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Honda Accord Hybrid vs. Toyota Camry Hybrid



  • ydnaydna Posts: 3
    I just got my TCH yesterday. Looking at your list.....
    #3 & #4:
    Mine has a power adapter in the center console and a lumbar pump.
  • regal1945regal1945 Posts: 25
    Ya, mine does also. :D
  • plethysmoplethysmo Posts: 42
    Hope you guys aren't pumping your lumbars while driving.
  • ydnaydna Posts: 3
    I love this TCH. What a nice car. My wife has a 95 Prius
  • ydnaydna Posts: 3
    I meant an 05 Prius
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    "My wife has a 95 Prius"

    Wow! I didn't realize they've been making Hybrids that long. ;)
  • I am late joining this website. What is TCH?

    Jack H.
  • spent2muchspent2much Posts: 4
    Sorry, but I like power...The 2006-2007 Honda Accord V6 Hybrid is a MUSCLE CAR!!! The reason it didn't sell is because of original price and nerdy-looking wheels. The car is an engineering marvel! It should have been put in an Acura body, with sport wheels, since consumers are paying more for it up front. But, I love to blow the doors off other cars in downtown Dallas-Ft. Worth....It was also the only Accord with sound-dampening. It competes with all the BMW's/Mercedes Benz's out there, at a fraction of the cost..and better fuel mileage(as compared to 18 with similar power in others). Some teenager pulled up next to me in his Mustang the other day....I blew his doors off!...The other sedan-type hybrids out there are doggy, and dangerous! I got this HAH for $20,500 off Craig's list (33,000mi); it had a defective Hydraulic Control Module for the Anti-Lock Brakes ABS system, which Honda put out as a notice, but the previous owner could not figure was a complex problem...kept developing air in the brake lines... but
    once solved (covered for a 2nd owner under warranty).. its been the greatest car I've ever had...The other options..Prius, Camry Hybrid, Civic Hybrid just didn't have good acceleration (sometimes you need it in tight traffic in a big city)...or they were too tinny/noisy. I changed out the nerdy wheels for standard stock 2006-2007 Honda Accord 10 spoke sport wheels - had to grind down the caliper in front, but now it looks sporty, and drives (with its light suspension and steering/unlike Acura)
    like a sports car!
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    TCH= Toyota Camry Hybrid
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