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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • outlawsixoutlawsix Posts: 8
    TotalcMSRP $38,486, 8.5% tax rate. Sure as heck hopeing it's a typo.
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45
    I live in Illinois where we have a pretty stiff sales tax and licensing charges, and my TTL was less than $3,000.

    You should look at the new car pricing on this site and select the base model and options you want. You should be able to get the truck for Invoice. Just remember that there will be some additional charge on the dealer's invoice usually called the advertising fee. For my truck on Wednesday in IL, that was something like $550.

    Once you have the invoice amount, the incentives come off of that. Its majic.

    I couldn't help but notice what appears to be non-standard options in your list. You should consider if you really want these. If the salesman squawks, I would suspect you are being jaked. You may want to consider pricing the vehicle out as I describe above and request Internet quotes. This bypasses the floor salesman. I wouldn't do it any other way.
  • outlawsixoutlawsix Posts: 8
    he had made a typo when sending me the email. We agreed on $31,689.50 before TT&L. With TT&L came out to $34,604.26. I feel a lot better now. Now just to wait until the 20th and pick up my new toy and burn some gas.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    I figured as such...

    Congrats on the new truck!
  • outlawsixoutlawsix Posts: 8
    Thank you Sir. And I must say a big thank you to you as well. Now I probably didn't get as good a deal as I could have. But me not being a natural born haggler I was behind the eightball already. But due to reading your input on here I feel I did pretty darn well.

    Not sure where you are located but if nearby I would buy you a cup of coffee. Thank you again for all of your help to myself and others here.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Happy I could help!

    Getting a good deal is subjective - you feel good about your purchase and that's all that really matters!
  • closenoughclosenough Posts: 24
    My deal is complete. I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed here. The knowledge I picked up was invaluable in formulating a competitive, if not aggressive price.

    My deal was for a CM Limited 5.7 4wd MSRP about 48.4, agree upd price of 43.2 before the rebate, about 600 below invoice.

    Email me if you need any details.

  • Dealer cost on that truck, with front navigation and rear dvd entertainment system, tow package, TRD Off Road Package, and 20" Alloys is just under 40k after the rebate.
  • closenoughclosenough Posts: 24

    I'm not quite sure what your point was, your definition, or where you found your numbers. My terms/numbers are easily verifiable.

    I don't know what the term "dealer cost" means, I believe only the dealer knows that. I'll stick with the ones we can verify, MSRP and Invoice. These numbers can be verified here on this website or on a dealer inventory sheet (just ask.)

    In my case the MSRP of 48,371 has an invoice price of 43,793 including expense items for TDA, Holdback, and WFR.
  • I posted that to basically confirm you got a pretty good deal. Dealer costs(how much the dealer pays for the truck) are available to USAA members through their car buying service on their website.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Awesome! How much was the rebate in your area?
  • closenoughclosenough Posts: 24
    3,000 cash back or 0% plus 1,000 down payment assistance.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    A "net" $8200 discount is fantastic! Again, great job!
  • davedelitedavedelite Posts: 7
    Does the 48,371 number include the TDA, Holdback, Delivery and WFR? Or, does the 48,371 include the Delivery, and NOT the TDA, Holdback, and WFR? I realize that the invoice number you share includes all (4) of those fees
  • closenoughclosenough Posts: 24
    The 48,371 is the bottom line on the sticker, so yes all of these fees/expenses are included. Invoice is invoice, a well established figure that can be had from many references. To get a better sense of dealer cost you would remove the TDA, Holdback and WFR from the invoice yeilding a lower number than invoice.
  • davedelitedavedelite Posts: 7
    I have a deal on the table I may decide to close on later today. It is for $1,000 off invoice (well, until the dealer today said there was a show-room charge all vehicles take on at this ownder's dealership for $187.....which I did not fight too much today, but I will probably tell them to either remove this, or at least toss in the $80 fee for dealer pinstriping for free and then I will go forward). Not a bad deal (unless someone here tells me otherwise) because I am getting a truck from "match-trade" to get the "core" group of options I want on the color combo I want, and then build it up almost to custom at the port so it only has what I want and not any other bloatware from the port. Also, by getting as many accessories from the port as possible it is much less than having the dealership accessory guys get involved and their mark-up and labor rates, etc. Kind of like having a truck built to order, but it only takes about 7 days to get it. The only thing I don't like about this region (TX) is that you can't get a 4x4 LTD Crewmax WITH Moonroof but NOT with the DVD Nav (since I wanted to go aftermarket.....but decided it would be uneconomical if the DVD Nav was already in so I am stuck with the integrated Toyota version).

