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Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ



  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Where do the profits and the HQ are located in ?
  • buckwheatbuckwheat Posts: 396
    If you're concerned about the workers who will assemble the car using parts outsourced from anywhere and not concerned about where the profit goes then obviously the Acura, owned by Honda, a Japaneese Co., but for the most part is utilizing American workers to build the car here in the USA..

    On the other hand Ford Motor Co. an American based auto maker for the most part utilizing Mexican workers to assemble the Zephyr, Fusion, & Milan side by side in Hermosillo with parts outsourced from anywhere but with the profits going to USA Ford.

    You'll have to decide for yourself your definition of "buy American".
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Ain't what it used to be, friends....

    The Japanese aren't being Patriotic, by the way, by building the Acura on American soil. They avoid trade restrictions and tariffs that way.

    So, I say, let's DRIVE a Zephyr, and see what they've come up with. I hope it feels better than my test drive in a Chrysler 300C did. I was disappointed in the feel of that car.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    buy the product that suits you best- you're the one working hard to earn the $$$ anyway? Today's is a global economy.

  • fdcapt2fdcapt2 Posts: 122
    Hello Ant, it's been awhile since I've been in a Ford product forum, and glad to see you're still giving out great info on what's in the future for Ford. I was in the 500/Montego forum for a long time and enjoyed some of your posts. My question's concerning the Zephyr are, do you have a ballpark figure on a model with most of the options?? Also, you said in one of your posts here that the AWD and 3.5 would follow soon. How long is soon?? Any numbers on the 3.5 as far as HP and tourqe?? How do you think this car will compare to the Avalon, pricewise? I know it might be way to early, but I've been checking out this car for awhile, and the more I see it, the more I like it.....thanks.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Prices have not yet be set in stone yet, but continiously it's been said that it'll be a few thousands less than the competition if that helps any.

    As for the 3.5L and AWD, around 8-10 months after the initial debut of the Zephyr. HP/TQ have not yet been determined for that specific application, but the Aviator will give you an idea roughly of what it'll pump out. I'm guestimating 240-250HP as a safe ballpark figure, mainly because the 6 speed automatic will extrapolate and make it feel as much more.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    My experience with that particular transmission in the Five Hundred was pretty bad. It revved to the weirdest points, was pretty laggy, and didn't feel like it was "ready" for anything more than minimal acceleration. I hope that Ford can fix this problem with the 3.5L. They need to. That six speed auto looks very nice on paper, but it isn't really, at least in my experience.

    It better be priced well....
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Are you sure it was the 6 speed and not the CVT?

    Was it AWD or 2WD?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Car and Driver had similar comments in their comparison test, FWIW.

  • buckwheatbuckwheat Posts: 396
    Interesting article on the life of the 1936 Zephyr now owned by Lincoln that tours the country accompanying the 2006 Zephyr..
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    The current 6 speed automatic isn't the same (nor will be the same) as the one coupled with the 3.5L Duratec. Also, the programming of the Zephyr's 6 speed unit will differ from that of the 500, therefore it might be more active
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    With 2wd. I'm not trying to be mean, but a CVT with AWD would make the 500 a slug.

    I approve of the pricing. How it will drive, however, is still pretty foggy. If they soften the suspension to absorb road imperfections, then I have a sinking feeling that the Zephyr will be none-too-well of a handler. Not that I'm complaining. 29k is pretty attractive.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Actually the AWD system and CVT combination, rather than the 2WD 6-A makes the 500 the quicker of the two. the CVT is geared a bit higher, plus since it doesn't shift, it doesn't lose momentum upon every "shift" as traditional step automatics do. Also, the Haldex AWD system is rather light in comparison to numerous other systems, it only adds about 140lbs onto the vehicle itself.

    A CVT could have been coupled with the Zephyr's 3.0L V6, but there's been issues meeting the demand, since the CVT and AWD combination has been selling so well for the 500/FS/Montego trio.

