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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Do a google search on "Tundra bed bounce" or Tundra harmonic vibration. Please watch this video:

    You will be shaken HARD by certain sections of road.

    I've owned my 2008 Tundra double cab 5.7l 4WD for a little over 24 hours. I drove it 1100 miles to get it home. All I can say is that Toyota has one royal screw up on their hands. I would never, never have purchased the truck had I known of this issue. I did test drive a 2008 crew max 5.7l 4WD with 7000 miles on it at the dealer. The salesman told me the shake was a "low tire". This [non-permissible content removed] needs to stop immediately. Toyota needs to make a full disclosure on this issue now and stop ALL Tundra sales unless full disclosure is made.
  • I'm looking for a (03 and up) Tundra crew cab I have $9,000 cash to spend not looking for any salvage titles.

    You guys know anybody selling there's for this price
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    This is not bed bounce. It's a vibration that other Tundras do not seem to exhibit. Toyota builds the Tundra with an amount of "body flex" which is good or bad depending on your outlook. The flex in the body allows for a smoother ride.

    There is something wrong with the truck in the video but this IS NOT a wide spread problem.
  • Hello all.
    Got a quote for $24,035 + tax/tags on an new 08 double cab 4x4 grade with the 5.7. Sticker was $31,950. Thinking about doing it. Any thoughts?
  • car25car25 Posts: 7
    Paid in March 2008 for a 2008 Tundra 5.7 Double Cab 4x4 with a MSRP of
    31371 a price of 25549 in Eastern Pennsylvania.

    2 dealers matched online pricing of Fitzmall . Could have gotten it cheaper but
    would have to pick it up in S-Carolina.

    Great car, but make sure you get a fat discount from your dealer
  • car25car25 Posts: 7
    09´s coming out any day - so you´d take a bit hit in depreciation right away - I´d lowball them around 20.000, make them wait if you can and see what they come back with.

    You might be better off offering 24-25k for a 2009 model. Toyota sales numbers
    are very bad - so they are very desperate to sell !
  • there is 200% mark up on the TOYOTA TUNDRA ???
  • this is SR4 or LIMITED with what options? where geographically speaking?
  • Toyota to Post $1.7 Billion Loss
    That’s right. The gold standard of manufacturing is not exempt from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. In November, Toyota’s sales dropped 34%. GM’s sales were down 41%. People aren’t buying cars or much of anything right now. The value of the yen has risen 25% since summer, which makes autos significantly more expensive overseas (or the losses even bigger).
    But let’s take a look at the rest of the story. It is Toyota’s first financial loss in 70 Years. In 2007, Toyota posted $28 billion in operating profit. They have $18.5 billion in cash with relatively little debt. Have they lain off any employees? No. Have they cut back production and delayed new plant openings? Of course. So what are the employees doing? Training, maintenance, cleaning, problem-solving, and doing jobs that had been outsourced. Even in downturns, Toyota continues to invest in its people, plant and equipment.
    Will Toyota abandon Lean? Absolutely not. Why would anyone abandon an improvement system that saved the company after WWII and has given them a significant competitive advantage since the 50’s? It is what makes Toyota the gold standard.
  • I bought a 2008 Tundra Double Cab Limited 4X4.
    Color Black
    Interior Biege
    Additional Equipment Included:
    Brushed Stainless Steel Step Boards
    TRD Off Road Package
    Floor Mats and 4 Piece Sill Protector.
    Sticker Price: 40,737.00
    Dealer invoice Price 36,303.00 and 1750,00 Rebate
    Paid 34,000.00 Plus 298.00 Documentary Preparation Fee (which I'm sure is kinda BS) and 150.00 Registration fee (I'm from NY and Bought the truck in MA and had to pay another company to register the truck for me.)
    Grand Total Paid 34,448.00 plus tax. with 0% financing for 5 years.
    1855.00 underdealer invoice.
    No dealership in New York would come close to this price and my local dealer got extremely annoyed when I asked him if he could come close to this price. He just about accused me of lying to him and said "If you can get that truck for that price, I would run up there and get it." I took his advice and that's just what I did.

    I bought the truck in MA, because the dealer was offering a 1750.00 rebate and 0% Financing, that wasn't available in New York. In New York you can get 0% financing or a 3000.00 rebate but not both.

    I did all the negotiations over the internet and it made the process much easier. Hope this post helps someone out there get a good deal.

