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Honda Civic Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cakes4cakes4 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm shopping for a Civic Hybrid in Southern California, but all the dealers I've contacted want a $2500-$3000 markup (above sticker) for the car. Does anyone know of a dealer who isn't asking for a markup?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,358
    Probably not.

    Demand far exceeds supply on these. I would be surprised if you can even find very many of them.
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    Wait a few months. Oil prices already have begun their predictable decline leading up to the November elections. By Christmas, you'll be able to buy one for invoice.
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    "Wait a few months. Oil prices already have begun their predictable decline leading up to the November elections. By Christmas, you'll be able to buy one for invoice."

    Good point and could happen. Particularly if we increase the supply of oil. But a friend that trades commodaties tells me there is just no oil to be found on the market. The third world is thirsty and supply is not remotely keeping up with supply so he tells me to count on ups and downs, but always a steady trend upwards for the forseeable future.

    Not sure how that translates to the mental outlook for car buyers. Right now there's panic to buy according to mpg. If that pressure decreases, then the market shifts to favor buyers like us. Yay!
  • There must have been a significant shift in market interest in the last few months, with gas prices currently at $2.71 U.S. average, as of the writing of this post, and the overall consumer economy in the slumps. I found six dealerships in Wisconsin and Illinois that have 8 or more Hybrids sticking around in their lots.

    The dealer invoice, according to, for an '09 Civic Hybrid non-leather non-NAVI is $21,675.

    Zimbrick Honda (Madison, WI) has literally 424 cars in their inventory as of writing (majority of them Accords and Civics) just sitting there. Without ANY negotiation power whatsoever I was able to ask for $23,500 OTD (tax is 5.5%) for a 09 Hybrid non-leather non-NAVI. After literally 20 minutes on the phone, I found another dealership in Rock County, WI who was able to go as low as $22,000 OTD without hesitation on magnetic pearl. That's about $800 below invoice at the moment.

    Not sure if other parts of the country are experiencing the same thing, but there is literally no fight with dealerships in the Midwest. Dealers are telling me on the phone that Civic Hybrids are tougher to sell right now as market sentiment is swaying back to larger vehicles with gas prices where they are. In any case, $22,000 OTD sounds pretty darn good to me for a '09 Hybrid Magnetic Pearl with 10 miles on it (right off their truck). I'm going to spend this weekend milking a few more dollars out if dealers aren't putting up a fight right now.
  • So, are you saying that you got a price as low as $22,000 including taxes, etc?
  • FYI - getting quotes of $1,500 to $2,000 off of MSRP in the Washington DC metro area from Virginia and Maryland dealers!
  • That's correct, although I should preface that there was a bit of some bait&switch involved with this $22,000 OTD (including taxes, title) price - the vehicle ended up being a demo vehicle with 424 miles on it (and apparently a ding on it that was later fixed through paintwork). So I took it with a grain of salt and walked away from that potential mess.

    I was able to consistently get $23,300 OTD (w/ 5.5% sales tax included) at most dealerships for a brand new '09 Civic Hybrid non-leather, non-NAVI. After four days of phone calls, e-mails and visits, I was convinced this was the bottom price point I was going to negotiate for this current month anyway.

    I ended up signing for a brand new '08 Civic Hybrid Silver with NAVI for $23,281 OTD (incld. 5.5% sales tax and title) - that was at David Hobbs Honda in Glendale, WI.
  • I was wondering if anyone has added an automatic remote starter in there Hybrid? If not how have you Northerners handled the freezing cold and ice on windshields etc for the winter. I purchased a 2005 Honda Civic this past May 31 and I'm dreading the winter months without an automatic starter. The new Hybrids you can get heated seats and I wonder if anyone has those and if they help. I kind of think they probably don't help too much because the heated seats wouldn't help through winter coats and wouldn't help the windows. Is it true that you can't have automatic starters on hybrid cars? Is it just Honda?

  • I bought a Hybrid with navi, magnetic pearl, 2009 in upstate NY for $24,200. Edmunds invoice is 23,509 - that does not include the $670 destination fee.

    $45 - doc fee (I think that's pretty standard in NY or at least upstate NY)
    $110 - dmv fees ( a little higher than normal due to me being a newly registered NY car owner)
    $22.50 - some fees about tires and stuff that is again some NY thing
    Plus 8.75% state tax

    So OTD was 26,450 or so

    I put $2000 down
    I financed for 3 yrs 1.9%

    I got multiple quotes by looking at places up to 3hrs away from me and I could have saved $200-300 by going to Ohio but it was more convenient for me to buy local. If I wanted the one without navi or leather, there were plenty around, on the dealers lots so you might be able to get a better deal on those. The navi one was slightly more difficult to find but I got mine in one day, the one with navi and leather, I found one 1-2 hrs away from me, but I passed it up although they ended up going to 25,600.

