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Kia Sedona



  • Compared to the Odyssey EX-L, the Sedona is quieter. However, compared to the Odyssey EX, it is noiser. The reason? The Odyssey is raspy and lumpy due to the cylinder deactivation in the EX-L, in spite of the special engine dampers and the white noise piped into the cabin.

    At cruising speeds, I hardly hear the engine in the Sedona, the noisest thing is wind noise, as they did a really good job quieting the vehicle down. Under acceleration, as I've mentioned in other reviews, the engine produces a rather pleasing throaty sound. Both the wife and I like that sound, sounds like a small V-8.

    One thing i should mention, is that you have to be careful getting on it, in a turn. The torque steer will start to get you, and the tires spin. It's not a problem in straight-line acceleration. But then again, this is a big van, not a sports sedan. :P
  • I have seen much discussion and reviews about the fold down seats in the new 06 (and older models too) and since I have the 03 version have always wondered about this. I never hear about anyone that LIKES the sedona seats (2003, heavy ones). why? ok, so they are heavy and not stowable, fact. However, there are GOOD pluses on this fact too. first being the height of the under carriage. stowable vans of course have to ride lower underneath. my neighbor has the dodge and in our NE snow had to call for a tow in a recent storm, completely hung up, i tried to help her out. I also work on a street prone to minor flooding. again, mine sits so high, away I go! many people are not aware that the sedona of old sits much higher than other makes.
    second, ALL the seats are comfortable. I'm sorry, but you cannot have it both ways, its either economy and easy, or it's comfortable and harder to remove. a comfortable, stowable seat will without a doubt NEED to approch 60 pounds. i take 3-4 seats out maybe 4-5 times a year, for trips or camping and such. i am 5-8 at 155 male, and have no problem. if i need 2x4's or sheet rock, i borrow my brothers truck!
  • SpectraMan, can you tell us the "name" of this USENET group? Also, how would I identify these lines???

    Lastly, how do I apply this marine grease once I identify the lines? Thanks.
  • "SpectraMan, can you tell us the "name" of this USENET group? Also, how would I identify these lines???

    Lastly, how do I apply this marine grease once I identify the lines? "

    Here's a link and excerpt from a good example of the type of threads I ran across in Google Groups (USENET) regarding this topic:

    ========================= - a9b/4791e46dd9ef3052?lnk=st&q=brake+lines+rust+%22marine+grease%22&rnum=1&hl=en#- - 4791e46dd9ef3052

    From: MaxAluminum - view profile
    Date: Fri, Dec 12 2003 7:45 am
    Email: (MaxAluminum)
    Groups: (Brent P) wrote in message ...
    > In article , JW wrote:
    > > Today while my car was on the lift for a simple oil change at my usual
    > > mechanic I notice all the brake hose that runs under the car has
    > > surface rust on them. All the brake hose has turned yellowish brown
    > > because of the rust. I asked my mechanic if they should be changed. He
    > > said no need to worry because he doesn't think they are leaking.

    > It's no big deal. And it's the steel hardline you are refering to,
    > not hoses I assume.

    I put marine grease on all my brake and fuel lines. They are 21 years
    old without failure here in the rust belt. I might favor the paint
    though if I were starting over, but grease is fast. Also, Lubri-Matic
    makes a product called Corrosion Pro that sprays on and holds very
    well. You can spray those sections that go above the frame (if you
    have one).


    Any kind of *metal* line that's about the size of a pencil is a candidate for greasing, in my book!

    I would just apply the grease liberally to the lines and rub it back and forth until all lines are coated with a thin layer. That's about all there is to it!

    I'd start by powerwashing my undercarriage at a self-serve car wash as best as you can. Let it dry for a day or so (don't drive through any salt/snow), and then get your car on a mechanic's lift if at all possible.

  • A quick update to the message #450 above:

    Actual USENET newgroup:

    A *usable* link to that forum and message:

  • SM, thx for a quick and detailed reply.

    I never thought of this before, but I suppose it's best to apply the grease as soon as you purchase the vehicle, huh? (We're considering a 2006 Sedona.)

    BTW, how often do you grease these lines?
    Is it an annual ritual?

    And do you just "brush" this on?
  • To all the new owners of the 2006 Sedona. Please keep us all informed here at this forum of any problems you might be having with your new car.,,,,Thanks
  • I think I know the answer to this but my wife is nagging me to check so, does anyone know for certain if the power sliding door and lift option is possible to be added to older model Kia's? We have a 2002, still love it, but with 2 kids now she'd like the power opening doors...and I don't really want to get a new minivan just for that..

