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Kia Sedona



  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    Check reply 907&909 if your still having problems. :)
  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    I have a 2006 Kia Sedona EX which has had the same problem with the right passenger side door closing properly. It now closes, but there is still a lot of noise on the passenger side of the van. Service people tell me this "is the nature of the beast"! Seems to me there is something amiss. A new van should NOT have these problems.
  • rgochoargochoa Posts: 17
    I have the same model Sedona and it is very quiet. The only noise I had was a howling noise that was coming from the crossbars on the roof rack. I disregarded the installation instructions and feedback from the dealership and solved the problem by installing the front one all the way to the front and the rear one all the way to the back. Problem solved.
  • smillersmiller Posts: 32
    I couldn't agree more. If your van is maintained, washed regularly, and lubed it should not have ANY problem under normal conditions. I have the 06 Sedona LX, bought in Feb. 07- and it's been to the shop more than my 10 year old Ford f150!I had the steering shake at highway speeds, and most recently I had to take it in for a screw missing from the door latch. We found it laying on the bottom of the sliding door track. The dealer said to "keep an eye on them
    those cross-piont screws can come loose".
    I got the LX because I didn't want extra electric problems,
    but now I have to worry about the screws? And guess what? if a screw was missing my dealer shop would have to ORDER it. A simple screw. These Vans are CHEAP.
  • I couldn't agree with you more. These vans are crap. I had an 04 lemon and had to get the 06 as part of the settlement. Well even my 06 has been in the shop numerous times. (noise they can't duplicate of course upon start up..sounds awful, broken handles, broken arm rests, dead cigarette lighter, dead battery, now leather peeling, and still terrible noise will bring it back to the shop) What a joke these kia's are. I would NEVER buy one again. NEVER eVER a brand new car constantly in the shop! Oh and forgot the mention the paint job is crap. I have so many scratches all over my paint and nothing has touched it..if it has it is light touches that show up as huge scratches. Just an all around awful car in my opinion.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Sorry to hear you folks are having problems. I guess it's just luck of the draw, but our 2002 EX had very few issues in the 5 years and 80k miles we owned it. We never should have sold it...

    Our 2006 EX with power side doors & liftgate has 11k miles and no problems so far. The doors are quiet, no highway speed shake, etc etc. We are thinking about selling it to 'downsize' in terms of overall cost of ownership, even though the van has been a real pleasure so far.

    Happy 2-time Sedona owner here...
  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    Some of this is scary! I have had the 2006 EX in THREE times for AC problems alone. Of course, always "CAN'T DUPLICATE" even though I took it in, made the service advisor sit in the van with heat coming from the left side and freezing cold on the right side...PLUS hot air from the floor! They say they can't fix it if they can't duplicate it!!

    Same comment about wind noise coming from right passenger side front or sliding door, can't tell which. Twice in for that problem.

    Many smaller problems at the beginning after June 28th purchase. The van itself drives great, gets wonderful gas mileage, comfortable, etc. However, I fear each time we drive that something else is going to happen to it.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    Do you have another Kia dealership within driving distance?

    I ask because these people sound either incompetent or purposely trying to avoid a warranty repair.

    If you have heat on the left side, and feezing cold on the right side PLUS hot air from the floor, it seems logical enough to me there is an issue which they should well be able to simulate in their heads as to what the problem is. If they cannot do that, they don't know the vehicle at all which should tell you something.

    Now, it's possible they have a very good idea what the problem is, but they must remove a good part of the dash to get to the problem sub-system.

  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    Thanks for the same ideas I have already had about my dealership. We do have dealers 2 hours away in three directions. We live in Columbia, SC in the center of the state. There are dealers in Charleston, Spartanburg and Greenwood. The problem is that when I talked to the Service Manager in Charleston he told me I would have to leave the car for several days. How do I get home??

    I feel if KIA was interested enough they would have suggested that I take it to another dealer who would LEND ME A CAR TO GET HOME IN so they could check it out. They have a lot to learn about true Customer Service.

    The dealership here called KIA who told them no one had reported a problem like this before. Maybe they don't live in HOT (VERY HOT) COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA. I have been made to feel like a fool for complaining about this. I didn't appreciate that at all!

