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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 26,105
    Rear Underseat Storage Box ................. 40
    Sliding Rear Window w/Privacy Glass ........ 345
    Carpet Floor Mats - 4 piece ................ 115
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 685

    Total MSRP: $ 27,290

    Paid: $24,480-3000 Rebate
    = $21,480
    +tax (8.25%) ,tags,fees

    = $ 23,860

    Thank you all for your help. :-)
  • They have a few in my area, if the MSRP is $30,000, what should i offer for the truck? I have read in the previous posts about $9000 to $10000 off for 2007, will the dealer really go for that?

    Any advice will help

    Thanks in advance,
  • Good luck on the 07's I have not been able to find many. I found 2 of what you want at Toyota of Lewisville but they are both Long Beds. I think they have a total of 4 07's and 2 of them are the Limited versions. and they are 40 plus.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Look up your 07 vehicle wholesale price used with about 1000 miles on it on and Add about 1000 or so to that price for a new vehicle and if that comes to around 10000 off msrp that is what you want.


    They have a few in my area, if the MSRP is $30,000, what should i offer for the truck? I have read in the previous posts about $9000 to $10000 off for 2007, will the dealer really go for that?

    Any advice will help

    Thanks in advance
  • winston03winston03 Posts: 20
    The model I am looking at is simply the Tundra base with the 5.7 liter engine. The only add ons were the tow package and chrome front bumper. I was given a quote here in Atlanta for 24,900 plus tt&L. They were willing to waive thier typical over- inflated 499 doc fee. How does this compare to the prices you all have received?

    Briefly considered a Titan because of the 5k back. Not hearing great things about reliabilty however.

    Any feedback is appreciated
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    You are probably right to pass on the titan. A dodge ram 1500 with the lifetime powertrain warranty sells for 12000+ off msrp usually, and would be a better deal and truck..

    Look up the used wholesale value of an 07 tundra like yours with 12000 miles on it on and edmunds or Add about 20 percent to the wholesale for the price you want on a new one. With the economy and sales slowing and gas at $3.00/gal there is no reason to pay more. Check into the Chevy silverado too.

    The model I am looking at is simply the Tundra base with the 5.7 liter engine. The only add ons were the tow package and chrome front bumper. I was given a quote here in Atlanta for 24,900 plus tt&L. They were willing to waive thier typical over- inflated 499 doc fee. How does this compare to the prices you all have received?

    Briefly considered a Titan because of the 5k back. Not hearing great things about reliabilty however.

    Any feedback is appreciated
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    For a 2008 4x4 SR5 Double Cab 5.7 with a total MSRP of $33,846? I have calcualted invoice to be $29,565. I want to take advantage of the 0% financing so the 3k rebate would not apply. Please advise.
  • rlaryrlary Posts: 18
    I would except no less than 3500.00 off of the MSRP
  • bamaptbamapt Posts: 25
    I'm looking at a Tundra grade crewmax, 4x2, still debating on the 4.7 vs 5.7. Any opinions on which to go with and what I should have to give for it? I will probably be going for the low APR vs the rebate.
  • Any input regarding the following will be greatly appreciated:

    2008 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 5.7L V8
    Base model 33985
    Factory installed accessories FE EJ HM OF SP SR
    JBL AM/FM 6 disc changer, 12 speakers $1040
    Heated mirror, TRD Offroad Pkg $2155
    Power tilt moonroof $810
    Carpet floor mats $115
    Total accessories $4120
    Dest. $685
    Total $38790

    Dealer additions: Sirius Sat Radio 9 mo subscription
    Factory wheel locks
    Chapman alarm
    running board
    black painted rims, 20" tires
    coil Camburg adjustable coil covers
    Grill billet grill set
    Total options $6874
    Total MSRP $45664

    Dealership tried to add on alarm and bedliner to total MSRP and said they were inadvertantly calculated into the quote by mistake! Dealer quote is $42210 which is not much of a discount. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  • I'm assuming his quote didn't include the factory rebate. Depending on where you live, it could be anywhere from $2500-$3500. The discount of around $3500 you were quoted is near invoice, so say there was a $3500 rebate, you'd be net $7000 off. You can find local rebates by utilizing edmunds or you can go to for current specials.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    With these gas prices and the economy the way it is I would shoot for 9000-11000 off the vehicle, especially with the hi priced dealer add-ons.

