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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    Finally, got my 2007 5.7 4x4 limited DC, silver with graphite leather, with navigation, sonar, mudguards, 20" alloy wheels, cold kit and daytime running lights. Payed $500 over invoice.
  • ishinoishino Posts: 4
    Oklahoma City, OK. Dub Richardson Toyota.
  • mpaschenmpaschen Posts: 7
    5.7L 4x2 Double Cab w/ TRD, bucket seats, upgraded stereo for $250 over invoice. Had several other offers for invoice to $600 over. Got excellent trade-in value for my 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring and got both the $1000 incentive and $1000 trade-in incentive. I paid $4300 out the door incl. TTL and they let me pay for it using my credit card for milage rewards. :)
  • brad3507brad3507 Posts: 2
    i just looked a double cab without TRD and without the stereo and it was a 4x2 5.7L. Sticker was like 31.1k, what am i looking at paying for a truck like this? :confuse:
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    It will probably depreciate about 10k from msrp first year just like the titan and the old tundra, as well as the chevy and ford full size. You want 5-8k off list, just like with the Domestics and the old Tundra.

    Good luck

    i just looked a Idouble cab without TRD and without the stereo and it was a 4x2 5.7L. Sticker was like 31.1k, what am i looking at paying for a truck like this?
  • mpaschenmpaschen Posts: 7
    From own experience and what I read on other forums, any Tundra can be head for invoice to little over invoice. I would check Edmunds for the invoice price, add approx. $500 for TAD (Toyota Advertising Fee) which Toyota charges every dealer and then add up to $500 over invoice. Finally deduct cash incentives if you don't use the low APR financing.

    Sticker on mine was $31,258 and I paid $28,800. Invoice incl. destination and $502 TAD was $28,542.
  • ductwinductwin Posts: 4
    Hi bugchecker- you've got the one I've been looking for, can you give a ballpark of what you paid with all the options?
    Thanks for sharing!
  • habuxhabux Posts: 1
    paid invoice (I guess) $27,366 Great truck! Very impressed took 1.9 financing : )
  • tomktomktomktomk Posts: 7
    I am having an arguement with my dealer over a deal I made on a 07 Tundra DC on May 29th. Is there anyway I can find out what the dealer cash was on that date?
  • mpaschenmpaschen Posts: 7
    No factory-to-dealer cash was advertised. Factory-to-customer incentive varied by region and DC model. 4.7L was $1000 in most regions and $2500 in others. 5.7L was $1000 in most regions but I think some southeast regions were offering higher incentives.
  • neusslneussl Posts: 28
    To find out what you can really buy a new Tundra for find the web-site for Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville, NC. All new Toyotas in inventory have the MSRP and selling price listed. In the case of the 2007 Tundra, they are ALL marked down between 4.5K and 6.5K off MSRP. Their business plan gives you the best price without even asking. They will hold it the same business day if you desire to fly in and take delivery. Hope this helps.
  • abac1abac1 Posts: 19
    In Southeast cash to customer was $2500 from May 11th till June 4th.
  • tomktomktomktomk Posts: 7
    I realize that the dealer and Toyota need to make some profit. However, the dealer cash and a trade in allowance was not disclosed to me at any time during the process. Had I known that Toyota was participating in the deal (besides the 0% financing), I would have pushed for a bigger discount. Now I am not so sure that I got as good a deal as I thought. Is this an acceptable practice?
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    You mean they didn't tell you how much they were giving you for your trade or it wasn't even listed in your purchase invoice??? :confused:
  • tomktomktomktomk Posts: 7
    The $1000 dealer cash and the $1000 trade in allowance were factored into the trade and discount of MSRP. That is what the dealer is telling me after the fact. What I didn't know at the time, was that the $2000 total was coming from Toyota, not the dealer. The dealer made it look like it was part of their discounts. Had I known that Toyota was participating, I would have pushed for more dealer participation.
  • abac1abac1 Posts: 19
    I had similar situation. I priced a truck coming through the pipe line. Dealer cash was available but not mentioned to me. By the time the truck arrived there was hefty cash to customer rebate. Had to really fight to get the difference. After I had taken delivery another dealer called when the rebate went up to $3000 and made me a price on the truck I was looking for. If you took away the cash Toyota was providing the price was higher than a similar truck they priced right after the launch when they only were discounting $500 to $700 off of MSRP.
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    $500 0ver invoice. BTW, it is chucker not checker!
  • noles2gnoles2g Posts: 3
    Went to dealer here in FL to look at the crew max, and didnt love the interior...saw the xsp package on a DC with the 4.7 (shifter on floor not stalk) and got a offer of 36 mo's at 399/mo with 15k a yr mi. The sticker is 33,500 approx. MF .00190, buy out 22k. Selling price in lease= 31k. seems like theres a good bit of room based on the other posts was the first price I got and left to do more research..anyone have any idea of deals on a 4.7 DC with the XSP (leather +20 inch BBS, r.boards, lumbar etc)
  • noles2gnoles2g Posts: 3
    Just to add to this Im really just looking for leather and lumbar (back problems) but would love a 5.7 as well. I dont NEED 20' BBS (does anyone?) All the ones ive seen are like 41k sticker in this form. Dealer telling me they wont order one that way...I'll have to get a this BS?
  • rappcovarappcova Posts: 24
    The current $2,000 manufacturer to customer incentive (on the 5.7L DC) seems restricted to vehicles that are financed through Toyota at an APR "as low as 5.99%". You can either do that or take 2.9% financing without the $2,000 cash. Am I interpreting this correctly? Back in March, I placed a factory order with a price $995 over invoice, which came to about $1,900 off MSRP. I know there are better deals out there, but in my area, that's a real good deal. The truck is due for delivery in the next 2 weeks, and I was wondering if I could negotiate a better deal because of the $2,000 incentive. But I think not, because I'm paying cash and the incentive seems linked to financing. Am I reading it right?
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