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Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    I agree about the advertising, but I don't think anyone that looks at a used old Taurus and a new one would have a problem with the pricing.

    Mulally has already said the 2010 Taurus is the one they should have built years ago. But that's water under the bridge now.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Though the exteriors are "a bit different"?? The Patriot looks like a Jeep and looks like a worthy update of the old boxy Cherokee. The Compass styling on the other hand veered so far off the road it almost made it to Aztec-land. Anyway, my point was even Chrysler, with its big losses, could differentiate two (three) cheap vehicles to the point where they don't even share a windshield or anything else on the outside. No question, the interiors are abysmal.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    I don't specifically remember much advertising for the 500, but I do recall that shortly after the 500/Montego was introduced Ford sent me an offer to test drive a Montego and receive a $75 gift certificate. I assumed that many Ford owners received the same offer.

    We drove my wife's 2001 Duratec Taurus to the dealer and drove 2 Montegos - one FWD 6 speed and one AWD CVT. Both were dogs. Neither were strikingly improved over our old Taurus in ride or NVH, either. We did appreciate the $75, though.

    The 2008 Taurus corrected the 500/Montego's problems (except the bland looks) while retaining the benefits of room, great visability, and friendly ergonomics. Instead of throwing huge rebates and dealer cash at the 2008 Taurus, they should have had a marketing/advertising campaign.

    I still maintain that there are thousands of owners of 2000-2005 Taurus's who would trade for a new Taurus if given a bit of incentive to do so. Unfortunately, few know that it exists. They are sure hearing plenty about the new Malibu, though.
  • femanfeman Posts: 2
    You are right that is why I took it to the closest dealership and not to the dealership we purchased the vehicle from. The dealership service manager had never seen wheel bearings so prematurely worn to point that the damage compromised the spindle and the rotor hub on such a low mileage car. I asked if the lubrication was the right kind and sufficient and he affirmed it was. Hopefully this is an anomaly.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    bruce - Have you read what Ford executives are saying now about the 500/taurus/montego/sable whatever cars? Geez, they've got more bad things to say about them than their worst critics. Unbelieveable. They're like "Well, yeah, we agree this Taurus really sucks. But the next one, man it's gonna be just great." What a way to run a business.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    They're trying to build trust with the public by being honest. They aren't saying anything the media hasn't been saying for the last 3 years. With Farley on board you can bet this is a calculated move. When Ford debuts the 2010 Taurus in Chicago it will give people the confidence that Ford has realized it's mistakes of the past and are capable of correcting them. Same reason they showed the Flex last year. OTOH they are keeping some things under tight wraps like the 09 Fusion. Don't underestimate the marketing savvy - Farley is one smart guy.
  • I know the intro for the 09 is about 8 months away, however, about now is when auto manufacturers begin to finalize the next year's product. Any news on the new MKZ? I had some time on Saturday and visited the local Cadillac dealership and I must admit, they really nailed it with the CTS. It's not perfect but, the fit, finish, materials, luxurious interior, sleek exterior and multitude of options made my Zephyr look and feel somewhat tired. I like my Zeph but, I've always said that the best thing it has going for it is bang for the buck. You get a lot for decent price. My gut feeling is that if this same car were priced $3K higher, it would die a quick death so, Ford can't let it sit while others pull away. A minor tweak here and a minor tweak there won't cut it. I've seen various renderings of the 09 and am disappointed. The front end looks nice but the side and rear look identical to the 06. I've not seen the interior but, it has to be a little more upscale and rounded. The boxiness turns off too many buyers. And please, will Ford depart from this one suspension fits all mentality! Cadillac did it right - 3 suspensions are offered on the CTS (supple ride, handling priority and a stiff sport). The std suspension gets the taller more comfortable tires and the sport gets the lower more aggressive tires. This way everyone can get what they want. I looked into getting an 07 MKZ to take advantage of the new engine, however, I did not like the stiffer ride. My Zeph has a more comfortable and pleasing ride. Also, bigger gas tank please!! Since like so many people today, I put a lot of miles on the car for my daily work commute and that small tank is a pain in the butt! The big trunk and keeping the moonroof optional (us people 6'1" and above don't like them) are plusses. Anyway, some news would be appreciated as I will probably buy an 09 something or other.
  • They have acknowledged the bland styling and I applaud them for that. It's about time they take responsibility for it. That is different than saying the car sucks, though. The Taurus is the most competitive Ford product available if you can get past its blatently bland bulbous looks. Drive one back to back with a Chrysler 300 V6 or an Impala and then tell me which is the more refined and impressive family sedan. Or drive one back to back with a similarly priced Camry 4 cyl and tell me which one is more car per dollar.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    Here is a possible rendering:

