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Honda Civic Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kwyoonkwyoon Posts: 25
    yes, $18,800 included dest. fee. the other dealership was Auburn Honda.
  • raubapraubap Posts: 1
    I just got a basic Civic hybrid 2009, $22K, out of the door at a San Diego dealer.
    I think it's a great deal. I did not get any extra offer like alarm, extended warranty.
  • teach42teach42 Posts: 7
    Found this in the newspaper for a local Honda dealer. I haven't done any other research just yet, but my Accord lease is about to run out, and I was thinking this sounded like a good deal. Thoughts?

    2009 Civic Hybrid Featured Special Lease $199.00 per month for 36 months. $2,299.00 total due at signing.

    Includes down payment with no security deposit. Excludes taxes, titles and fees. For well-qualified buyers.

    FEATURED SPECIAL LEASE: Closed-end lease for 2009 Civic Continuously Variable Transmission (Model FA3629EW) for $199.00 per month for 36 months with a $1,505.00 capitalized cost reduction available to customers who qualify for the AHFC Super Preferred credit tier. Other rates/tiers are available under this offer. $2,299.00 total due at lease signing (includes first month's payment with no security deposit, AHFC upfront acquisition fee and capitalized cost reduction; total net capitalized cost and base monthly payment does not include tax, license, title, registration, documentation fees, options, insurance and the like). Not all buyers may qualify.

    Subject to limited availability. 5/5/2009 through 7/6/2009, to approved lessees by American Honda Finance Corp. Closed end lease for 2009 Civic Continuously Variable Transmission vehicles (Model FA3629EW), for well qualified lessees. Not all lessees will qualify. Higher lease rates apply for lessees with lower credit ratings. MSRP $24,320.00 (includes destination) less the capitalized cost reduction (which may be paid by the suggested dealer contribution) resulting in actual net capitalized cost $20,040.39. Dealer contribution may vary and could affect actual lease payment. Taxes, license, title fees, options and insurance extra. Total monthly payments $7,164.00. Option to purchase at lease end $14,835.20. Lessee responsible for maintenance, excessive wear/tear and 15 cents/mi. over 12,000 miles/year for vehicles with MSRP less than $30,000, but for vehicles with MSRP of $30,000 or more, mileage cost is 20 cents/mi. over 12,000 miles/year. See dealer for complete details.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    This is the nationally advertised deal, so with some internet shopping you should be able to do a little better. We just leased on 09 Civic Hybrid on Apr 29, 24mo/15k per year, $1000 drive off, 260 per month (incl 8.75% tax). Just like you, we were at the end of our Accord lease. Be prepared for a much different driving experience - we already miss the more upscale Accord a little. So far, we are only averaging about 32 mpg - hopefully that will improve with more miles. Just make sure you test drive the car thoroughly and are satisfied with the smaller, lesser powered car. Hope this helps.
    Take care.

    Bill G
  • djchad94djchad94 Posts: 2
    After reading this forum for three weeks and seeing the deals people were getting, I feel I got a fair price of $20,188 + TTL. I tried my hardest to get it $19,999 but no dealer would accept. I bought it from Wittmeier Auto Center in Chico, CA. Was in and out of the dealership in less than an hour. I just showed up (first time I had ever been to the dealership), signed docs and left. Pretty easy.

    I know I didn't get the BEST deal out there but as far as I can tell, it's the best price I've seen in CA. :)
  • Getting email offers of about 20,188 for the base HCH, MSRP $24,320. This does not include dealer options and TTL. Anyone know how much they can go lower? I also heard that there is a $2000 dealer incentive from Honda on the hybrids
  • timaztimaz Posts: 7
    There is or at least there was a $2000 dealer incentive, which the dealer is likely taking into account on the price they give you. You never see the money, which is actually best because it helps you get a better deal without devaluing the car. I think your price is very good, assuming the dealer add-ons are minimal. Maybe not the very best you could get, but pretty decent. I paid 19,900 with dealer options (tint, door guard, nitrogen in the tires, special magic paint protectent). Most of the stuff is nice to have, but just added on to give an excuse for marking up the cost. Those extras have a huge mark up. It doesn't really cost them much to do, especially given the scale (when they have someone tint the 20 new cars off the truck, you can bet they have a special deal with someone to get it done for half of what it costs aftermarket, yet they will charge way more than the aftermarket price. I don't blame them for doing this - they are just trying to increase their profit, but they don't need to make a fat profit at your expense. I would see if they would give you the price of 20,188 with dealer add ons, or see if they or another dealer has a car without the add-ons (assuming you don't care about having most of those features.) Also, I would email other dealerships to see if you can get an even better deal in writing, even if it is from a dealership 100 or 200 miles away (would you drive 100 miles to get an otherwise free $500?) Then see if your local dealer will match the price. Or, pick which dealer you feel most comfortable with, who isn't too high-pressure and playing shell games, and tell them you would prefer to do business with them if they can match X price out the door, with dealer add ons.
  • I paid 19700 for the base hybrid with no options. could have saved another $1000 if I knew USAA had a car buying service. Check to see if you are a member of any buying service AAA or USAA for instance. No negotiation worries and a great price.
  • txmonkeytxmonkey Posts: 5
    I tried going trough the USAA buying service last week and $21,100 was the best it would give me. How you were going to be able to get it for $18,700? BTW, $19,700 is a great price.
  • txmonkeytxmonkey Posts: 5
    Just received and accepted offer from dealer in the north DFW area for a HCH w/ Leather for $20,145 including destination charge. As I mentioned previously, I tried the USAA program last week but speaking with the dealer directly worked the best. Also provided offer for the LX-S for $16,500 but went with the hybrid.
  • I checked after I bought the car and the price was 18700 - too bad I already purchased the car. I am happy with the price I got but would have liked the other price even better. I'm in VA. I purchased an Odyssey from the USAA dealer for 30400 with accessories MSRP is 37600.
  • Has anyone purchased this, and if so, how much did you pay? We were offered 72mo/100K mi for $2050. Is this good and/or even necessary? Thanks.
  • timaztimaz Posts: 7
    Bad price. Don't pay it. I paid $1010 for 8 yr, 120k, $0 deductible, which is the dealer's price from Honda. Everything above that is dealer markup. There are a handful of dealerships that sell via the internet at dealer cost because they get large incentives from Honda based on if they sell a high volume, so they make their money on the incentives indirectly, not the individual service contracts that they sell. I purchased through Hyannis Honda. I checked into it and everything is legit. It is the same exact Honda Car Care contract that you would buy from from your local dealer, just for $1000 less.
  • dungeonlaadungeonlaa Posts: 23
    I paid $970 for 8 yr, 120k, $0 deductible in Natick, MA in Aug 2007 ;)
  • tyler17tyler17 Posts: 1
    Ok, I am curious what you all can tell me about this deal.