    Good luck
  • kiwi08kiwi08 Posts: 1
    I got a quote of 30795 for this car with the following options on it then got another quote for $200 more saying they forgot to include the tint. I was told invoice was 34300. I'm in TX, should I go for it? I'm to meet them tomorrow so I really need some input asap. Thank you.

    50 State Emissions
    Fog Lamps
    Daytime Running Lights
    Tow Mirrors: Power Adjustable, Manually
    Extendable, Heated, with Turn Signals
    Fender Flares
    Leather Interior Upgrade
    Incl: Leather Faced Seat
    Liquicell Comfort Technology
    Power Lumbar Support - Passenger
    Back-up Camera w/Monitor
    Ball Mount
    Extra Mile 20 Inch Alloy Wheel Upgrade
    with Tire Upgrade (Set of 4)
    Wheel Locks
    No Charge Road Hazard Tire Warranty
    (3 Yrs/36,000 Miles)
    VIP Sales Follow-Up
    Vehicle Shield Package
    Lusterizing Sealant
    Sound Shield
    Sealant Cleaner
    Rental Car Assistance
    Vehicle Fueling (6 Gal.)
  • $8k off, maybe... $9k off, a stretch, $11k off, well, they don't have that much in the vehicle. I guess anything is possible these days. There's only about $3k-$4k in front-end gross profit on these trucks. Even if a dealer were to subtract out his holdback, wfr, and ad fee, you'd be roughly $5500 off list, then assuming a $3k-$4k rebate... well, you can do the math.

    Now, if you want a Dodge, $11k off is very doable, especially with rebates in the $5k-$6k range.
  • Thanks for the help! The quote above didn't include the rebate which is 3K in our area. Dealer said 42K is the lowest they could go on that vehicle. I walked away from the deal - didn't like the sales tactics of trying to add two of the options on the MSRP twice. A different dealership has a loaded limited Tundra Crewmax 4WD with nav, leather, RSE without those black rims for the same price.
  • After getting all the data on costs/options and color, I proceeded to to apply for -0-% financing for 48 months. Based on our FICO scores of 750+, we were pre-approved @ -0-% @ 48 mos for $44K. I then proceeded on the internet and typed in the dialog box that I was willing to pay only "dealer invoice" and don't waste my time!. I received 4 offers via e-mail and phone for 08'Tundra CrewMax 4 X4 @ "dealer's invoice plus DMV fees". When I finally received a written confirmation as to the CrewMax options/color/and dealer's invoice pricing, I made an appointment to finally the car. At the time of closing or signing, I asked to review the detail cost analysis, and to my surprise, the Toyota dealership added $730 in admin fees, $500 in marketing, $800 in bank flooring interest fees, and $10 for gas: in addition to the dealer's cost. I questioned the 4 line items, and the reply was that it was mandatory fees! Bull! I walked out and fired off an email to the dealership/ BBB/ action line/ Consumer Affairs/ Federal Trade Commission. The added fees totalled $2000 on top of dealer's invoice...more profit and gougeing to the "qualify customer." In my complaint and letter, I informed him that my sister works for Toyota USA and the added fees are hidden fees (outlawed by the FTC). There are alot of shady dealerships out there. I went to the other dealership and proceeded to get him to put in writing or e-mail that there will be no surprises at closing such as hidden fees. So be careful, dealerships are adding mark ups (fees) to the so called "dealer invoice." You would think with the economy in a near recession, and there are 500+ Tundras sitting on the dealer's lots, they would treat a "qualify buyer" this shabby way. Don't shop at Salinas Toyota: drove 150 miles and wasted 3 hours of my time.
  • There are a ton of Tundras sitting on the dealer's lots: 2007's and 2008's. You can get dealer's invoice pricing by just demanding it, but just make sure at closing, the dealership doesn't add the hidden fees such as $730 for admin, $500 for advertising, $800 for interest/flooring charges for the Tundra sitting on the lot. You are willing buyer; their job is to move inventory! Just don't be eager in the sale and show your desire and emotions. This is a $40k business decision! This is not a "need"; this is a want. If he can't sell it to you at invoice, someone will!
  • Dealerships have found a new way to gouged the consumer. Instead, of adding markups on the car sticker price, they are advertising "dealer invoice" and marking the fees at closing when you are about to sign papers. It is the "nickle and dime" hidden line item pricing at closing: doc fees, admin fees, marketing fees, bank flooring interest, and gas. Before you sign, look at all the line items; it wil turn out to be $2000 on top of dealer invoice. The dealerships get a 3% holdback from the factory or $1200 on a $40k Tundra CrewMax. I have purchased 5 cars at so called "dealer invoice" on the internet, but never encountered this scenario until over the weekend. Stay away from Toyota Salinas!
  • The advertised "rebates" by Toyota are computed after the dealership computes the total sales price/tax/DMV fees. The so called $3000 rebates off the 08 Tundras or $5000 off the 07 Tundras are reflected after the final sale. What a joke! More profit to the Toyota dealerships. This also applies to "trade ins". The salesman are trained to talk about retail and fabulous "rebates"; just make sure we're looking at dealer's invoice; the dealerships get paid on unit sales, plus the dealerships get a 3% holdback as profit on the car. There are mo ethics in the car retail industry!
  • Let me see if I can break this down for you and simplify/clarify any confusion. It appears that the fees they showed you ARE legit and part of the factory invoice. The marketing fee 'aka' TDA is a regional adverstising fee that the dealership pays the distributor and they are NOT refunded or "kick-backed" any of that money. It can vary by manufacturer, but I can tell you that it is NOT a profit item for Toyota.