  • dds010dds010 Posts: 33
    Does anyone know if lincoln will offer any new suspensions or options with 09 refresh and it will feature the 3.7. And coiuld anyone answer why the 3.7 only has 7 horsepower increase over the 3.5 i mean damn ford that rediculous you have more than 270 to be more competitive
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    Ford has been tight-lipped about the 09 models other than we should see them before the end of the year. The engineers did not have time to get direct injection on the 3.7L for the MKS - not sure if the extra time will make a difference for the MKZ (and no confirmation that the MKZ gets the 3.7L but that's a good guess).

    And it should be pointed out that while it makes 30 less hp than some of the competition it's only 8-9 lb/ft shy on torque so the actual performance in a vehicle should be almost identical.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    I hope those photos are not the real deal. All they show is the original Zephyr with a split grill and slightly modified tail lights. I hope that they can at least do enough mods, like they (badly) did to the 08 Focus. In that case, the part most people see the most of (the long side view of any car) could get a bit of the champhered look that is going to be the new Lincoln look. Unless of course some sane person attains some power in all this and takes another look at the Continental concept (sorry for going there...but autoblog featured a 4 door Continental convertible today.)
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    I think some guy took some spy shots and did some sort of photo rendering. Not sure how close to reality these are or will be.
  • dds010dds010 Posts: 33
    What do the engineers at ford have time to do in order to get it out at the right time, just look at the new F-150 not being launched with the 6.2 and does that even really exists because no one at Ford has made that offical. Besides from that all im saying that only having 7 more horsepower than the 3.7 is really going to hurt it's sell when you consider how much the MKZ and MKS weigh over their competition not to mention it's suppose to be the the "Luxury enigine"
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    Yes, the 6.2L is official, but you can thank Bill Ford for the delay. He killed the Boss program (or allowed it to be killed) and it was shelved for almost a year until Fields took over and resurrected it. Had it been allowed to continue originally it would have been ready now. The 4.4L Diesel will also be here next year for the F150 and while it would have been good to have them for the 09 MY it doesn't make sense to delay the new truck for a year if it's ready now.

    I don't know why Ford powertrain development is taking so long. I'm sure right now they're hurting from the layoffs but that doesn't explain why the 3.5L was 2 years behind schedule. I do know that Bill Ford mandated lower emissions rather than power or fuel economy and that has changed. There is also a 5.0L aluminum block DOHC engine reported to make 400 hp/360 lb ft and that will replace the 4.6L modular engine and will be the standard Mustang GT engine. I'm sure Lincoln we get a version.

    As for Lincoln they do need the DI version of the 3.7L with 300 hp. I think it's going to take a few years for Ford to fully catch up with their drivetrains. They're still just treading water.
  • The 09 looks way too much to like the 06 Zephyr. When compared to the Lexus, Cadillac and Infiniti, the MKZ looks "tubby" and fatigued. Tweaking sleek is one thing, tweaking bland is quite another. A more extensive styling change is needed. Four years on now and the look of the car hasn't changed. Not good! Based on styling, the MKZ just doesn't seem to belong in the same group with it's competition. The 09 had better be chock full of mechanical and interior upgrades or it could be a tough year. A more comfortable ride, suspension options, more pleasing dash, rear air vents, bigger gas tank, better gas mileage, etc are infinitely more important than blue tooth, voice sync and std satellite radio. Nice features but, at the end of the day if a buyer must choose between gas mileage, ride and upscale feel vs voice sync, guess what they are going to choose.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    4 years? You need a calendar. The Zephyr debuted in October 2005 (06 MY) which, according to my calendar, is only 2 years, 4 months. When the 09 refresh hits at the end of the year it will be just over 3 years which is EXACTLY what the other mfrs are doing. And that's ignoring the tweaks that were done for 07 along with the name change to MKZ.

    It's just an artist's rendering that was done a year ago so we don't know exactly what it will look like yet. I hope it gets the same features as the MKS (keyless go, adaptive HIDs, Integrated LED keypad, etc.) plus the 3.7L engine. A 300 hp AWD version would be nice.

    I'm sure we'll see the Fusion, Milan and MKZ at the New York Auto show in April.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    I have no ideal what this is but I like it!

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    That is a photoshop chop of the Lincoln MKT concept.
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