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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • shap1shap1 Posts: 77
    It's on a Web site that I think would be considered a competing forum so I can't post it here. Our host might be able to make the call...hint: it has the word "fest" in the url.

    If I can't post the url, I'll see if I can find the numbers later this evening and I'll post them here.
  • ciaoo7ciaoo7 Posts: 2
    I will be ordering X3 before the end of the month.

    This is last quote from the last dealership after 5 that i visited.

    Let me know guys if this is a good deal.

    Silver grey
    panorama moonRoof
    heated Seats
    heated steering wheel

    msrp $41,920
    Dealer Price to me $38,500
    lease with/ 15,000 miles
    450.00 A month

    Can anybody let me know if this is a good deal or not. Thank You
  • sup44sup44 Posts: 3
    According to my calculations using KBlueBook, your MSRP is $40,695. Not $41,920. Even with the adjustment of the MSRP you have a good deal if you are not putting more than $1,500 down. I would need to know what you are putting down to give my opinion. I use for reference when leasing. The have a great lease kit.

    I just started getting quotes today. I am turning in a 325cic and getting the X3 2.5 for the wife. So far, I have
    $490 a month
    12k miles a year
    $1,500 down.
    MSRP $40,970

    This works out to about $1000 above invoice and $2,405 below MSRP.
  • parniparni Posts: 14
    HI Kyfdx,
    Thx for the quick reply, Can I just walk into any dealer and ask them to pull up a vehicle report based on the Vin? Also the delearship in question "advantage certified" tells me that they are the largest Independent dealer in the US. their website is . Hev you come across them or has anyone else here?? Considering all else checks out (car and dealer) u think 1K below their asking will be a good deal? thx in advance
  • ciaoo7ciaoo7 Posts: 2
      0465 AWD Sport Utility 4D 38,425.00 41,920.00 41,082.00

    I am only putting 800.00 down

    I price all my otions i

    205 Automatic, 5-Speed w/Overdrive & Steptronic
    2.5i Includes 5049-lb GVWR. 1,210.00 1,275.00

    402 Moon Roof, Power Panorama Glass
    (Std w/Premium Pkg-ZPP) 1,230.00 1,350.00

    639 Communication System, BMW Assist
    (Std w/Premium Pkg-ZPP) (Req's Speed Control-249 on 2.5i) 685.00 750.00

    761 Glass, Privacy 320.00 350.00

    93 Radio P494 rep, Sirius 70.00 75.00

    Seats, Heated Front
    (Std w/Cold Weather Pkg-ZCW) 455.00 500.00
     248 Steering Wheel, Heated
    (N/A w/Sport Pkg-ZSP) (Req's Premium Pkg-ZPP or Speed Control-249 on 2.5i) 135.00 150.00

    (All Orders Must Code an Exterior Color)
      --- Gray, Silver Metallic
    (Req's an Interior Color) 430.00 475.00

    (All Orders Must Code an Exterior Color)
      --- Gray, Silver Metallic
    (Req's an Interior Color) 430.00 475.00
  • shap1shap1 Posts: 77
    Here you go:

    U.S. Port of entry: 2.5 - $27,735 3.0 - $33,195
    Euro Delivery: 2.5 - $25,645 3.0 - $30,720
    Diplomatic U.S. Port of entry: 2.5 - $26,195 3.0 - $31,380

    And just for kicks:
    Premium Package: $3,005 (2.5) $3,005 (3.0)
    Sport Package: $1,365
    Steptronic: $1,210
  • heather1heather1 Posts: 2
    We bought an X3.0i last night -- Silver Grey/Grey Leather, Cold Weather, Premium, Automatic, Servotronic, Rear Side Airbags, PDC & BMW Assist with rubber mats thrown in -- 41,900. Any thoughts?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,889
    Tell us the MSRP, and we may have many thoughts....

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • heather1heather1 Posts: 2
    MSRP 44,130.
  • jimbob533jimbob533 Posts: 17
    Obviously, those of you who waited until now to purchase an X3 are doing far, far better than those of us who purchased in January, February, and even early March. Then, none of us knew what the availability would be, and we were anxious - anxious enough to pay top dollar. Kudos to all of you!
  • sup44sup44 Posts: 3
    If that is the case .. great Deal !!!
  • sup44sup44 Posts: 3
    I lease for business purposes.. This is the deal I got..
    I got the dealership to buy my 325cic with 12k miles over the contracted lease and got out of it paying zero.

    Now am leasing the 2.5 X3 for$490 a month for 39 months with $1500 down and 12k miles per year.

    Silver Grey, Nav, prem pkg, cold pkg,etc(that add up to MSRP 40,895)
    Works out to $2330 below MSRP.....

