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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    Double Cab SR5, 4x4, 5.7Litre, regular bed.
    Plus tow mirrors, alarm, bed tie downs and backseat storage box?

    The Edmunds TMV less current rebates is 24,500.
  • I live in Calif. and have been going on line for months looking for just the right 2007.
    I found it at Vandergriff Toyota in Arlington, Texas. The 2007 DBL cab, 4x2, 5.7eng.
    Limited with Nav, camera and all the goodies was $26K out to door (except Truck has 65 miles and I got the 7yr/100K warrenty included. Looking at the prices listed all over the country, just let me say don't hesitate to negotiate!
    Before being shipped, I had them install the wood dash kit and they gave a very fair price below msrp. Shop around, throw out your best price and let the dealer earn your business.
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    Basically, I don't deal with a final number. The last four cars I bought, I just
    offered so much over or under invoice, depending on how hot the car was at the time.
    I bought two VW just by calling around and asking for invoice. It keeps things simple.
    Then once you get that settled, you can pick and choose from Trucks available.
    So far on my Tundra, I have gotten starting offer of Invoice plus $275 from my
    usual dealer. That was via an email.
    So using invoice as a point. What are people getting now. I will be using
    the full $5500 in rebates available after that is settled.
    I was hoping for $500 under invoice. I would accept that deal.
    (I will be getting a SR5 4x4 Dbl Cab regular bed).
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Why not deal with the final number since we all pay an OTD price? Never make the offer... just compare apples to apples and go with the best OTD price... plain and simple.
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    The reason I use Invoice minus(or plus) is that each car is equipped a little different
    and I just agree to pay a price relative to invoice, then I can pick and choose
    from what is available. You pay dealer invoice for the car and all options plus or minus your premium or discount. Otherwise you have to pick one particular car.
    For example I called a few dealers, told them I would buy a Tundra for Invoice -$500 and wait for them to decide if they want to sell for that. Then I see if they have what I want in stock or available.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Well I understand what you are saying however you are not comparing apples to apples.
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    I figure it is the only way to compare apples to apples as each car might be a little
    different in extra equipment. The apple is the discount given that each will vary. I want a truck as close to what I want at fixed discount.
    If one has a better stereo than I want, at least I am only paying invoice for it.
    The more numbers the dealer gets to play with, the more confusing it is for the buyer.
    I am totally happy negotiating a fixed price relative to invoice.
  • bravelybravely Posts: 8
    Hi nyaudi--
    We are looking at the same truck, orange county, ny. Can you lmk the dealer you went with? You got a great deal IMO. Just starting my research, late in the game, it seems, for August. Are all these rebates still applicable? Thanks!!
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    I picked up a new truck last night for $500 (before $5500 in rebates) under invoice. There are plenty of trucks out there still and you can probably do better still as every dealer I called said no problem to that discount, however they claim Toyota is trying to dry up the supply so they don't have to have such high rebates and can bring out their 2009. I had to get some things I did not want as their were none with the bare minimum of items I wanted. I used for my guide on invoice price.
    However, you cannot find the car you build online. I had to take a few more options
    like the Back Up Camera, which I am totally glad I got.
    I ended up spending about $2,000 more than I went in to spend, but still
    about $4,000 less than my 2000 Tundra was when I bought it in 1999.
    To get the $1500 Business Owner rebate, you must register in business name and get business financing from Toyota, which is 1% higher. However, I usually pay my cars off in 3 months or so, once I sell my older car and move some money around to cover.
  • nyaudi,

    I just bought a Tundra last night with the business rebate. I have a d.b.a as well. So does your actual vehicle title say the d.b.a name with your name as the co-owner? I just want to get clear on what exactly the insurance card has to say..... Thanks for your help!
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    The title will have the business name and your name. Just let your insurer know so that you are not in violation of exclusions on your policy.
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    My insurer, (allstate) has told me that I may have to have a business policy for the vehicle if it is in my business name (I am a sole proprietor with no employees) and that that policy can cost at least THREE times what a regular policy costs, which would be a major cost beyond the rebate.
  • To answer a few questions - no idea what Sep rebates are - but I'd expect with oil falling and supply dwindling as the factories have been closed, these rebates will start to fade. The one thing working in your favor is a 2008 is really a used car at this point by model year terms, so that should help. Our dealer was in Kingston. Not sure I can post name, but you can figure it out.

