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2007 Caddy Escalade



  • I doubt the 3rd row seats will feature a power fold design due to lack of independent rear suspension. Due to live axle rear suspension there is no space for the seat to fold into.
  • the 2nd row seats have a power button to fold them so it is easier to access the rear seats, but the rear (3rd row) does not have fold flat seats.
  • Edmunds has come up with some real spy shots and I applaud their CIA-like results. BUT, IMHO, the Escalade looks real CHEAP-LIKE. Ghetto type looking tires do not help either. I bet the sticker will be anything but cheap however. The SUV's are LOSING their value in an amazing free fall manner. Why would anyone buy into this stuff is beyond me.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Just wait until Nov 11 at the South Florida auto show where the Escalade will debut.

    GM has done a great job with the Tahoe and Yukon and there is no reason why the Escalade wont be a great product.
  • After seeing the pics today all I can ask is what's the big deal? NOTHING really mind boggling here. EXCEPT the sticker price. Some people are so easily impressed. Especially in the auto world. Buy this truck now and 2 years it will be worth LESS THAN 1/2 OF WHAT ONE PAID. How's GM going to sell anything when they're on the brink of going BK? Check the stock price today anyone?
  • Anyone know if the new Excalade/Tahoe/Yukon siblings are going to have a five or six speed auto? I am on my 3rd Tahoe but if I don't get a five-speed this time - good bye GM!
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Inside Line First Look

    Damn, this thing is nice! :D Cadillac should have no problem selling these, no matter how high gas prices are!
  • I like the current Tahoe/Escalade exteriors very much! Particularly the upsweep in the beltline, a small detail that gives a generally generic design some style.

    The new beltline couldn't be flatter, and it seems lower to me, less befitting a luxury vehicle.

    What's the deal with the 22" tires. They seem like P215's! And the design itself is.....generic.

    It is a great idea for GM to offer them, but I've NEVER seen a Tahoe/Escalade with narrower tires on them. Also not befitting a $60k, 5000 lb., AWD vehicle.

    The interior is GREAT, but now I don't like the xterior. On the current one I like the exterior, but HATE the interior.

    Maybe I'nm crazy, but to me they took anything nice outside, and put it inside. Now I hate the outside.

    Fast, luxurious, push-button seat. Styling has taken a step back to generic, chrome or not.

  • I am an owner of a 2004 "Out of the Blue" blue Escalade EXT. I always receive so many comments from other young men and women on the styling and the color. I am afraid to say that I am disappointed too in the new 2007 exterior styling. It looks like a gussied up Mercury Mountaineer, definitely NOT "a good thing"! I am hopeful Cadillac reads this and modifies the new grille and headlights for the EXT since they have almost a year to do so. They also made it look too much like the Tahoe and it no longer has that edgy, crisp-lines bad-boy look. Yes, the interior is better, but not as bright (chrome) and young-looking as I expected. The interior is 2000 model year Lexus. I am truly disappointed. The wheels also lost the crisp smoothness they previously had and have some ugly notchy humps on the spokes by the tires. Also, I am not at all liking the "GM" badge on it. Get BACK with the original program Cadillac, what the HE## happened? Why did you let Chevrolet ru(i)n the SHOW(iness)? Sincerely, Disappointed Cornhusker.
  • I've have owned 4 escalades since the body style change in 2002. I still have 2 of them now, but I be first in line to buy a new 2007. Except for the GM badge on the side, in my opinion GM has a real winner. It seem they have tried to combine all the features from other high end SUV's into one. I was really interested in a Land rover till I saw the 2007 Escalade... save me a place in line. Great Job Mr. GM thumbs up. :shades:
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Yes, the Escalade is truly much improved and the 403hp will really blow the competitors out of the water. Wonder what the 0-60 time would be, maybe low 7's or high 6's?

    Just asking, but why do you have 4 of the same vehicle with the same body style? Isnt that rather expensive.
  • I just own 2 of them right now I have a 2004 suv body style, and 2005 ext body style. I have given one of them to my parents as a thank you for all the time and money they have invested in me sending me through school. Plus it's a tax write off. Trust me my parents are complaining. I'll be getting to 2007 next year and give them the EXT. Who says hand-me-downs are bad. haha
  • My dealer has at least one on order (perhaps for the dealership)...says it should be in by mid - January...I'm thinking of ordering one soon...I'm set on optional equiptment however I question the 22 inch wheel/tire option (my heart says yes, my orthopedist says no!!)...I do NOT want to sacrifice ride quality for looks - any thoughts???
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 429
    How about you drive one first before ordering. Unless you must be the first on the block... In my opinion the standard 18's would be flashy enough. You can always upgrade through the dealer later if you change your mind.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080

    The interior of this new Escalade is really nice, probably one of GM's best in recent times. Check out the pictures of the seats as well. The 3rd row seems a bit low off the floor and smaller than that of a Navigator.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    I thought this forum would be more active considering how the Escalade is such a popular model.

    Anyway's here's pricing.
  • Nice interior aside, take off all the chrome add-ons and wheels, and the exterior looks like an Expedition.

  • Hey im new to the forum and i was thinking about getting a used 2003 escalade with kms52,012 for 39,990.00 (Canadian) and i was just wondering how much it is to insure these caddys
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