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Honda Civic vs. Toyota Corolla



  • My point is that I have been let down by hondas and just am sick of their trans problem. As for attracting the younger generation....I don't see anything wrong about that. This auto market is highy competitive and its just not with cars but every other aspects of life that you can think of. Hey...i have no problem with innovation. Kudos to the innovator!!!!
    I am a young buyer myself ...just a college student and I am heavily biased on Toyota because I have had no probs with them and my family has had them for many many years of quality and dependable rides. I am a camry owner myself. I have the 2005 Camry XLE and before that a 1988 Camry which I might add, is still running strong with 298K miles on it. As for the honda...trans problems begin once it has reached 45K with both the hondas that my family had. It's weird but thats the truth. My spouse is considering buying the Corolla and I have test driven it and the Civic just to see how it is in comparison. I am just sooooo totally in love with the Corolla. It has a nice peppy engine and handling is just sooo awesome and its quiet with nicer interior than the civic imo.
    This is not my forum. I belong some where else.
    Anyway...i am out.
  • cutedhcutedh Posts: 31
    I am totally with you about the Toyota Corolla. I especially like the S. Just test drove it a few days back and just like you I am in love with the car. My friend has the Civic and after test driving the corolla, he is enamored by it. He would like to sell his Civic for the Corolla, but is not very sure since he will be losing some money in the process. He too looked at it and called it a Baby Lexus. I like the Corolla better too because of its nicer interior and peppy engine and it is a cute car.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    toyota had made many excellent quality cars, nowadays the toyota build quality has declined(IMO)examples: Hesitation/Transmission/e-throttle, Engine-sludge, lack highway stability, safety features particular on lower trim, etc! though they have great fit-&-finish! btw, Just wondering does your camry has any hesitation?

    2005 Corolla might be a better car than 2005 Civic! It would be interesting to see the improvement on 2006 Civic! example: 2006 Civic Si has 200hp(detune of a rsx type s engine) while Corolla XRS has 170hp! who is better?
  • carzzz....Give me a break. Lets talk about the 2005 corolla S and the 2005 civic EX. Both of the cars have approximately 130 HP. The Corolla feels and rides a lot better than the civic. The corolla's engine is also more responsive. If you are talking about HP pleazzzzz........does that mean a car is better because it has more HP. In that case...I could say that the mustang is better than the civic.
    Its the quality, ride, smoothness and reliability that matter. Both cars have them with and an edge to the corolla imho.
    By the 2005 XLE Camry has no hesitation and I have talked to other camry owners/friends and they don't have hesitation problems either.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    it's good that your car does not hesitate! I agree with you that Civic lacks low-end torque, which make it felt less reponsive! The Civic only has 110 lbft of torque on lower trim(4 more on EX)! Corolla has 125 lbft... definitely corolla wins on this! 2006 Civic Si(2004 RSX type S) has 142 lbft while Corolla XRS only 127 lbft... Torque is the power that make the car accelerate, not hp!
    BTW my opinion to camry and corolla are that they have:
    smooth ride ( lacking driving dynamic/feeback + mushy ride)
    quiet (tooooo isolated from outside, i would prefer slightly more road noise and wind noise because of realistic "driving")
    noisy(toooo much engine noise both inside and outside, is good that i do not need any amplifier and make it "sounds" like a muscle car). It is very funny when people hear the engine roar and look toward you, they just discover that it is merely a "toyota" without modification!
  • cutedhcutedh Posts: 31 are entitled to your own opinion and whatever you said......yeah whatever.....
    I know it is not a Camry forum but I guess ppl buying Camry's must reallly like the Camry's mushy ride as you so put it. Those ppl also made the camry the # 1 best selling car in the US.
  • chidorochidoro Posts: 125
    As for the honda...trans problems begin once it has reached 45K with both the hondas that my family had. It's weird but thats the truth.

    That is weird. The Honda's that have gone through my family include a '89 accord w/ 227k(before it was sold), a '92 accord w/155k (also sold), a '98 civic w/ 123k, a '01 civic w/ 51k, a '00 crv w/ 70k, and a '03 accord (V6) w/ 15k. Not one transmission problem. No slips, nothing. I don't anticipate ever seeing it as a problem as my '98 civic runs terrifically smooth.
    It sounds as if you were horribly unlucky. Given that, I would be miffed as well but I'm afraid your experiences w/ Honda are unusual at best.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    -Many CRs claim Corolla/Matrix has a noisy engine! (it is already noisy even at idling rpm!)
    -Both Civic & Accord are Top 10 Best Selling Vehicles in the US! (There must be a reason! Just wondering why did Corolla made it?)
    -Honda is more of a "driver" car vs Toyota is more of a "passengers" car because of driving dynamic, feedback, etc (When many people cross-shop between a toyota/honda, they would pick honda instead because of those reasons!)
    -Different drivers have different taste! There will never be a invalid opinion toward a car!
    -2003 economy sedan comparison test, Edmunds pick Civic as #1 while Corolla was 5th...
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Wow, this discussion has picked up some steam.

    I had a rental Corolla, the new generation corolla. I was not impressed by drving dynamics. I leaned in the corners too much, and when going over bumps, the car would move sideways as if it were a boat. But then again, I have been spoiled by Honda. With its tight but compliant ride, with controlled suspension moves and almost lean free corenering.
    It all started with an 85 Honda Civic DX, which I sold for $1500 in 1995, with 350,000 miles on the clock. I has not missed a beat. The car is still running. When I visit my parents I see it in the neighborhood.
    I test drove MAtrix XRS before I bought the Civic, and although I really liked the way it drove, Civic Si was still better.