    As for the business discount, yes, it will show your DBA on the title, registration and the insurance card must match your DBA name precisely. But for a sole proprietorship, there is no extra paperwork or hassle. If you do this, you want to tell your insurance this is something like a 10% part time business. Our insurer had no issues with this - they said 20% was their limit. (I told them exactly what I was doing in terms of scoring an extra discount - they enjoyed the story...) And call it something that has you driving only around your own house - like a farm. I'm not surprised Allstate would try to make some more money off it - they are overpriced to start with IMHO :-)

    Finally, check Mass. prices. Had we gone there, we may have saved another $1K based on what I saw online, but not sure they will sell to NY resident and provide the Mass. rebates. Good luck and let us know how you make out!
  • I am considering purchasing a new Tundra. I want a crew max 4x4, w/TRD package, tow mirrors, bed tie down package, and daytime running lights. I also want to keep the 0%. What is a good price for this truck? Whis is invoice on this model?
  • I am curious as to why there is not a lot of activity on this board? Seems like there is a lot of on some of the other boards I am watching.

    Anyway, I am looking to buy a Tundra this week. 4X4 TRD Double Cab. It also has Running lights, brushed steel stepboard, remote start, alloy wheel locks and all weather mats. I don't want the 0% financing and I know that after the Labor Day holiday they took away $1K of the $5K rebate. The dealer told me he would sell at $500 over invoice plus the $4K rebate. I am not sure if that is a good deal. I don't feel I can claim the business rebate and quite frankly don't want the hassle (yes I know it is $1,500K but I just got audited by the IRS this year and am squeamish).

    Curious as to what you all are seeing. Thanks!
  • I got the rebate, but I do have a state business license (easy to get) which is required even if you have just hobby income. The IRS does not have any idea that you to a rebate on a truck. The dealer just needs your state biz license number.
    ALSO... do not pay more than Invoice minus $500. I had more than
    one dealer taking that offer by phone so I am sure it could have gone lower, but
    I was reaching the labor day deadline.
    Ask your insurer about the business registration. You will be registering car in
    business name. If you use your own name, no big deal. I have Allstate and they just
    wanted to make sure I was not going to be having employees drive, which I don't.
    We are a one person farm business.
  • Hi! I'm new to this forum and in the market to buy tundra. The best price I can find so far is......

    "You are looking at a black Crewcab 4x4 Limited with navigation with a MSRP of over $47,000 for $38,485 plus taxes, tags and $100 processing fee. If you qualify you can get another $1500 off of the $38. Give me a call to discuss this truck."

    What u guy think?? Oh, I'm in northern Va. Thanks....
  • It is only good if you are paying under Invoice by at least $500 not counting any
    rebates. Figure in your rebates after you agree to a price relative to invoice.
    That way, if the truck you find from them or through a locate has different
    equipment, you price is still set. You don't get a bait and switch etc.
    I have bought 4 Toyota's this way, on the phone and it is the easiest way.
    There are some that got better deals than me, but I got my for invoice minus $500
    and then received 5500.00 in rebates (1,000 in rebate ended Sept 2).
    It sounds like your price quote is around invoice, but use the Edmonds pricing.
  • Bought 5.7L Grade 4x2 Cremax with the following add-ons. Tow package,Steel wheels,Fog lights,Day light,Tow mirrors,Preferred package. MSRP 30,800 go it for 24,750 Out the door. Took advantage of the rebate(4,500 in CA).

    Tried 4 other dealership in the bay area but non would touch this deal.
    What do you guys think?
  • At the advice of this forum, purchased MY Tundra last night, 9/23, from Ron Carter Toyota in Alvin, Tx (suburb of Houston) for nearly 13,000 below MSRP. Had em backed against the ropes with 11000 below Sticker but while waiting in their customer lounge with free internet, I peeped into this forum and found out about the additional rebate of 2K for flashing my DBA. While in with the "Business Manager", I hit em with the knockout blow by mentioning the Business Solutions Rebate. I then had to redo the credit ap showing my business as the buyer and myself as the guarantor (co-borrower) and BAM / VOILLA, another 2grand was taken off!!!! MSRP for my truck was $38,976 and I drove out paying 26,000+TTL

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