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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thanks warwoman ;)
    got the same deal as you in black. the price went up $500 from nov 30, 2006 to dec 1, 2006 but salesguy remembered and honored our phone conversation.
    $25,888 + $350 (gap insurance) + ttl
    2006 tundra 4x4 Double cab
    W/All Weather Guard Pkg.
    Rear Priv. Glass
    Limited Slip Differential
    Fog Lamps
    17" Alloy Wheels
    Carpet Mats
    Keyless Entry
    pre-financed i was there at 5pm and on the way back to atlanta by 6:30pm only because i had to choose b/t red, white or black. $700 more for red without mats and 16" tires.
    -sidenote: got a ticket on the way there as soon as i left i-85. 82 in a 65 at a $140... *bummer*.
    what bugs me though is i walked into my living room in time to catch advertising a ~20k DC 4x4 tundra. knowing atlanta dealerships though i realize/hope this is a bait and switch.
  • I'm like you,I've done enough research looking for this vehicle all over the Southeast to know that the Toyota of Newnan deal has a great big old hook in it somewhere. Believe me,you got a great deal! Did you take I-85 all the way to South Carolina and then go up,or I-85 to 985 and go up thru Clayton to Franklin,NC,and then cut over the mountains? Was it a S.Carolina or a Georgia ticket? What a bummer!!!
  • thru southcarolina 85 to 25 to 26. oh welp, i saved $500 with a phone call so i can't complain. i was doing 90 most of the way just to get there before my bank closed in atlanta. now i need a bedliner for hauling and running boards just to climb into the thing.

    thanks again
  • SC cops are tough! I'm facing the same situation with step bars and bed liner. I had black tubular step bars put on last week,and will take it to Franklin,NC to have rhino lining put on tomorrow. The step bars add to the appearance,and sure make it easier to get my short legs up into the truck.I haven't decided on a bed box yet,probably a black one. I am having a "goal post" type ladder holder put on in the near future,as I use ladders in my business a lot!
    Drive safe,and enjoy your truck. Have a wonderful Christmas.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    FYI the Toyota Tundra double cab 4x4 seems to be moving very slowly with the anticipation of the 07. Several dealers on have ads for $9000 off the 2wd.
    (with toyota loyalty, for what thats worth.)

    There are tons of the double cabs within 300 mi of Southern Ohio but not one access cab. Anyone else around the country note the scarceness of this model?

    For those interested, try emailing/faxing 15-30 dealers end of Dec or Jan and fish for a desperate dealer needing to meed a quota. See if $10000 off MSRP the $32000 dlb cab model is possible, being happy with 8400 or $9000. There is definitely a substantial amount of unadvertised dealer cash available in addition to the rebate.

    The $33000 vehicle wholesales for about $21000 in a year or so so even with $7000 off they are hardly giving an 06 away.

    Happy Hunting
  • I bought an 06 Limited Double cab with nav and dvd in 4wd with tow package. 2 months ago, All I wanted was leather but inventories are so low that I had to buy one with everything because I could not find one that did not have the Nav and the Dvd but still had leather. I ended up getting it for $37k with 0% financing.
  • stn0795.... just wanted to put my 2 cents in... I have an 07 Toyota Avalon and have been so impressed with the build on the car that when my son decided to buy a new truck last week, I persuaded him to check out the tundra. Initially he wanted a Nissan Titan.. I don't know anything about them, but from an aesthetic point of view, I thought it was hideous. anyway my son fell in love with the Tundra and just took possession of a new 06 Tundra 4x2 Double cab SR5 V-8. Alot of immenities, power windows, doors, electric back window, leather, fog lamps, and the list goes on and on. He ended up getting the truck for 24,558 + TT&L. Again, not sure if thats a great deal, but fairly confident that he got a "good" deal... when you factor in that he totaled his 2001 gmc stepside that I just finished paying off and signed over to him, and that he got an insurance check for 12 grand for the wrecked truck, it becomes pretty obvious that he got a great deal. ( I did think 12 grand for a 5 1/2 year old gmc stepside was good ) 12 grand in his pocket that he never even had to spit for brings those 28 to 30K tundras alot more affordable when you can knock 40% off with an insurance check...

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Good deal on the ins payoff. Who's your insurance with. Chubb group?

    Good call on the Titan vs Tundra deal too. Although it has its drawbacks and Titan has its advantages its a better and more reliable truck.

  • I am currently looking for a Tundra Double Cab, in Florida. Did you end up getting the truck for $23,000?
  • 2006 (model 7844A) Invoice
    Tundra D.Cab 4x4 V8 SR5 (Gold Color) =$27,104

    DJ- JBL AM/FM/CD With 8 speakers =$405
    CK- All weather guard Pkg =$80
    JC- overhead console W/compass, o/s temp =$128
    KE- Remote keyless entry =$184
    LD- Limited slip diff. =$227
    OF- TRD off road pkg, off rd tuned =$748
    PG- priv. glass =$64
    PN- anti theft system =$176
    SR- power tilt slid moonroof =$800
    CF- carpet floor mats/door sill prot. =$105
    4P- 7 pin to 4 pin adapter =$9

    So invoice cost w/ option =$30,030

    Then some odd charges

    Fuel/Admin charge = $10.00
    Delivery, processing and handling fee = $605.00
    TDA ???? (whats this) = $629.00

    total = $31,274.00
    OUR COST + 500.00
    REBATE cash back - $2,500.00
    Plus tax, title, and lic.
    Thinking about warr. also bump2bump coverage 7yr./100,000.
    They verbally said it would be about $2,000.00
    Oh yea Seattle,WA area
  • Unfortunately my 2004 DC LTD is totalled, thanks to a cell phone talker that didin't see me stopped in traffic to turn left and rearended me at 55mph. I loved the truck and will be replacing it with an 06 DC LTD. MSRP is about 38K, One dealer offered 2K off MSRP plus the $3000 rebate. Another dealer offered $31,500 after rebate and discount. Does this seem reasonable? I really want an 06, I prefer the more traditional style and real fake wood dash to the more modern style and larger size of the new 07 redesign. Plus I am reluctant to buy the first year of any new model, even a toyota.