    I am purchasing a 2009 HCH (base) AND a 2009 Honda CRV 4 WD LX AND a trade in for a fair running 2001 VW Jetta.

    THey offered 22491.91 for the civic (taxes included) and 20471 for the CRV (taxes and trade in in valued at 2500).

  • carpiedcarpied Posts: 6
    I have had my '09 for 9 days now. Love it! Got 46.8 mpg on the first tank. Great so far.
    We used an internet search through and got prices on all 4 factory models from 5 local dealers: (Base, w/leather, w/navi, w/leather &navi) We bought the latter for $22863, including dest., wheel locks, trunk tray and splash guards. TTL extra.

    ALSO, we added a 72 mo/120000 HondaCare warranty for $860. (The dealer tried to sell us a 60 mo/60000 for $1656. He said we would get all but $50 back if we never had to use it. BS IMHO)

    I put on 90+ round trip everyday to/from work, so my miles will add up in a hurry. The warranty is a cheap insurance policy for me.
  • rx2manrx2man Posts: 14
    What were the 2 other dealers that had good prices?, gave up on the Jetta TDI's the dealers are getting stupid on prices and they are already more than the HCH. Also are we at the end of 09 model yr, are more cars in route? Some dealers have 10 HCH cars while others only a couple.
  • I paid $24k + taxes and dmv fee for a 2009 HCH with leather and nav in Queens, NY about a month ago. At the moment, we were looking there were not too many options available to us -- most of the 09 HCH were sold out in our area dealerships.
  • We have discussed prices with several dealerships in the area. Durham, Wilson, New Bern and Sanford. Sanford and New Bern were very close. However, at the last minute, I checked with a sales rep at the Raleigh dealership since a friend of mine told me to before I made my final deal. I had not checked with them because in the past, they were not willing to deal, to the point of being rude to us. However, we will purchase the 2009 HCHL with extended warranty for 24580 OTD from Raleigh. They are also going to give us 4.5% for 60 months since our credit scores are above 770.

    Here is a very close guess to the price of the vehicle before destination and TTL. I come up with $21553, which is $1314 off of the invoice of 22867 for the HCHL. That is assuming that we paid dealer cost for the warrenty which would be $1135. This is because I was talking OTD price on the whole package, not individual components of the deal.

    This price seems to be about $1000 above what some have claimed to have purchased this vehicle for, but I just couldn't find anyone who would seriously discuss any price lower than this.

    Go with this price to New Bern or Sanford and they may well match it, or come within $100. I do not know how many 2009 HCH the Raleigh/Cary dealership has, but it is at least a few.
  • carpiedcarpied Posts: 6
    When I bought my car in June, there was $2000 dealer incentive cash available. This helped to keep the price low. I don't if there's any available in July or not. This may be why the cost is a bit higher. Still, $21,5 for the HCHL is not a bad price. But I would NOT settle for the dealer price offered on the Ext warranty. Since you didn't mention the mileage/time frame for it, I don't know what it would cost elsewhere. But do some homework and google Honda Care. I guarantee you'll get a better deal if you have an internet price to back you up. (Print it out.) I did, and got the 60mo/120k for $860 from my dealer to match the 'net one. I got my paperwork in the mail yesterday. Good luck, and happy motoring. :)

    BTW: my latest tank got me 49.47mpg, :blush: using 89 octane (same price as 87 regular where I buy it.) 47.07 overall on 2363.5 miles driven, saving me (cha-ching) $196 over driving my '99 Jeep GC :shades:
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