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Kia Sedona



  • Standepuy...I checked a dealer in Pa. he said he asked he general manager about this car and they had no idea. Told him to check the KIA motors website and the Carnival is there. He called me back and said they don't have any idea about it and check and said they dont have anything like that on order for 2007. He said maybe it will be out in 2008. My question is...the car you saw in detailing..what state are you in????? ..and what did you ask anybody about the car????...

    Im holding off buying a LWB...just for I can get the SWB...but hopes it is out by FEB...because I dont want to missing the 2006 selloff for nothing..
  • Dealers (Kia in this case) are mainly concerned about the cars they have on the lot and concentrate on selling them - I guess that's why they know so little about the new models.
    I checked the Sacramento Ca Dealer (which only had the white one) and even called a bigger dealer in Kias on Florin Road Sacto which had none but were expecting them in.
    The 2007 Carnival (SWB)was introduced in the British Isles much earlier this year with a 177 hp engine OR a diesel. The Grand Carnival is the LWB.
    The dealer (Sacto) said there was only the 3.8 engine for the US version- (which has grown slightly to 250 hp).
    Since you are further east in PA (love the name "keystone" state as in "top stone" of the Arch) it may be a while before the "Inland Freight" gets to your area.
    Maybe we (SWB individuals) can start our own forum in the future since all this SWB talk probably annoys the LWB fans.
  • edona.--2W.

    The 2007 Sedona continues with two trim levels (EX and LX) but gains a new short wheelbase (SWB) variant. A number of other minor changes and improvements may be in the offing for the ’07 Sedona, but couldn’t be confirmed at press time. These updates will likely include a redesign of the center stack and a modest boost to both the horsepower (from 242 to 250hp) and torque (from 251 to 253lb-ft.) of the standard 3.8 liter V6 engine.
  • This what I found out also.

    This is what I just received from a Kia PR rep:

    >>The SWB Sedona will be available as a 2007 model. It will go on sale next year. Exact sale date has yet be to determined.

    Looks like it's definitely happening, just no solid dates yet. :)

    Here is a website with great pictures. Not in english though.

    Hey..and get that (SWB) forum ready..
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Thanks for the info. What will the seating arrangement of the SWB likely be?
  • It looks to be 2+3+2...If you scroll down from on the screen of the previous email address, it has many pictures of the inside, with various seating arrangements.
  • If you go to they have the base,lx,ex. all listed.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Thanks. Big difference betw SWB and LWB LX seems to be the 3rd row is fold-into-the-floor for the LWB LX (and associated spacing, but I'd be curious as to whether there is simply less cargo space in the SWB versus people space (just pushing that last row back).
  • Was on the KIA lot yesterday with a salesperson in tow inquiring about "that new '07 SWB Sedona ya got sitting there." Folks, that thing is so new, the sales manager didn't even have the invoice pricing yet!... or so he said. ;) IOW, couldn't give me a price even if I had the cash in my pocket as I was standing there talking to him with my hand out waiting for the keys to take 'er home. :surprise: Can confirm those MSRP numbers someone stated above though. This one was silver with the rack. MSRP with shipping did total out to exactly $21,495.

    Now for differences that I noted from the 28 "whales" as I call 'em (06 Sedona LX & EX versions that are simply too big for my own personal taste)this dealer had sitting out back. Number one, the seating material seems much more minivan-ish to the touch IMHO. By that I mean if you've got kids and I do, seems a lil' tougher. Those seats in the LX that I stuck my head in sure looked stain-able, soil-able and ruin-able!...again, strictly my opinion of course. Secondly, rather than the antenna being in the glass, this new shorter model has a mast coming outta the roof center on the back just above the liftgate. Similar to Mazda3 hatchback style if anyone's up on that style. VW does it with their bug too as do many manufacturers with many varied models to numerous to list. Just put it in there for example purposes. All in all, I thought it looked good. Only other thing I could see, floor mats were listed as an option as were the cross beams/bars on the rack. Rails were installed and listed as standard on the sticker. LX whales call for an option here. Standard on the upscale EX. Everything else, about the same. Same engine, drivetrain. Did note the increase in ponies up to 250 from the previous 244. Listing same estimated gas mileage. All safety stuff standard that we are coming to expect from these Kia products.