    Does 31,500 for a 4x4 DC LTD in WI sound reasonable?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Start at my message 3863 on the Honda CR-V prices paid discussion for useful info on how to buy a car.

    The DC model seems to be a particularly slow mover around southern Ohio, with the access cab nowhere to be found. I'm not particularly fond of price targets, but if you need one start at about 10k off and be be happy with 7500-10k. The limited edition may be similar. Unless there are significantly less of them. Play hard to get as it is a buyers market.

    A inventory search from the Toyota website for about 200mi your surrounding area will show your supply situation. This whole market segment this year has been discounted 25- 30% off. The 08 redesign has slowed sales also.

  • Hi laney0069.. in your last post you asked if 29,274 was a good deal on the truck you were looking at. I believe you're looking at a 4 wheel drive vehicle... compare that to the truck my son bought 3 weeks ago, 06 double cab tundra 2 wheel drive, leather, electric everything, but does not have navigation or back up cams. he bought his truck for 24,558 + tax, title and license... as for extended warranty, I guess they run different prices between cars and trucks... i bought a new 07 toyota avalon sedan 3 months ago.. the extended warranty was 72 mo or 100,000 Miles with a $50 deductable and it cost me 1595.00 My son bought an extended warranty for his tundra, same terms, 72 months, 100,000 miles, but with a zero deductable.. his warranty cost him 1080. 520 less than I paid for mine... Go figure.

  • Went last night to go buy. Had them down to invoice only ( no plus $500 over invoice). Looked at the blue metallic. I pulled it into the dealer garage looked over. It was hit on the fender flare and maybe slightly pushed the bed a touch. Didn't fell comfterable buying even they said it would look good as new. Exact same setup and color avail in 2 weeks. Might get that or choose different color somewhere else.

    One those warr. you bought where they toyota warr. or aftermarket?
  • Looking to buy a new vehicle and 2006 tundra is one on my list. I found locally (PA) a 2006 Tundra SR5 Crew Cab 4wd V8 Silver. Not sure of the options but it is listed at $30240 MSRP. What is a realistic offer to make? and would this offer include the $3000 rebate or would that be additional to the offer I make? Thanks.
  • opsmoopsmo Posts: 8

    first question I have for you is the 3000 rebate something new in December. My son bought a new Tundra near the end of November and the rebate was 4 grand... might want to double check that... as for the amount to offer, let me just tell you my sons truck is a new 06 double cab v-8, leather, electric windows and locks, pretty much everything except it dosnt have navigation or heated or cooled seats. also his truck is 2wd... he got his truck for an out the door cost of 24,500 Hope this helps... oh, he had a gmc sierra 1500 before this... he says no comparison..Tundra blows it away. Good luck.

  • I just bought a Tundra today (Dec/15/2006) I know I buy it late but better than nothing . It a brand new 2006, V6, access cab, SR5. On the newspaper ads said: MSRP $24225, after rebate+sale my price is $15988. I went to the bank do some transfer money then I brought the ads to the dealer and ask them show me the car, the salesman take me to the lot and show me the car, it's a metallic silver, beige interior, V6, Auto Transmission, Airconditionning, power window and ........ I told the salesman I take it. That's is, all the deal done in 1 minute.
    So the price is $15988, and out-the-door is $17967.
    I know the new design 07 will come out in two months, but what the heck, I got my Tundra.
  • robin226,

    i'm looking for exactly the same truck you bought but where I may make a purchase they are charging $17,770 with out tax and license. Where did you purchase yours?
  • Hi All:

    I went to the local dealer in Greer, SC... Apparently there are no more Access Cabs. They have maybe 6-8 Double Cabs. Price quoted was $26,300 for the Sporty special edition one: leather, 20" wheels running boards, etc. I think $25,300 would buy it.

    Also I'm pretty sure I can get an SR-5 with nice alloy wheels and maybe a bedliner for $22-23K out the door. Cloth interior, no running boards, no wood trim, etc,... What do you all think? I haven't gone to Spartanburg, Anderson or Asheville yet. Should I try Atlanta? It's 2-3 hours from me.

    Thanks for everyone's input, and best regards

  • Just an update- I did it. Paid $31,868 (invoice), Pro Pack (paint sealant, fabric protector, underbody spray) $499 , window vin etch $199 , toyota maint. pkg.(11 visits 5k,10k,15k,20k,25k,30k,35k,40k,45k,50k,55k incl. parts&labor)= $995 , 7yr/100k toyta platinum bumper2bumper $1490. So total all that together and minus $2500 cash back. sales tax $3185.17, $35 doc fee. Grand total o.t.door $35,971.17. Oh yea, Bellevue,WASHINGTON dealer. Just LineX'd it $400 plus tax. Lowes tool box $250(orig.$278). Happy shopping. :shades:
    2006 TUNDRA D.CAB SR5 V8
    Here is the options I got
    CC, CK, DJ, AA, JC, JZ, KE, LD, LF, PG, PN, SR, CF, FE.
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