    For Crewmax, 4x4, Limited

    Base (42,070) 36,811
    20" Alloy Wheels (920) 736
    DVD Nav (1,650) 1,368
    Daytime RL (40) 32
    Sunroof (810) 648
    50 state Emiss (0) 0

    Add Ons at the Port
    Predator Running Bds (599) 449
    Front Win Tint (179) 99
    Carpet Mat Set (178) 106
    Molded Dash Applique Wood Trim (350) 215
    Bed Extender (320) 230
    Vehicle Shield Pkg with Sound Shield (349) 99

    Other Misc
    Deliv/Proc/Handling (765) 765
    Holdback (841) 841
    Interest (420) 420
    TDA (995) 995
    Dealer Floor Fee (0) 187

    Total MSRP with Holdback, Interest, and TDA included is (50,486)

    Cost (sum of numbers not on parentheses) is 44,117 (I am actually missing a 116 item on invoice somewhere, and therefore on the MSRP as well, since the sum of these numbers on this list is 44,001)

    So compare the 44,001 to the MSRP of 50,486 and then subtract off 80 from the 44,001, since I will make them throw in that pinstripe to compensate for the last minute B.S. Floor Fee of 187 that does not go on MSRP. Then I will be at MSRP 50,486 and my price of 43,921 before the $1,000 off invoice that we had agreed to. That means my price before TTL is 42,921. I could take $4,000 off in my region or 0% interest on up to 60 months financing or 36 months lease. So, I guess if did take the rebate, my cost would be 38,921 (not including TTL) on the MSRP of 50,486. Anyone see any areas I should do better on? I think 1,000 below invoice is a decent deal from what I have read, though, in our region I think the invoice is bloated a bit by the Delivery fee being about $80 above Nat'l average and the TDA being higher than normal from what I have gathered elsewhere.

    In the end, after doing the math, I might take the financing instead of the rebate (I have other factors at work here also insofar as running a lease through a company, etc.)

    Let me know your thoughts.
  • davedelitedavedelite Posts: 7
    Completing my previous post. The missing $116 fee was PIO, for port installed options...the service cost of doing it there...but much cheaper than at dealership. They waived that B.S $187 floor fee I spoke of, so that means the final invoice was $43,972. Less the $1,000 dealer discount is $42,972. Add my $80 pinstripe, take off another $1,000 and get the 0.0001 Money Factor for the Lease (basicly 0.0% APR), and 5.0% tax credit (L&M) benefits in my region....ASK ASK ASK. I was not counting on this when I summarized above, but it IS available in my region right now. Bottom line, on my TTL I saved another $2,100!! With doc fee of 196.30 and Acq Fee of 550, I have a total capitalized cost of 43,302.92 for my 0.024% APR Lease.

    I am pretty pleased with this deal......
  • mntbikermntbiker Posts: 5
    what was the residual on your lease?
  • davedelitedavedelite Posts: 7
    It will be whatever you get by using the above Money Factor and capitalized cost and an oversized payment to build equity into the vehicle. My firm has a fringe benefit of use it or lose it large per month fee toward a we structure things this way, and set the term to the lowest residual possible, then always buy the car out at the end. It is part of the own it for cheap and under then mkt value after it has been a work vehicle. Hence, any number I quote you for payment or residual is meaningless as I don't by on lowest monthly payment....I buy on lowest cap cost and lowest money factor.
  • shannondanshannondan Posts: 5
    I was offered what I think is a good price on a 2008 Double Cab 4X4 LTD 5.7L Tundra with NAV: $34480. MSRP is $42250

    When I went to the dealer for another test drive and to let them look at my trade they tried to slide in $380 worth of pin striping and dealer license plate holders and such stuff but the offer still stands at 34480. What do you think?

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