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Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ



  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    And won't have its replacement ready without a big production gap.
  • driverdmdriverdm Posts: 505
    When they had the Zephyr concept, it was supposed to be introduced with the 3.5 engine. They've been talking about that 3.5 for years.

    I worry for Ford. Indeed the Edge will be out this fall but the pricing seems like it will be off. THe Aviator (MDX) does not give a significant reason why to buy it over the Edge and let us not forget that the market is not holding still. Look at the Saturn Outlook, GM Arcadia, and Buick Enclave. It is going to get real hard if the Edge and MDX aren't priced competitively and Ford has made no secret that it does not know what pricing will be.

    The Impala is miles better than a 500 and we won't even talk about what the Escalade is going to do to the Navi with 100 more hp and better gas mileage to boot.

    Lincoln has good intentions but those pave the way to hell. Their concepts are genuinely beautiful i.e. Aviator, Zephyr, MKS, but production normally falls far shorter. Look at what Buick is doing. They saw the reacton to the Enclave and are bringing the SUV out pretty much the same as the concept.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    About 2 months into it now and I am very happy so far. I pulled up outside a store and noticed a few guys looking at my Zephr, I received a call as I was walking in the store so I stood outside the store around the corner. When I ended my call a group of guys were standing around my car taking a look. I have the light interior with the blonde wood. Everytime I open the door I get a comment. Never had that before with a car. I keep hearing all these comments about power. It appears to have enough for what I want to do!
  • pmerk28pmerk28 Posts: 121
    The idea the any LINCOLN product can compete with the Acura TL is silly. THe Zephyr can't no matter how many times they plan to rename it. THe MKS won't either. Lincoln will be dead in 5 years.
  • I find it somehow curious that the Zephyr looks so much larger in person than in pictures.
  • "The idea the any LINCOLN product can compete with the Acura TL is silly. THe Zephyr can't no matter how many times they plan to rename it. THe MKS won't either. Lincoln will be dead in 5 years."

    Care to elaborate?
  • ace35ace35 Posts: 131
    I totally agree, this car has a very nice presence in person. I saw it at the auto show about a month ago in Raleigh, NC. It commands respect despite what people say about it, i think it's looks are understated and elegant from any angle especically the front and rear. I also saw one on the interstate one night, and the tailights are awsome @ night time, very very nice. The only thing that i can honestly say i didnt like about this car is the way you feel when you sit in the car, the cowl is set so high, its like you have to sit up to look over the dash. But all in all a very nice vehicle from a design prospective.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    find it somehow curious that the Zephyr looks so much larger in person than in pictures. It is only 2 or 3 inches shorter than the Azera, Lincoln LS, Lexus GS, and Infiniti M, so it is really not a small car. I find it curious that Ford can design so many cars that initially look smaller than they really are.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    "The idea the any LINCOLN product can compete with the Acura TL is silly. THe Zephyr can't no matter how many times they plan to rename it. THe MKS won't either."

    Agree on MKS. MKS will be based on more sophisticated platform than Acura. But in general take into account that Lincoln moved down-marked and now is essentially at the same level as Acura. So as sad it can be but Lincoln now competes with Acura, not with Infinity, Lexus or Cadillac

    BTW Honda is going to downgrade Acura RL because it does not sell well.
  • pmerk28pmerk28 Posts: 121
    Read the Car and Driver review on the Zephyr. Just about says it all. The idea that this car will get a younger set of buyers as Ford claims is a pipe dream. Acura is very much not an old mans car and never was. Lincolns are for 60 and over. And trust me I doubt anyone in my age group ( I'm 33) would consider an Acura a "downmarket" move from a Lincoln. Where I live Acura's, especially the TL are very popular and the drivers aren't 70 years old.

    The only place I've seen the Zephyr is on a showroom floor. If they would have built the concept car exactly with a better motor and the 20 inch rims it featured it would have competed. If I would pull up in a TL my friends would say wow nice car. If a did the same in a Zephyr they may think I am 63 not 33. The interior in the Lincoln is for old men with the thick ugly steering wheel and dumb looking gauges with that stupid chrome trim.