    Once the GM/Ford JV transmission comes online, there will be less of a need for the current Aisin supplied 6-A, therefore it'll be phased off completely.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    I thought the 6-spd auto WAS the joint venture tranny. That explains a lot.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Not the current one, which is an Aisin unit. The GM/Ford JV one will be phased in next year.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    I remember Cadillac sharing platforms in the 80's as I recall C bodies (?), Cadillac-Deville, Buick- Park Avenue, Oldsmobile- 98.

    B (?) bodies Chevrolet Caprice/Impala, Pontiac Bonneville/Catalina, Buick-Le Sabre Oldsmobile Delta 88
  • Major standard equipment includes a 221 horsepower 3.0L DOHC 24-valve V-6 engine with 6-speed automatic transmission; 17-inch machined aluminum wheels; anti-lock braking (ABS); traction assist; side air bags and side air curtains; a luxurious and stylish interior featuring dark ebony or light maple wood, leather and satin nickel trim; AM/FM stereo with six-disc CD/MP3 player with six speakers; intermittent speed-sensitive windshield wipers; dual-zone climate control; driver-memory leather seating surfaces; front center console with adjustable armrest; universal garage door opener; power adjustable, driver-memory heated exterior mirrors with puddle lamps; tilt and telescoping steering wheel with redundant audio and climate controls; heated, 10-way power driver and passenger seats with power lumbar and recline; new projector-beam headlamps and LED taillights; and rear-seat reading lights.

    The six available options include:

    Industry-exclusive THX II-Certified ® audio system featuring 14 speakers – ten primary speakers deliver surround sound; two front and rear center-channel speakers add acoustical depth; and two subwoofers augmented by power amplifiers deliver deep, rich bass – and a quick-loading six-disc player compatible with normal audio, MP3 compressed or text format CDs ($995).
    DVD-based navigation system on a single disc that features a sharp, 6.5-inch-wide screen and text-to-speech technology for travel directions aloud in English, Spanish or French. Includes THX II-Certified ® audio system as detailed above ($2,495).
    High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps designed to produce more light, last longer and use less energy than typical incandescent headlamps ($495).
    17-inch 8-spoke chrome wheels ($895).
    Perforated premium leather cooled front seats ($495).
    Power moonroof ($1,200).
    The MSRP of a fully-loaded Zephyr featuring all available options is $35,575. All prices include destination and delivery.

    just 35.5K FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats 2 power everything seats (10 way!)
    Tha Nav, the Xenon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    14 speaker audio!

    One thing though, ANT, could you please explain how they got 221 hp out of that engine when it was supposed to be 210 hp? Is it the Mazda configuration with more hp, less torque?

    Also, this car seems a bit odd tome, since the inside of the car is old-mans land and the out side is sophisticated, yet the engine if tweaked for revs, is not a torque happy as old people like there cars to be (i like it to though). It just seams that either the interrior should reflect young peoples style (chrome, black wood, the works) or the engine should be toned for max torque.

    Either way, at 221 hp and with 35K for everything, i can see this car competing with the Acura TL and Lexus ES 330.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    According to the earlier specs, it uses Variable Intake Cam Timing like the 2003-2005 LS 3.0L AND it runs on 87 octane. The LS was pushing 235 hp with 91 octane fuel so it sounds like they just detuned it to run on 87 and probably to get better mileage. It also uses electronic throttle control just like the LS.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    A friend of mine just rented a 6-speed 500 and drove it for 500 miles. He said:

    The transmission seemed very responsive to me. There are a lot of hills around our destination and it was very good at downshifting to hold speed relatively constant without the driver having to do a lot of throttle compensation. In normal acceleration from stop to final speed there were no abrupt shift points. Everything was very smooth. During hard acceleration like to enter the throughways it would quickly get the engine revving. No hesitation. No complaints at all.

    Maybe yours was defective?
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