    If you're in the southeast region, you have to deal with SET (Southeast Toyota) and they do charge an additional Admin fee of ~ $750 on every vehicle as they deal with a different distibutor. I'm sorry if you live in the SET region as they truly do beat to a different drum down there.

    The holdback is 2% of the base msrp and Toyota charges a flooring fee called "wholesale financial reserve" which is 1% of the base msrp. These can be negotiated, but they are not "hidden fees" as you mentioned. Salesman do NOT get paid on these charges as they are not comissioned items. Some Toyota vehicles charge $10 for fuel, who's gonna' bark over that $10, especially when you get a full tank which would cost you about $90 if you did it yourself at current fuel prices. Again, these fees are all included on the invoices you put together online, they are just not itemized as detailed as a true factory invoice.

    Now, because the dealer probably showed you his "vehicle inquiry report", which is the computerized version of the "hard copy" invoice, it itemizes all the "fees." If you go back and build your vehicle via edmunds or kbb... the holdback, wfr, and gasoline ARE included in the invoice price. Only item that will be missing is the TDA 'cause it varies by region. And, if you are in SET, you have to add the ~$750 admin fee to your build order.

    So, when you offered invoice, it appears he gave you invoice (which is what you asked). I'm certainly not taking the dealer's side as I was not there, but the fees you described ARE part of the invoice. Remember, invoice is not cost, but rather an arbitrary number that consumers are able to utilize to see what the market is willing to pay in relation. No salesman, of even a manager for that matter know the true dead cost of a vehicle - the owner and/or the GM (maybe) are the only ones at the dealership that would know that number.

    In some cases invoice is a deal, in some case, it's not gonna' happen, but either way, when it's itemized on the FACTORY INVOICE, it's a charge from Toyota or SET, and all though you may think it's BS, they are NOT trying to pull a fast one on you.

    The fee you should be worried about is the documentation and processing fee. Here in SoCal, dealers are capped at $55, which is very reasoanble, but in some states, I've seen it as high as $700! Now that's a bogus fee.

    In this day and age, you have to negotiate with kindness (but be firm), otherwise they WILL let you walk and you'll never get a vehicle as they know you'll burn 'em on the survey (CSI), which will take even more money out of their pocket.

    Please don't take the tone of this e-mail personally, it was simply to edcuate you (and others) how the car biz works (at least from Toyota's standpoint) and how to get a deal w/o thinking the dealer is trying to screw you. Does it happen? You bet - all the time, but I'm simply pointing out that you asked for something (invoice), and he gave it too you. Because you did not understand how the dealership worked, going to the BBB etc. was way over the top. If you wanted to go $1000 back of invoice on a Tundra, he probably would have done it (based on current demand), but $1000 below invoice is $1000 below the numbers he has inked on his factory invoice, not what you "think" his cost is.

    'Nuff said... good luck with the next dealer.
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