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Honda Civic Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just picked up my 2009 HCH (without navigation or leather).

    I think I got a pretty good deal, you tell me:

    $18,830 plus $98 processing, $1,135.74 Maryland tax (6%), and $222 for tags.

    $20,286.74 on the road (or out the door, as we used to say).

    Plus they gave me a $100 gift card to be used at the dealership.

    Any ideas on what I should buy with the gift card? The car kind of comes with everything.

    O'Donnell Honda - Ellicott City, MD - Soon Ok was the very pleasant and helpful salesperson.
  • azbazb Posts: 1
    09 civic hybrid base (no navi no leather)
    paid $225.36 before tax in south florida today ($240.01 tax in). I put down $395 for first month, registration and plates. Also got 3 free oil changes.....
  • alliecat1alliecat1 Posts: 11
    Hi all.
    This forum was so helpful that i wanted to post my deal i got it from Gardena Honda in Los Angeles.
    i did alot of emailing for this and most dealers couldn't match or beat this for the hybrid: i know the drive off was higher than most are paying, but i'm happy with this price. it is for 36 months and 12k a year.

    I paid $1100 total drive off (including first month, taxes, dmv fees, and $554 down) and $220/month including tax (9.25%)

    Cap Cost: $19802.33
    61% residual
    money factor .00125
    monthly: $201.37
    Monthly with tax (CA 9.25%) $220.00

    good luck all!!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    Congratulations! That's a great price.. :)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • kwyoonkwyoon Posts: 25
    alliecat1, your money factor had to have been 0.00175, not 0.00125.
  • kwyoonkwyoon Posts: 25
    Just took delivery of a '09 Civic Hybrid base model (w/ mud guards and wheel locks :surprise: ) from Autowest Honda (Sac. area) after a couple of days of negotiations.

    Price: $18,800.00
    Payments: $218.48/mo. for 36 mo., $0 drive off (incl. 8.25% tax)
    (1st mo. payment, licence and fees were incl. in cap cost to make $0 drive off)
    1 free "hybrid" oil change (supposed to be synthetic oil) :P

    Another dealer was going to sell it to me for $18,550 and I could have saved ~$9/mo, but I didn't want to drive out there.

    I think you still have a few days until this deal is over, but the month starts over again so they may not be so desperate. Good luck!
  • Looking at 2009 HCHs with navigation and leather seats and have a dealer offer of $3,000 off the MSRP and $200 below Blue Book for my Honda trade in. Is this where the market is at now or should I keep looking?

    Taking $3,000 off the MSRP of $27,520 is about $300 below the Consumer Reports Bottom Line Number.

    I would like to complete the transaction by the end of this week if all the numbers seem reasonable. I am relocating in a week for a new job and I'm not sure where I have more leverage--in Southeast Florida or where my family and I are moving--St. Louis, MO. I am not focused on the absolute bottom line number, but somewhere near that number.

    The dealership kept trying to push me into an Insight but I had great experience and enjoyed the extra leg room for the passengers in a Civic Sedan in the early 90s and have been leaning towards the HCH because of that.

    Thanks in advance for your comments!
  • pvhpvh Posts: 5
    Sounds good.. Just be patient though and don't be afraid to politely refuse any offer. You can ALWAYS return a couple days later and say, "yup, I'll take you up on that offer of 5 days ago!" regardless of a time limit that they may tell you. During that time just go to a competitor and tell them what so and so dealership is offering you.
    Patience and foot work if you have the time and effort.

  • pvhpvh Posts: 5
    regarding the Insight. The initial prices that they are charging will come down dramatically in another 6-8 weeks.
  • bradzepfanbradzepfan Posts: 4
    I am feeling a little angry that the Honda dealership told me with a straight face that I was getting the "best deal around", and that my price of $29,600 was making them "lose their shirts", but someone mentioned that dealerships can sell at "break even point" or even at a loss and still make money on the deal based on their relationship with the Honda Corp.

    Here are the stats:

    2009 Honda Civic Hybrid with leather and navigation, 120K/6year extended warranty, taxes & fees OUT THE DOOR for $29,600.

    Can anyone tell me was I robbed blind? Or was this price within reason?
    this Honda was purchased from a Los Angeles area dealership....
  • teampoppyteampoppy Posts: 2
    I just got the civic hybrid w/ leather and nav two days ago at an orange county dealer (OC Honda World). I didn't add any extra warranty stuff. The price was $23666 + 595 acquisition fee. They told me the price was $2000 under invoice because of incentives from Honda that were good thru May 4.
  • bradzepfanbradzepfan Posts: 4
    So with taxes you paid about $26,561 or so?
  • sd83srrsd83srr Posts: 7
    I wanted to know if anyone has Purchased / Leased a 2009 Civic LX in the month of May or if they know of any special financing, special discounts, money factor/buy rate, etc. I am in need of this information ASAP. I am looking to get into a new car in a week or two due to a lease transfer. Are the 2010's coming out soon? Thanks in advance!
  • teampoppyteampoppy Posts: 2
    yes that is correct. The price I posted did not include tax.
  • topgun12topgun12 Posts: 2
    I got what I think is a good internet price on an EX sedan with automatic for 17500, but the fees include a "processing fee" off 399. Is that something I should be paying, or trying to negotiate to get rid of?
  • tventtvent Posts: 17
    In Virginia all of my price quotes have that, it couldn't hurt to try to include it into the price. Your quote seems right on compared to what someone else here paid. I'm interested in the same car, has anyone got quotes for the EX Navi, EX-L or EX-L Navi or bought these recently? I haven't seen many people post their prices paid for these models. Edmunds doesn't seem very reliable right now because a lot of the deals I'm seeing are well below TMV.
  • massive1massive1 Posts: 1
    Last month I bought a EX-L Navi for $21.4K plus Tax and License in Victorville CA. The salesman told me they were making about $380.00 on the deal with incentives and holdback. This was right inline with Edmunds TMV..
  • topgun12topgun12 Posts: 2
    FYI, I got the 399 processing fee down to 99 by sending part of a quote from a dealer in MD who had a 99 fee. This dealer is also offering to beat the VA offer by 500 but we'll see.
  • I want to know what you all think of a deal I have for a new 2009 Honda Hybrid with leather and Navi for $23,195 plus tax (3%) $398 dealer documentation fee, $74 for a new tag ($55 to transfer)
  • pluto168pluto168 Posts: 44
    wow, you've got a great deal. What's the other dealership name? Does your $18,800 include destination charge?
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