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Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ



  • Although they start off focusing on the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan, they do get around to mentioning the Lincoln MKZ.

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  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    And what does it matter if a car shares a platform with a corporate sibling, particularly if the quality of the sibling is very good.

    Of course it may not matter at all. It is all in the execution. If you read my post, you would note that I liked the old Continental, even though it was based on a "lowly" Fairmont. What Lincoln did was give it enough attention to merit its own body.

    Lincolns deserve some level of exclusivity. The MKZ is little changed body-wise from the Fusion. It has the same windows, door panels, etc. That was traditionally how a Ford and Mercury related, but not a Lincoln.

    However, I know Lincoln couldn't afford to do more differentiation at this juncture. Once the Milan gets the 3.5, the MKZ's raison d'etre will be less clear until Lincoln gives it new clothes. Hopefully, the MKZ will have its own styling by 2010.
  • I think the Granada/Versallais comparison to the Fusion/MKZephyr is 100% accurate.
  • cg205cg205 Posts: 34
    I bought an Oxford White AWD MKZ last night in Cleveland, TN, a small town, but I saw 2 other MKZs on the road yesterday before I bought mine.

    I've been in and out of the car business for many years, retired now, but marvel at how much car this is for the money. I've owned many luxury cars over the years, and this Lincoln beats them all for quality, materials, and workmanship. Eight months ago I bought a new Corvette convertible (the Z is the wife's car) and her new Lincoln's quality puts my $60K+ Vette to shame. Panel fit, paint, leather, all materials are far superior to my GM product. And my premium Bose stereo doesn't hold a candle to the MKZ's THX system. All in all, I'm extremely impressed with the Z, and none of its competition even offers AWD.
  • cg205cg205 Posts: 34
    I find your comments about similarities between the Fusion and MKZ interesting. Today, I happened to notice a new white Fusion in the bank parking lot. I had to go in, so I parked next to it for comparison. I was struck at the number of differences, and doubt anyone who is not really familiar with FoMoCo products would guess they were siblings. And when I bought my car, it was parked next to a white Milan on the L-M lot. Again, I think Lincoln did a good job making the MKZ distinctive and more luxurious. I think we on the forum see the similarities much more clearly than do average observers.
  • cowbellcowbell Posts: 125
    From everything I read, the MKZ shares only 35% of its body panels with the Fusion. And as for the interior, there is no sharing.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    I have to agree with you CG reference the quality of the Lincoln and getting 'big-bank' for the bucks. I purchased the base model of Zephyr last year for 28k. That was 2k less than the Chrysler 300 I purchased 6 years prior. Now I plan on getting th MKZ fully loaded and so far I expect to spend around 35k with my Ford X-plan pricing. If you price out the Lexus or Infinity or BMW you are about 6-10k more. So I will feel good with up coming purchase. I will keep this until around 2010 or so when the next round of hybrid technology hits.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    They share roof panels,windshields, door glass openings and frames, all door sheet metal, and all body and interior mounting points. Thus the 35% figure is a stretch to the low end...but probably not as bad a spin as the Edge and MKX sharing "50%." In fact, the Edge and MKX share the entire greenhouse, doors, both front and rear fenders, and most of the hatch.

    So the CUV twins' hood panels are slightly different, and the grills, headlights and tail lights differ. They probably call it a different panel if they apply a different trim piece to it or something like that. And it is a lot cheaper to differentiate interior trim and finishes, so Ford has tried now for years to get away with emphasizing that.

    Yes, some people don't care about exclusive styling for Lincoln. But I still say it is one of the main reasons Lincoln does not get much respect.
  • cg205cg205 Posts: 34
    Just a tip about X plan pricing, BigT. I used to use X plan but a couple of cars ago found that I can do better without it. My MKZ listed for $37,345. It's an AWD with all options except Sirius. X plan would have been just slightly above invoice. I negotiated a price of a hair over $34K, well under the invoice on the car...which I saw at the dealer and had figured on BTW, actual invoice may be over what you get at NADA because of a regional assessment and fuel charge added to it in my southeastern area.
  • cg205cg205 Posts: 34
    BeamerMan, what I did to see photos of actual cars in the various colors was go to, use advanced search, and look for '07 MKZs for sale 'at any distance'(to maximize reslults) and specify only listings 'with photos'. I found many hundreds of the cars listed at Lincoln dealers all over the country, and was able to see actual enlargable photos of all the colors available, many with 9 pictures apiece of both the exterior and interior of the cars. I found that site very helpful. Eight months ago, I actually found the new Corvette convertible I ended up buying on, listed by a dealer only about 45 miles from me.
  • Hey thanks so much I will go there.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I doubt you can do better than X plan out the door. I'm sure the dealer added their normal documentation fee or other fees which they're not allowed to charge under X plan. They're also forced to give you any unadvertised dealer cash that they could otherwise keep.

    You won't do better than X unless it's on a vehicle that the dealer needs to get rid of.
  • cg205cg205 Posts: 34
    akirby, I qualified for X-plan and bought 2 Fords using it. Then the plan was changed somewhat, and when I went to use it on a GT Mustang convertible, it was higher than it would have been before. My dealer said they were aware of it, and few people were still using it because they would sell at invoice, which was less than X plan. I bought the Lincoln for less than invoice, and got the $500 rebate on top of that. I was in the car business for years, so I know about doc and administrative fees, holdback, etc. I did buy my Z for less than X plan, and it was on a brand new car they just got in...not one they needed to get rid of. My dealer normally sells for under invoice because the next closest Lincoln dealer sells everything at invoice.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I'm just having trouble understanding why a dealer would sell a MKZ below invoice when they're selling so quickly. It's not like they have 50 sitting on the lot for months.
  • cg205cg205 Posts: 34
    There seems to be no shortage of them, at least in the southeast. I did inventory searches on at least a dozen dealer websites before I bought, and there was a very good selection, both in FWD and AWD.

    But I wouldn't be surprised if they eliminated the rebate, at least as soon as people realize how much less expensive MKZ is than the competition. And that's not considering that Lincoln will typically take much more off the MSRP price than foreign competitors will. Bottom line, when comparing comparable cars with comparable equipment, MKZ is MUCH less expensive than it's direct competitors.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    I always have problems with the inventory searches. I have found that half the cars in the inventory may be due-in's. So how do you really tell what they have on the lot?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    They might eliminate the rebate if it's selling so well, but may it's selling so well because of the rebate and dropping it then would kill sales.
    Many buyers looking at this vehicle are looking for a bargain price to justify the purchase or else they will pass on this vehicle and go get what they really want.
  • cg205cg205 Posts: 34
    All dealer websites I've been on have a toll free number or email address. Before I go to a dealer, I'll contact them and make sure they have the car I'm interested in. I haven't had the problem you apparently have. Except for the occasional sold car, they have actually had the cars they list. I found the MKZ I bought the other day as a result of a web search of dealer inventory, and I also found my other car I bought 8 months ago on a web search.
  • cg205cg205 Posts: 34
    Price was not a big factor in my selection of a MKZ, just a pleasant surprise. I was looking for a very nice small car which gave reasonable MPG, but was also AWD. None of the competing cars were available in AWD, and the SUV versions of them were less economical, rougher riding, and noisier. I really wanted a sedan, not an SUV or crossover vehicle, and am really glad Lincoln made the MKZ available in AWD.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    My Fusion showed up in the dealer inventory 2 weeks before it actually arrived. I'd bet at least 25% of what's shown has either already been sold or hasn't arrived yet.
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