    Oops! Almost forgot to mention. Yes, it IS smaller in the trunk and of course doesn't have the stow n' go third seat. Seat's split and fold, though I might add, without the "cavern" in the floor the stow n' go requires. Yee-ha! Don't have to wrench the back when yankin' out the groceries. :D
  • I have the LX WHALE and I do wish the interior was dark gray. but light gray is better than the tan. What is the weight difference between the shorty and the whale?
  • To answer your question fishbreath (great name BTW), the '07 brochure lists the following:

    "Sedona" (what they are calling the SWB)
    Standard - 4365lbs.
    Full Option - 4618lbs.

    LX and EX (what I refer to as the WHALE!)
    Standard - 4387lbs.
    Full Option - 4646lbs.

    I suppose if these figures are to be believed, just about negligible. Guess that's why those mpg estimates on the stickers are identical. Same engine/drivetrain. Same basic weight. Wind tunnel results probably the same as well. Looks like they just chopped 12.6" off the rearend, tightened the wheelbase and lowered the starting price. Track is listed as identical to LX/EX whales. Ditto the width, height & ground clearance.

    Also, please note a correction to my previous post. I was in error over the rack being listed as standard equipment. Make that roof rails & mats - $300 option. Cross beams extra.

    Light gray innards for your whale, eh? How appropriate. :P

    PS Are these things as thirsty at the pump as some say they are fish or are you getting decent numbers? Just can't see an engine that size combined with the above notated weights on these rather large land cruisers getting the claimed mid-20s. Curious of your first hand figures. Danks in advance.
  • Only 22 lbs. lighter. I only have 1300 miles on it. !st tank 24.5 highway ride to break it in. the next three were mixed driving 18- 18.5 all on reg. gas. We plan on using it mostly on weekends and for my fishing trips. the wife has a liberty and gets 18.5 for the way she drives. Myself I get 21-23 with a 01 nissan frontier 4 cyl, auto.
  • Kia has released a preliminary service bulletin addressing the fuel pump noise some of us have experienced in the 2006 Sedona.

    The bulletin is available in the service section of the Kia webpage. Here is the URL for the bulletin.

    The bulletin was released on November 20, 2006 as KT2006112001

    Looks like a simple fix requiring a cable tie.

    Finally some peace and quiet!!

    Red Bluffian
  • I saw the short version at the SF auto show. Compared to long version, 3rd row can't fold into the floor and there is less cargo space. Seems the legroom in the 3rd row is about the same.
    Amazing that the two versions almost weight the same, figured it would have been 100+ lbs difference...
    Anyone have a link to the 07 brochure? I only see the 06 brochure online.
  • :confuse: After actually seeing the swb in person. Is it worth it.

    Or just settle for the LWB because of the extra space. Does that extra space seems like a big lose
  • FWIW nelset, my sales brochure that I quoted from is an actual hard copy acquired from my recent visit to the showroom. Not sure about any online sightings of this info piece. Very much resembles the '06 version if you looked at those, same pictures, much the same wording etc. etc. besides the addition of the short Sedona page along with the specs page adding another column.

  • Here is a link I found in the uk for the SWB
  • Any chance that you can scan that spec page showing the differences between the LWB and SWB? If not, any difference in space for 2nd row? What's the difference in space for the 3rd row and cargo area? At the auto show, the major difference I found was the cargo space behind the 3rd row. Kia's website only has the 06' info and the brochure I ordered online, they sent the 06' brochure to my home.
  • If you can get by with less cargo space and don't need the 3rd row to fold into the floor, it should be fine. At least it's easier to park in the garage and will cost a couple of grand less.
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