    Thanks for the input. Carolyn
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    well, another tact would be to educate yourself on how heating and air in a vehicle works (in general terms, better if you can find something specific) so you can speak intellegently about it.

    chances are there is a box or compartment where hot and cold and outside air are blended with a damper arrangement before being distributed, and therein may lie the problem.

    google it.

    you might even find someone else is having the same problem as you.

    now here is a suggestion: i presume you'll be driving somewhere and it will happen again. do not shut off the car, do not drive to your destination (or past GO to collect 200), be willing to be more inconvenienced... you don't have many options - drive immediately to the dealership with the problem present (and keep the car running when you get there...DO NOT SHUT IT OFF) and ask for a tech to get in the car and witness the issue first-hand, preferably the master / senior tech in the shop.

    be calm, assertive and re-assuring. tell them you know they can fix it, you expect a loaner, and ask them when to come back and pick it up. ;)
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    I would appreciate any comments about this year's model.What should I be looking for as far as problem areas.Would you recommend this vehicle to your mom or dad?
  • I have a 2005 Sedona with captain's chairs in the 2nd row. I am wondering if I could swap them out for a bench seat? This arrangement would work much better for our family. Does anyone know ifs the bench seat will fit where captain's chairs are now?
  • I'm also having the same wind Howl problems that looks its coming from AC at high wind conditions. Just noticed on this Colorado trip. Is this above solution the solution for this problem? If so is there anyway you can provide me the info for the dealership that fixed your problem. Hopefully that way the dealership in my area can contact them. Thank you so much for your help

  • My problem was finally solved. The windshield was not properly sealed at the factory. The problem you mentioned is exactly what I had. I was very surprised when the tech finally sovled the concern by having the windshield properly sealed. The dealership was Capital Kia in Austin, Texas.
  • We drove about 550 miles one way to Nashville, Tn. The wind noise where the passenger side sliding door and front passenger door meet was awful. I could hardly hear what my husband was saying while we were on the trip.
    My dealer, Galeana Kia in Columbia, SC cannot fix anything we have taken it in for. We do not have another dealer anywhere near. One in Charleston was willing to try to fix it but said we would have to leave it a couple of days. That would mean driving 120 miles one way, paying for a motel or driving another car 240 miles RT and then again to pick the van up. Does this suck or what?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    that speaks pretty poorly of the reasons to go with a particular manufacturer and their warranty huh? if a dealership has trouble attracting and retaining competent help, it sure would sway my purchasing decision. sounds like their techs need some training. doesn't corporate care that they can't seem to fix anything there?

    now you may want to do some sleuthing yourself. you are pretty sure the problem exists at the interface of the sliding door and the pilar. is there a rubberized seal that goes around the door? look at it carefully and compare to the otherside.

    maybe it's gotten krimped or pulled out of it's track or something else is interfering with full closing of the door. it seems you'll have to do a little of your own investigation and bring it back.

    good luck.
  • Hello everyone, I just signed up here and wanted to add to this post about my 2006 sedona ex.
    First we bought it brand new April 2007, at 2000 miles the cooling was slapping the shroud, then on our vacation I had to have the fuel pump replaced in Catersville Georgia with 3800 miles on it(the worst service and parts department I have ever seen, long story :mad: . Anyway and the the biggest issue is the headlight dimming out under 40 mph while off the throttle. I it so annoying in city traffic because at high speeds it doesen't do it. The third time at the dealer I was told by them, kia engineers, and kia HQ that they areaware of the problem but no fix. They said there a thousands of these vans with this problem but won't issue a recall because they said they have no fix and not enough complaints yet.

    I really made a mistake by buying this van, at 7000 miles we have had it at the dealer 6 times and 3 times for the same problem!! I am trying to sell it but it does not

    Please let me know if any one else has this trouble

  • I have had nothing but problems with 2 kia sedonas as well. My first a 2004 was a lemon and my settlement was forced to trade it for a 2006 (I paid the difference in sticker of 6K). Now I've been to the shop several times and still get an engine noise that they can't duplicate with this one..may turn out as another lemon. I suggest you file a lemon law if you've had that many serious problems. All you have to do is have gone 3 times to the shop for the same issue within a certain amount of time..might be within 2 years..not sure. Call one of the lemon law attorneys to discuss your problems. I personally would NEVER buy another kia. If I hadn't already paid my car off, I'd get rid of this one. I just would lose so much cash. Their service has been terrible in my experience as well..they can never duplicate the problem..convenient.
  • Thanks for the info. I am afraid to take it to someone not an authorized dealer or they can cancel my warranty. I am thinking of calling up Kia AGAIN and see if they will allow me, at my own expense, to take it to a body shop and get them to see what the heck is going on.

    My air conditioner is still doing it's own thing...getting hotter on the driver's side than on the passenger side and blows warm air when the AC is on. It mainly does it when the dealership is CLOSED. I got it there once before and made them sit in the car and feel it. They said, "Well, you have it on 72 and it is over 90 outside so it won't cool!!! Can you believe they think we are that stupid? Good grief, it cooled on the right side but not the left!!

    The standard answer is "Well, we can't duplicate the problem".

    As for the wind noise on the right rear, they say, "Well, this is just the nature of the beast." I am really mad about this. The KIA was such a good deal financially, but I totally understand why now. I need to rent an apartment in the service dept so I don't put so many miles on it driving back and forth between them and home.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Would any harm be done if running 5W30 oil for a single oil change interval instead of the recommended 5W20? What about running 5W30 for the life of the vehicle instead of 5W20?
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