    2008 Toyota Tundra Crew Max 4X4 SR5 5.7L
    Price Details:
    MSRP: $36,335
    Invoice Price: $33,540
    Actual Price Paid:

    (Including Rebate) $28,500
    Rebate: None
    Amount Saved: $7,835
    Savings as % of MSRP: 21.56%

    Purchase Date: Jan 20, 2008
    Dealership: Holley Toyota
    Location: Brownwood, TX
  • Crew Max with Navigation, rear backup camera, TRD off road Package, Sliding Moonroof, Bedliner.


    $35,995 with NO dealer fee.

    Also got 7yr/100,000 mile warranty Toyota Platinum 0 deductible for $990.00
  • binny1binny1 Posts: 2
    Who was the dealer that sold you the 7 year warranty for $990? I've been looking into that and $1050 was the lowest I've been able to find on other forums. Not sure if it would be worth it or not with putting limited miles on. It's my understanding that you can buy the Toyota warranty from any dealer in the country.

    On another note, in January I was able to get an 08 DC SR5 MSRP w options of 34200 for 27700 OTD. (including 5.5% sales tax plus title) I know it's a couple months ago, but I thought I would chime in. We had a $5000 rebate at the time here.
  • binny1binny1 Posts: 2
    I should also add that the dealer I bought from offered me the same platinum warranty for $1800 at the time of purchase. Crooks.
  • Lots of good information on this post - thanks to all who have contributed.

    I'm looking to pull the trigger on my first truck, have test drove all of the major competitition, and the Tundra seems like the clear choice. I just don't want to take a bath on the deal.

    Essentially, I'm looking for an '09 SR5 Double Cab, standard bed, 5.7L 4x4 with fog lights, bedliner with deckrails, stainless steel steps and sliding windows. Has anyone purchased something similar recently? When you're talking about a truck that stickers at around $34,500, it would seem as though there is some room to move, particularly in this economy.

    Any help is much appreciated.
  • mitcheldmitcheld Posts: 12
    Purchased in Maryland, last Saturday:

    Sticker/MSRP: 34,400
    Invoice: 31,500
    Negotiated Price: 29550
    Rebate: 4500
    OTD plus T&T: 25050
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    that's a great deal on a leftover 08. I'm trying to decide between the Tundra and a Ridgeline. The Tundra is just so BIG and still more truck/money than I need. Anybody else going back and forth between these two?
  • The Ridgeline is a very versatile "vehicle" but I think it's hard to compare to the Tundra given it's not a full-size truck. Hopefully you're not looking to get a V-6 in the Toyota, as that would be a waste. You'd be better off looking at at a Tacoma, which specs-wise is closer to the Honda. Just my 2 cents.
  • SBornstein - funny you ask that question. I happened to be checking out SUV's and had gone into a Nissan/Honda dealership. After test driving the Xterra, the salesman showed me the Ridgeline and being a current Honda owner, I appreciated the looks but also knew quality/durability would be there.

    That's what started me looking at trucks and I've since decided I'm going with the open bed vs. SUV. After having test drove the Tundra, there really is no comparison between the two - it's the Tundra for me. Considerably more power for neglible difference in fuel economy and most importantly more ground clearance and capacity to haul gear. However, this is what suits my needs and outdoor pursuits.

    Sounds as though you need to decide what works for you. From your comment it wouldn't appear as though you really need a heavier truck for towing/hauling/etc. If it's primarily a commuter vehicle you're looking for with the occasion small run to the dump/transfer station or Home Depot, the Ridgeline should suffice - you'll save some money at time of purchase and each year when it comes time to register the vehicle.

    The double cab Tacoma may also work for you - this is more comparable to the Ridgeline yet you get a longer bed and more ground clearance (if important to you). The only thing I felt in my test drive of this vehicle is that it did not have as smooth of a ride as either the Ridgeline or Tundra - and you'd lose that in bed watertight storage (great feature).

    The beauty of looking at both of these vehicle lines, you know each of them will hold value. Good luck!
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    You've hit the nail on the head. I agree, Tundra and Ridgeline is like apples and oranges. I do have a 5,750Lbs. boat to move occasionally, but wouldn't want to drive the Tundra year round for the few times I need to move the boat. I'm at a camp ground where moorings are lotteried off each year. If I don't get a mooring, I'd have to trailer the boat a short distance, even though the ridgeline maxs out at 5K towing, I could cheat a little. I also moved towards the open bed, over a suv for the obvious reasons.

    The Tacoma is nice, but doesn't ride nearly as well as the Honda, and they stepped up the features on the '09 honda with blue tooth, rear camera, etc. May wait a year to see if they redesign the Honda, rumor has a new 8 cylinder coming.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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