    The Acura RL is a mistake. It's too small for a flagship and a V6 ( no matter how good) doesn't cut it in a price point where buyers want a V8. Plus the 50,000 range buyers likes a more prestigious nameplate such as an E-Class Benz, and Audi A6 or an Infiniti M.
  • azazelazazel Posts: 10
    I'm 26 and love the Lincoln, loved the ls when it came out as well back in 2000. I have driven everything under the sun in the past month charger,300c,maxima,altima,zephyr,camry,avalon,passat,lexus is,bmw 3,benz c,acura tl,cadillac cts,infiniti g35,Audi a4, any ways you get the point just about anything I can think of with 4 doors in the mid 30's range and still find the Lincoln to be the best for me out of all of them. To me the interior build is just as important as the exterior look and the Acura just feels cheap to me on the interior. I have read so many website and consumer reviews that it makes me dizzy, but nothing is a substitute for real world experience behind the wheel of any of these cars. IDK maybe I'm just the exception to the norm not wanting the "it" car for the time being the chrysler 300, and still consider Lincoln to be a luxury model to compete with cadillac or any other foreign brand ie: bmw,benz,lexus. I don't care what my peers think about the vehicle I drive because it is all about what is best car for me, but to each his own :)
  • pmerk28pmerk28 Posts: 121
    26 and like the Lincoln? Well that's what Ford is trying to do, get younger buyers. I have a feeling you're going to be alone on that Island though. Ford wants the Island to be full of people like you
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    Acura is an Acura. It is a FWD sedan based on plebeian Accord platform. And that’s it. It is not a luxury. Premium FWD car like Zephyr - may be, but not a luxury. I drove Acura TSX and TL. Those are not equal to German luxury cars, even to Audi. Not equal to Cadillac. I dare to say – not even equal to Lexus, and well not even to Infiniti.

    Young people choose less expensive sort of cars not exactly luxury cars because are limited on funds and are less demanding. Luxury cars are made for more mature drivers who can appreciate luxury. I mean when I was young I did not care about luxury at all. Now I care more, but still price is very important for me. My son is happy to have Ford Focus and he loves it and I find it too cheap and cramped.

    Regarding Lincoln. They chose to abandon RWD platform. But at least they chose Volvo platform. Volvo is not a luxury marque, but Volvo platforms are more solid and more premium than anything from Honda.
  • "Read the Car and Driver review on the Zephyr. Just about says it all."

    I have, and as I said on the LS forum, I think the "Short Take" is poorly written, and not because I disagree with it. It's short on objective measures and long on subjective opinions of styling. Unfortunately, too many people will be swayed by someone else's opinion instead of deciding for themselves and won't give the car a chance.
  • pmerk28pmerk28 Posts: 121
    the problem is Lincoln (Ford) has press releases saying this car-The Zephyr- will attract younger buyers. The Acura TL is a natural competitor as they are in the same price range and the TL has the younger buyers Lincoln wants. So does the Lexus ES. Lets's face it almost anyone has younger buyers than Lincoln.

    The Zephyr in my eyes does really nothing to take a potential purchase away from my wife and I for a TL or an ES or a CTS. Why are they making one in "Dune Pearl" aka brown so some grandpa can ride around in one with a Landau top? Is it because Lincoln really knows it can't get younger buyers and doesn't want to offend it's loyal age 65 and older customer base? Maybe they will offer white walls with the "Dune Pearl" colored model to complete the youth move. Can we have pin striping on it too?

    They needed to make the concept car exterior and the 20 inch rims/tires. A more youthful interior, especially the steering wheel, and a motor producing 250 horses.
  • Your post is very timely.
    I saw a Zephyr yesterday with a fake convertible top and those snazzy white and gold Vogue Tyres.-- Sporty as my plaid slacks!
    Indeed, it was pinstriped and was what color?--Yep, dune pearl.
  • buckwheatbuckwheat Posts: 396
    Aside from Tony Swan hanging onto a tenuous position at Car&Driver and his opinions notwithstanding he is at least consistent in his bias, this is what he had to say back in Dec. when he wrote about the Zephyr for the Detroit Free Press, his latest drivel for Car&Driver is an extension of the same theme

    TONY SWAN is a senior editor at Car and Driver magazine. He was executive editor. But in Feb. things changed, in his own words "I am not retiring." I plan to remain on the Car and Driver staff as a senior editor. I was not pushed. As with John Phillips a few years back, I am merely stepping aside as exec. This move has been in the works for months.

    He was Detroit Free Press auto critic from 1993 to 2000 and remains a regular contributor
  • I saw a Zephyr yesterday with a fake convertible top and those snazzy white and gold Vogue Tyres

    Here's what I think of that: :cry:
    and what it means for Lincoln if they let that go on: :sick:
  • azazelazazel Posts: 10
    Yeah your probably right merk, Lincoln will probably butcher the MKS same as the Zeph to cut costs which is really sad. Lincoln could have some real contenders on their hands otherwise.
  • azazelazazel Posts: 10
    In that same vein if acura is not luxury because it is the sister company of Honda then neither is lexus,infiniti,cadillac,audi,or lincoln since they are just "expensive" toyota,nissan,chevy,vw,ford. The only true luxury brands would be benz & bmw. Or for the super rich rolls royce & bentley
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