  • In a Totally new model ('06) with almost nothing in common with the older Sedona. Sorry. I'm sure someone could do it for about the cost of a new Sedona, though.
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Have any of you seen newspaper ads for the new Sedona that mention any prices? Our local paper (The Oregonian) has ads for the '06 Sedona, but no prices are mentioned. I'm waiting for the "one at $xxx" prices to get an idea of how low prices can be.
  • philliplcphilliplc Posts: 136
    check today's oregonian - tonkin has one LX for $19995 (plus an additional $2000 owner loyalty rebate is available - wow.) first listed price i've seen.
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Yup, saw that. Last week's Saturday Oregonian had 2 at that price. The MSRP suggests these are LX models with no additional options/accessories.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Kia just announced they are building a new $1.2 billion manufacturing facility near West Point, GA. Situated about 60 miles south of Atlanta on the Alabama line, the facility will be about half way between Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta and the Hyundai facility in Montgomery, AL. They will have two assembly lines and an engine assembly line. It is to being in 2009.

    Looks like Kia is going to aggressively persue the North American market. This is good for everyone.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Saw that news also, and I agree that it is good news.

  • pugnelpugnel Posts: 7
    Please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong spot,I'm new to the forum.

    We went to the car lot on Saturday after doing alot of research on-line and test drove the new Kia Sedona and just loved it! It was the smoothest, quietest ride I have ever taken! Well we decided to go ahead and make the purchase, especially since baby #3 is due in 3 months and we've been researching mini-vans for 8 months now. Anyway, well they didn't have the colors (exterior or interior) that we wanted so they did a dealer search and found one near by and said we could pick it up on monday and let us drive home the brand new one that we test drove for the weekend! Well on Monday evening after my husband gets home from the office we go and pick up the van and he drives it home and says he thought it drove the same as the other one, I thought that the passengers seat didn't ride that smoothly, but thought it could've been the bad wind and the road. Well I wake up tuesday morning and drive my oldest son to school and it just drove awful! It has a very sluggish gear change, where you can acutally "feel" it change gears and the ride isn't smooth at all! I'm very disappointed in this new car, my question is, is this normal to have such a difference in the same car? I guess that is a silly question since they are totally seperate machines, also is there anything we can do about it? I'm sure the dealership will say oh that's normal. My dh is away at a business meeting and won't be back home till late tonight. (SIGH)
    thank you in advance!
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065

    Your new van is the new style--or your tester for the weekend was the new style and you bought the old style?

    Basically, you bought a van without driving it first and you learned first hand that you should never do that. Yes, each vehicle is it's own "machine" and each can drive differently. If you've signed the papers, then it's your to keep.
  • pugnelpugnel Posts: 7
    Yes, it's the new 2006 model and the loaner over the weekend was also the 2006. We had some bad storms the other day when we picked up the car, it was after my husband got off of work that night and it was pouring the rain and we have two small kids and their carseats to worry about. No excuses really I suppose, I just never in a million years dreamed we would have this problem with a new vehicle. I drove it up a very big hill today and it would barely go! My little 4-cylinder cavalier had 10 times the power this big van has, how depressing is that!
  • efaefa Posts: 1
    Did you call your dealer and as them to look at the vehicle for you? Don't get to worked up about it, yet. Its probably a minor adjustment and if your dealer handles it right should not diminish the good experiences you will have with your new van. Ask your dealer for a loaner car until they take care of the problem. Remember that we are dealing with a very advanced and finely tuned machine and one bad sensor could cause what you are feeling. Don't wait to get it checked, and remember- don't get worked too worked up. These are great vehicles and I'm confident it will be an easy fix.
  • pugnelpugnel Posts: 7
    Yes I called the dealer and she said to bring it on on MOnday and they would give me a loaner, but last night the airbag warning light came on and didn't leave, it was on for 15 min and then went off for 10 and then came back on and stayed on for hours! It was on today, so that is even more stress especially since that is the main reason we bought a 2006 was b/c of the safety of the airbags.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They may not have completed the PDI, pre-delivery inspection, that is.

    They have to air down the tires, that would explain the stiff ride. They are delivered with high air pressure so the tires don't flat-spot.

    The tranny is probably adaptive and should improve as it learns your driving style.

    Finally, yours is still in the break-in period, take it easy on the throttle, brakes, and basically overall until you hit 1000 miles. It should start to feel like that other van in no time.

    Good luck.

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