    In Ohio, they offered 23,700 on the one with navi but they have a $250 doc fee.

    I think I got a pretty good deal but not many posts here to compare it to!
  • The $24,680 price included the $670 dest. charge so I thought it was pretty good deal overall. I got the price over the internet from Valley Honda in Aurora, IL. A pleasant sales experience from start to finish.
  • duyduy Posts: 1
    I got mine in Plano, TX at Honda of McKinney for 24,326 (destination charge, tint windows, nitrogen, paint sealant, fabric sealant, mud guards, trunk tray, wheel locks included). It's with nav but no leather. OTD price was 26100. I'm happy with the price but not too hot about the mileage I'm getting - which is about 35 combined - even with conservative driving. I'm hoping this is due to cold weather (~30F of late). I want this thing to in in the 40's at least.
  • Any recent (Jan-Feb 09) sales prices on 09 Civics, preferably non-leather, non-NAV, to report?

    Anyone know whether HCH's are piling up on dealer-lots and at ports, as I've read is the case for Priuses?

    Have been looking mostly at Priuses, but dealers are keeping prices high here in NW, hoping against hope market will rebound. So I'm considering returning to the Honda-fold for a Civic Hybrid.

    Got to believe that $2 gas, the soon-coming new Insight and updated Prius mean good prices can be had on the HCH.
  • yankee28yankee28 Posts: 3
    We had narrowed our search to the Toyota Prius or the Civic Hybrid and drove both back to back. I was surprised how much quieter the Civic was compared with the Prius as I had read in several threads about the road noise in a Civic. We liked the hatchback and seat folddown capability of the Prius, but the ride, interior and looks of the Civic won out.
    We signed a deal with the local dealer for an 09 HCH without navi or leather and an MSRP of $24,450, for $20,645. I did some internet shopping and found several dealers willing to quote pricing, took the best of them and the local dealer matched it. We also took advantage of the 3.9% financing. The dealer tried to sell us on the extended warranty, offering 6yr, 100,000 mi coverage for $990, telling us if we don't buy it at point of sale the price would go up to $1,300, but we held off on that. After looking on the internet this morning I found a dealer willing to sell 6yr, 100,000 coverage for less than $800 as long as you buy it within the first 6,000 miles.
  • Just bought this weekend in SoCal – Polished Metal w/beige leather. $22,700 + tax. Great color, amazing ride, 50 MPG so far... why didn't I think of this car sooner???
  • Hi I recieved this quote through internet this past weekend for 2009 HCH (no nav & no leather). Just wondering if this is good price or could they go any lower than $22,300? (One said "losing money on the selling price" so they will try to justify $22,200 by asking whether I will be using their service dept).
  • Is it really a amazing(quiet) smooth ride and 50 mpg!!!
  • iceteruiceteru Posts: 8
    Hi Steve, can you please tell me where did you buy your civic hybrid for $22,300? Did you have the lowest interest rate? or what was your interest rate?. I'll appreciate your help. I am looking forward to buy this car over the weekend. Thanks
  • Hi, my name is John and not Steve.

    I've not purchased it yet. Its in the Sacramento area - Concord Honda, Auburn Honda, Roseville Autowest and Carmichael Honda. They told me 2.9 for 3 years OR 3.9 for 5 years. I am going to put down $12,000 and carry the loan for rest. Also, I have a trade-in. I've listed the dealer in the order who is most aggressive to least. I've used the internet to get the quote first. I was able to knock off additional $50 so far.

    Good luck. Let me know if you can get it any lower. I might just wait until the end of the month to drive it down little bit more. What do you think? I heard Honda is coming out with Insight this weekend (I think someone told me we can actually see one in the model room). Finally, I know Toyota Prius 2010 is coming out next month and there's still ton of 2009 Prius' out there. It will be interesting how dealer's will handle this.

    But life's fair - I remember dealer's all quoted MSRP+$2,000 (last summer) for Honda HCH & Toyota Prius. What goes around comes around.
  • Richard, not sure if your question was for me. I purchased from Honda Santa Ana, halfway between LA and San Diego in OC. It was a simple and stress-free... actually pleasant... experience. Not allowed to say the salesman's name here, but it rhymes with Melvin. I always contact internet departments at dealerships for great deals.
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