    The new generation of Honda engines, the K-series, currently available on the Civic Si, RSX, RSX-S, Accord, Element, CR-V, and TSX, have conqured Honda's inherent low torque poblem. I am impressed, even 2 years after buying my Si, how much torque I have on tap. The new, redesigned Civic is alleged to employ K-series thoughout the Civic line, not just the cream of the crop Si.

    Corolla XRS is about the same as 1999 Civic Si, in engine and suspension design. I would say being 5 years behind the leader is something Toyota is used to. Honda has moved on from the high strung engines of the 90's to the efficiantly designed engines of the 21's centruy, mainly with the introduction of i-VTEC.

    Nobody is attacking Toyota quality, but quality does not have to be boring. Quality can be very exciting...

    Like I stated before, Honda has stepped up to the plate and extended warranties on all of the affected V6 vehicles with automatic transmission to 100,000 miles. I think that is a very honorable thing to do for a company that is all about quality.
  • hi,i have 05 corolla s and i think your are pretty
    much right about gas mileage.I am really disappointed ,because it is doing really low mpg.
    i had 2002 rav 4 L which i trade with corolla so i could save some money on gas but i think i have made a bad decision ,But not totaly disapointed with corolla ,because the same corolla is doing almost 45 miles extra with the supreme gas . Also if you look at it the look and the interior of the
    car. As far as i am concern about the dealer attitude that is just different with every dealer

  • I don't think you'll have any luck suing over an "estimate".

    It seems the Civic gets better "real world" mpg. I'm disappointed with my 21-22 mpg city mpg with my 05 Corolla automatic.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Have you had the first oil change yet? Usually owners see a significant uptake after about 3000 miles of break-in, and the first oil change.

  • chidorochidoro Posts: 125
    I agree w/ alpha. The Corolla has a good rep for being miserly with fuel. I'd look at the numbers after your break-in period to see what you are truly getting.
  • scooter71scooter71 Posts: 56

    Saturday I drove a 2005 Toyota Corolla CE 5-speed, rated at 41 MPG on the highway. It felt solid, and it drove almost silently. However, the driving position was very unusual and there was little leg room (I'm 6'2"). The interior, while tight, appeared to be very low end perhaps due to the expansiveness of monotone plastics with little texture.

    I then drove a 2005 Honda Civic LX 5-speed, rated at 38 MPG on the highway. It was much less spartan inside, there was ample leg room, and the build while not as tight as the Toyota was better than the majority. There was more road noise than expected.

    I bought the Civic, which is my fourth Honda. However I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Toyota to a shorter person on a trimmer budget.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The Corolla CE competes with the Civic VP. The Civic LX competes with the LE, and that model has a much nicer interior IMO, than the Corolla CE. In that model, you would have found Lexus-style instrumentation, faux wood that is restrained and classy, IMO, and upgraded fabric vs. the CE.

    The Civic LX 5M is about $1300 more than a typical Corolla CE 5M.

    Dont get me wrong, CONGRATS, you got a great car, but I just found your choice of test drive comparisons a bit odd given one of your biggest issues was with the Corolla interior.

  • scooter71scooter71 Posts: 56
    I sat in the LE but 5-speeds weren't available in my area. I found the faux wood to be very American car-ish (as in a '78 Sunbird or equivalent) and the plastic as visibly disappointing as the CE. I should've mentioned that in my first post, to your point.

    Regardless, my biggest issue was with the lack of legroom and unusual seating position.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Fair enough. I still think the instrumentation in the LE is 100x more attractive than the CE, though, and definitely as good as the Civic LX's.

  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    I am 6'0" and long time ago found that Honda's comapacts are the only compacts that fit me right. Honda has figured out what tall people need, ever since my first 1985 Honda Civic. My 88 Prelude has so much seat travel that I only use 80% of it. 89 Accord was just right, my 99 Civic fit me just right as well, and the 2002 Si fits like a glove. My girlfriend who is 5'0", on the other hand, feels at home in Fords. And I can't find a comfortable position in her Focus for the life of me.
    Corolla, although roomy, has all the room where I don't need it, and no room where I do need it. What does a big trunk do for me, when I can't stretch my legs?
  • 398lbft398lbft Posts: 5
    Couple of quick questions :

    Is there a Civic or Honda/Acura thats comparable with the XRS or say the SE-R (Sentra not Altima)?

    Is the XRS engine the same as the Lotus Elise engine ?
  • prosperprosper Posts: 3
    yes toyota supplied them the engine but in no way shape or form can we hit that 0-60 in 4sec in the
    your talking a bout a car that weights 1984 pounds and a engine that would turn that little care into a rocket... lol
    ok lets look at it this way the else 6 gear ratio is close to a indy car gear ratio and b4 any one throws a rock at me let me explain; the 2nd 3rd and 4th gear are close to indy spec some final gear spec on indy cars are 3.697:1 and on the elise its 4.53:1 very close for a street sports car and im only going by US specs then u have the weight distribution indy cars are nearly perfect in that department front to rear %42/58lb i can get into more detail but theres no need theres no acura/honda that could go against the elise maybe the nsx but the only thing the nsx would really have over the elise is the handling but then again u also have to put a good driver in the drivers seat because i do know the gear ration on the nsx is even closer to some indy cars but the weight is what counts and the elise is a lot more lighter then then nsx but if we shaved off a few pound who knows the nsx has 1169 more pounds then the elise and thats a lot of weight.
    and to get to your question i think so all those VVTI engines are nearly the same its the same engine that they used in the scions.
    i dont even want to get into the sentra thing these new sentras are nice to look at but there performance band needs to be touched up.
    (reason i used a indy car for comparison is because the elise is built very close to one).

    i hope i answered your question.
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