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2005 Nissan Xterra



  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Will anyone be in attendance at the NY Auto Show? I was thinking of heading up this Friday, and if theres going to be any guys/gals there, Id be happy to meet up.

    Ah ha!!!

    Juice sent me an e-mail yesterday mentioning your name. He and I were going to go together on Friday, but he's unable to make it. I'm still going, if you want to hook up. I'll be at the Subaru area around 1 or so. I'll be driving up from Maryland.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Small world! I just checked your profile, and see you're from New Brunswick, NJ. Well I grew up in Highland Park!

  • 4x4buff4x4buff Posts: 12,,action-NStaticLoader_path-@ni- ssan@future@static@futureModels,00.html

    Does 05 Xterra has rear diff lock in available off-road package ?
    Anybody been to NY show ?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Along with Alpha01 and hypov (Subaru Crew). The vehicle looks great in the flesh!

    Interesting... I picked up a teaser brochure on the new Xterra, and in it there is a small picture of the dash of an automatic version, and the 4WD switch does have an "Auto 4WD" mode like the '05 Pathfinder and Armada. Yet the vehicle on display, a 6-speed manual, did not have that Auto 4WD mode. The Nissan news web site is also a bit unclear about that. One sub-link there mentions Auto 4WD, yet another mentions part-time 4WD.

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I noted the same thing after looking through the teaser (which I thought was otherwise well conceived). I wonder if the Auto 4WD is for the automatics only, and perhaps only on upper trim models?

    This Xterra was one of the models I was most impressed by at NYIAS. Would you agree?

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    And it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! :)

    You said you were going back with your dad. If so, check out the Camp Jeep display, which we missed earlier. It's in a separate building annex near the Dodge truck area, on the lower level. The new Grand Cherokee is there as well as the revised Liberty. It's a pretty neat display, with an off-road course. :)

    I left the show around 6:30 PM yesterday, and didn't get home until 12:30 AM! Traffic on the NJ Turnpike was horrible in south Jersey, and right after the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I-95 south was closed due to an accident, so they had to re-route traffic on to local roads!

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    It was excellent to meet you as well, Im very sorry to hear about that ridiculous ride home. Hopefully it wont happen again next year!

    I will make sure to check out the Jeep display, did they have any info on the new Diesels (named "CRD", I believe).

    Im such a car nerd, I already sent in the business reply card for the XTerra!! (I know you can do it online, but I still like the snail mail, especially since the X was just debuted here at NYIAS).

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    and there's a small flier on it too.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    I was just comparing pixs of the all-new Xterra, from the teaser brochure I picked up at the NY show, with pixs from the '04 model brochure.

    In profile, when comparing the images side-by-side, there is a huge difference. The front axle has been move further forward, so that it's much closer to the bumper. The angle of approach on the '05 model is vastly better than that of the '04 model. Also, while the styling is very evolutionary, there is not one panel that's interchangeable with the old model. Everything is new. Even from the rear, where the change looks to be the least, there is nothing that is carried over from the old model.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    It seems like Nissan has most of the SUV markets covered extremely well with their new (and upcoming) products. However, there is one (perhaps two) glaring omissions that I would like to see addressed:

    I would love to see Nissan take the new Xterra, and make a shortened ultra-off roadster to compete with the Jeep Wrangler. Hmmm... Xterraster?

    They should bring over the X-Trail soft-roader to compete with the likes of the CRV, etc.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    But where are the photos, guys? Don't you know we all LIVE for the photos?? If you don't produce photos, it's my hostly duty to banish you to I don't like SUVs, why do you? for a week. Don't make me do it.

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  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    Did anyone get a chance to sit in the new Xterra or at least closely enough to tell if the slight increase in size and other changes had an appreciable impact on passenger and cargo room?

    I liked the old Xterra and think the pictures of the new one look sharp. They definitely seem to have fixed the lack of power issue. Beyond the question of the auto 4wd, does anyone know the following -

    1. Has the driving position improved? There was something odd about the old one, particularly in terms of the legroom and positioning of my feet.

    2. Do you know if the cargo capacity has been increased? The old one was a little low for a midsized, truck based SUV. I think the high load floor might have had something to do with that, which leads to the next question.

    3. Has the load floor been lowered any at the back bumper? The current Xterra is quite high compared to its competition.

    4. Finally, the Nissan website says ground clearance has been improved. Does anyone know what the new ground clearance is?

    I'm interested to know the answers, but these are all relatively small issues, as compared to the new and more powerful engine.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    Two other questions:

    1. 2005 towing capacity?

    2. Is the situation with the sunroof the same?
  • oicwoicw Posts: 2
    1. I don't think Nissan has let anyone sit inside or open the hood yet. The current driving position is pretty odd, but if they make you sit higher, then there'll be head room problems.

    2. The cargo capacity in the back has improved. As well as rear leg room.

    3. I really DON'T want the floor lower. The reason the Xterra is so high compared to the Exploders is because the X wasn't designed to be a soccer mobile. To have any reasonable offroad ground clearance, you must have a high floor to make room for under vehicle components. If you want a easier loading vehicle, then look at the Quest. BTW, I find it easier to pick up heavy stuff when they're at my waist level.

    4. The OVERALL clearance has decreased. The maximum clearance might have increased a little. But overall ability to clear obstacles offroad is hurt. The breakover angle is especially poor. I think this is to prevent soccer moms from driving it like a BMW and flipping it over all the time. Guess that means a bigger lift for me when I get one.

    The only thing I really like about the new one is the engine and 6spd. For pure trail running I'd take my current 00 over it. The first two years of Xterras were some of the most solid ones built.

    Anyway, this is not something you'd buy just for space and comfort, that's what the comfy crossover utility vehicles and minivans are for. This is a truck and it's going to ride, handle and perform like one.
  • oicwoicw Posts: 2
    1. Believe it remains the same. But this time it'll actually tow the 5000 lbs instead of crawling with it. Same goes for Ford Expeditions. It claims to have a big capacity, but can't even tow 75% of the capacity without getting passed by semis.

    2. There are not more sunroofs.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    I understand and do not want a lower load floor at the expense of ground clearance and I do not want to see Xterra lose it's niche as one of the few, honest SUVs left on the market.

    It just seemed the previous layout was kind of inefficient and that there might be an opportunity to lower the load floor and increase cargo capacity without lowering the bottom of the vehicle and reducing ground clearance. One trade off that I would have been able to accept would have been an exterior spare on the back. In my mind that is actually a more convenient layout for when you have to change a tire, (getting on the ground to get to a spare underneath a truck while wearing nice work clothes is a pain!) but I guess everyone is moving away from that because of increased damage in rear-end collisions. In any case, it is too late to hope for that change.

    I know the approximately 2% slightly longer wheelbase would reduce breakover by a fraction of an inch, but that could be offset by slightly bigger wheels and tires. Nissan says that the approach angle has been improved, and that the underside of the vehicle has less protrusions (hence the increased ground clearance). Hopefully these are offsetting factors and the loss of off road capability is minimal, if any. The other changes all sound positive, and the good looks have been preserved.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    That will hardly change the breakover angle. The angle of approach is MUCH better than the old model.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    I took a few. Once I figure out how to post them (and get time to do so), I'll give it a shot.

  • scotryanscotryan Posts: 4
    Hello All!!! For pictures go to; also look at message #13 on this message board....
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    I like your suggestions, Bob. An Xterra "Jeep" would be cool and we all know that Nissan needs a CR-V competitor as well, as it's just about the only segement of the SUV market they don't have covered. Nissan Canada was listening, as the X-trail goes on sale here in about a month.
    Hope to see one in the flesh shortly.
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