late to qualify.

    The low mileage fine print somewhere in the documents (not on their web site or other easily accessible location) says that there exists a one month window annually for this service. Otherwise you are out of luck buddy and we, at BMW, do not care about you or your danged car.

    Did they say this when I bought the car? No. Maybe it is in the fine, fine, fine print somewhere I have not found it yet.
    Did they say this when I brought the car in for low mileage oil changes? No.
    Did they say this when I brought the car in last year? No.
    Did they say this when they knew it would be going out of warranty/maintenance as a common courtesy? No.
    Did they say this when I made the appointment? No.
    Did they say this when they confirmed the appointment? No.

    This is my second BMW and it will be my last. I will get what I can out of it and will be happy to boot this lousy experience out of my garage for good.

    For the lack of a simple oil change and decent customer service BMW loses a longtime customer.

    What they heck, they are having a good few years and they don't care about any of us. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    I did want to add that the X3 has been a dismal experience all the way around.

    From the frightening stories of the original transmission problems to the extremely hard and bumpy ride to the loud noises it makes going up even the smallest of hills to the accounts of the failing and extremely expensive sunroof cassettes to those of the water that pours into the car from either the roof drainage holes or the leaf clogged back of the hood....what will happen in the future? Read up and worry!

    The lose-a-customer-today rigid oil change policy is just the cherry on top of the sour sundae.

    I have driven many cars in my life and I have never had one that is more of a less-reassuring pain-in-the-neck than the BMW X3. Never.
  • kohinahikohinahi Posts: 103
    Dealer changed my brakes/rotors nearly 3 months after expiration of the maintenance warranty - saved me approx $1,200. I had brought it to their notice at the last eligible service and it had not qualified, but they were nice enough to accommodate me without too much hassle. This was in Richmond, VA, so YMMV, but I think this is a dealer not BMW issue.
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    I imagine that BMW, not the dealer, pays for warranty and maintenance both for new cars and through their extended warranty policies. In that case the dealer is out $0.

    My understanding, albeit limited, is that a directive came down from above to ratchet down the timing so nothing, not even a penny of service, is provided to the BMW customer. IIRC the term was 'tight' so that even less than a week of being out of warranty was cause to deny a simple oil change.

    If BMW is not being cheap and cheesy then one of its dealers is being openly hostile to a longterm BMW customer.

    Why would that happen?

    This was an appointment made online, confirmed online and then service was denied at the dealership.

    My image of BMW: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • steevosteevo Posts: 330
    edited August 2013
    you said : " My understanding, albeit limited, ".

    This is clear since you are posting about customer service issues in a thread about PRICES PAID. Are you going to tell us what you paid for the car?
  • I would love to hear your opinion about the below price.

    2014 BMW X3 28i with Deep Sea Blue Metallic Color and Sienaa Wood Trim, Black Leatherette (which is standard)
    Driver Assistance Package
    Panaromic Moon Roof
    Heated Front seats

    The price quoted for me is $ 42,195 against MSRP $ 44,375. It doesn't look so attractive to me. What would be a good price?
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    "This is clear since you are posting about customer service issues in a thread about PRICES PAID."

    Read the title. Makes all the difference doesn't it.

    "BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience"

    This is about the buying experience which is not good.
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    No, that price is unimpressive.
  • spatel94spatel94 Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    Currently being offered this deal with the following packages:

    Sport Activity
    Cold Weather
    Premium Sound
    BMW Apps

    $489/month 36 months 15,000 miles/year

    $1500 total down (including all fees)

    MSRP Price: $49,095

    Executive demo from BMW Corporate

    9,934 miles on the car.

    Please let me know your thoughts, plan on signing this tomorrow.

    Thank You.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    What is the sale price of the X3, and money factor they have quoted you? Is that $489 with tax or without tax?
  • Money factor I believe was .0125. The price and numbers include all taxes and fees. What would also be an appropriate residual amount for this car?

    The sticker price was 42,500. Not sure what they adjusted the final price to.

    Thanks, again.
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