    You calculate to be $2,230 below MSRP, which in my opinion is a Good Deal , provided you didn't put more then $1500 down.. congrates if that is the case!!!....
  • new2bmwnew2bmw Posts: 7
    Silver Gray Metallic / Gray Leather
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Automatic Tansmission
    Xenon Headlights
    Satellite Radio Prep
    Privacy Glass
    Dark Wood
    Destination Charge
    MSRP: 44,020.00

    Paid: 40,540.00 + Tax and Tags for a total of
  • I wouldn't trade in six months of waiting researching shopping around for 3000 dollars. I have been waiting for my new X3 3.0 for two weeks, it's killing me.

    Kudos to all of you who bought it early right from the parking lot.

    BTW: It's reasonable now to get 3000 maybe more off but with lots of options.
  • kobraboykobraboy Posts: 2
    BMW is trying to make me lease a metallic black x3 3.0 with premium package, heated seats and privacy glass with 15,000 miles per year for 39 months.

    I know that the car has been sitting on their parking lot since Feb/March 2004.

    They said that they based the payment on selling price of $39,500. I calculated the invoice price to be $38,100.

    How low do you think they will go?
  • kobraboykobraboy Posts: 2
    Also, they want me to put down $2500 + $500 sec dep
  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    This is the deal I'm getting on a Manual 2.5.

    If you get a 3.0 Automatic, BMW is giving $1210 to the dealer, so your purchase price/cap cost should be that much lower. Basically, you get a free Automatic. Additionally, the money factor on leases for the 3.0 is an even more attractive .00150. Translation: It would have cost me $25 more per month to get the 3.0.

    MSRP: 39830
    Cap Cost: 38085 (including mats)
    Residual: 24694.60 (62%)
    Depreciation: 13390.40
    343.34 + 109.86 = 453.20
    5% tax = 22.66
    Monthly Payment = 475.86
    Net Cash at Delivery = 1168.36 (first month's payment + security deposit + doc fees + acquisition fee - deposit; 475.86 + 500 + 167.50 + 525 - 500)
    Money Factor: .00175
    Mileage: 10000
  • dbacksfan1dbacksfan1 Posts: 12
    Earlier this month I leased a 3.0 with MSRP of 39,970 (auto, moonroof, privacy glass). The cap cost was 36,450. The dealer included floor mats and front window tinting (a must in Arizona heat) at no charge.

    Here's my 39-month lease w/12k miles per year:
    - MF: 1.9 (high; but I'm comfortable with that since I got such a good deal on front-end)
    - Residual: 61%
    - Acquisition fee rolled into lease.

    My monthly payments are $449 plus tax (7.7%).
    I paid doc fee, first payment, and license fee (outrageous in AZ) totalling just over $1900. No down payment or cap reduction was required.

    In addition, I'm getting $500 from BMW CCA.

    All in all, a very good deal (I think).

    BTW, I'm very pleased with my SAV. I'm coming out of a Lexus GS400. The only thing I really miss is the smooth quiet power and sweet sounding Nakamichi stereo system. But, I'm very happy I made the move.

    Good luck in your BMW hunt.
  • boeingairboeingair Posts: 6
    Hello All,

    First of all, thank you for reading this, and for any information you may have. I tend to get a bit long-winded at times.

    We are considering leasing a new X3 2.5i (we think), with not a lot of options. We could consider a 3.0i, because I thought I read that the leases are more competitive, but I suppose a 2.5i would be cheaper. We probably have 2-3k drive off to work with, and maybe 350-375 monthly. We don't need a lot of options, only automatic and metallic paint. Heated seats and moonroof would be nice, as would be leather, but payment is more important.

    Here's where it gets more complex. We are currently 2 years into a 4 year lease on a VW Jetta 1.8t automatic sedan. Using edmunds dealer trade in, we are $2,000 upside down, private party we are $1,000. We would like to get a different car, because the Jetta back seat is too small. We could roll the negative equity into the X3, which I know is a bad idea, but could be compensated by the savings off sticker price?

    What do you guys think? Is this possible?

    Thank you so much!

  • kirkd1kirkd1 Posts: 24
    first time leasee
    msrp $38,670
    agreed value $36,470 plus acq fee $725
    residual value after 39 mo 10k mi year $23,975
    total of payments $18,537.52
    $5000 downstroke
    $347.04 mo X38 mo
    (this doesn't add up? but i thought it works)

    (does that tell it all i couldn't find the mf i think it was 1.5 with no deposit)

    I still need to know if anyone is losing their wheels to theft..............should i buy wheel locks?
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