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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Seems like all the auto makers would be taking a hit right now with the current economic climate, but I've had no luck with what Edmunds SAYS we should get for our trade-in as well as the "what others are paying" price.

    We gave up on trying to get another Honda Odyssey for what we "should" be able to get it for; the dealership just can't get within $2000 of the price they should/could.

    My dad is trying to get an '09 Tundra, SR5 with tow mirrors (which almost no one seems to have in our area). He wants the 5.7 engine, but doesn't care about alloy wheels, navigation, etc. He would like fog lights, daytime running lights, a bedliner, and the other (I think) basics on the SR5.

    Edmunds says we should be able to get it for 28,000-ish factoring in the 3500 incentive (around 32,000 MSRP), and also get 9,000 for his '02 Tundra with only 41000 miles on it as a trade-in.

    He was offered 6000 for his trade in (mind you, no major blemishes - only one VERY minor ding on the side near the tirewell in the back), low mileage, and no other problems whatsoever. They said they "could go up to 7000" (like they're doing him any favors). Even with the tax advantage of trading it in, I'm telling him to just sell it privately; he'll get WAY more.

    My question is: how low SHOULD we be able to get this '09 truck? It seems like 27-28000 would be reasonable; all we're getting is closer to 29000... We live in southern LA, but can go as far as Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Opelousas, or even Houston if need be. Any advice? THANKS!

  • Hi Sarah!

    A couple of things:

    4x4? Double Cab or Crew Max?

    If you can get me a VIN # of a particular truck that you're looking at, I can pull the invoice and tell you the exact numbers. There is not a whole bunch of front end profit on these trucks.

    I used to tell people to throw the Edmund's TMV out the window (no offense Edmund's), but within the past year or so, they have gotten much more accurate. There is only about $2500-$3000 between MSRP and dealer Invoice on these trucks, so depending upon the amount of rebates in your area will dictate your net savings. For example, on a $32k truck, if the dealer decided to sell it AT invoice, it would probably have a selling price around $29k or so. Add in tax and gov't fees, then subtract your rebate and you'll have an otd cost. But, if you're simply looking at a "net" discount as Edmund's so uses, you'll see a price (TMV), usually right around invoice less the rebate. So, let's just say that they sold you that $32k truck for $29k and their was a $3500 rebate, Edmund's would show you a "net" price of $25.5k. ($6500 off MSRP).

    Toyota has an advertising fee tacked on to their invoices which Edmund's does not reflect and is prolly close to $300 on one of these trucks. Then, they also have a holdback of 2% of the total MSRP less destination (prolly around $600-$700). Finally, they have a a 1% flooring fee called Wholesale Financial Reserve ($300-$350). All these charges are itemized on the invoice and all can be negotiated, although dealers don't like dipping into these unless they need too.

    Getting me the VIN would be the easiest, but if you know the total MSRP including all options and destination charge, I can give you a pretty close estimate of how much they're into the truck for.

    As for the economy, Toyota realized this and cut production and many dealers drastically reduced their inventories, so the supply is just not out there right now. When inventory is not distressed, there is no reason to blow a vehicle out.
  • mitcheldmitcheld Posts: 12
    Sarah, I'd urge you to look at the 2008 Tundras still on the lots all over the country. If you're a person who keeps a car 4 or more years, then the depreciation issue does not matter. I bought an '08 three weeks ago for 25,050 plus T&T as follows (numbers rounded to nearest $10):

    2008 Tundra Double Cab 4x4 SR5 5.7L
    Sticker/MSRP: 34,400
    Invoice: 31,500
    Negotiated Price: 29550
    Rebate: 4500
    OTD plus T&T: 25050

    Swampfox is correct that the "Invoice" isn't what the dealer really pays. There is exactly $1,500 in various dealer incentives that are included in that price but not paid by the dealer, so the dealer actually paid 30,000. And then he's paying interest every month to keep that car on his lot, probably about $150/month. You'll see I got the car for $450 LESS than he paid for it, even accounting for the various dealer incentives, and then took another 4500 off that with the rebate (which is bigger on the 08s than the 09s, because they need to move them).

    Good luck.
  • indiomonkindiomonk Posts: 24
    Gulf States MSRP 42,804.00
    Dealer MSRP 44,191.95
    What they added to the MSRP.
    295 tint
    298 tire safe
    695 bed liner
    99.95 wheel locks
    plus life tiime free oil changes.No Charge
    Price Paid 32,900 at 5.09 interest. for 60months.

    This was the LAST one on the lot. Rebate was 4,500 from toyota.
    My price was 32,900 plus Tax Title and License.
    Purchased in Dallas Texas Area on Saturday May 3rd. I mean May 2nd.
  • bman8bman8 Posts: 3
    Picked up my nautical blue bad boy last night, $30,200 with TRD and JBL packages. Its a 5,500lb sports car with 10" of ground clearance. 380 horses.....STAAMPEEEDE! ;)
  • bman8bman8 Posts: 3
    yea that too
  • tructruc Posts: 4
    I live in the DFW area and just decided to start some research on the Tundra. I am looking for a CrewMax 5.7 SR5 truck. It seems that you got a really good deal. I trying to get the truck for $28000.
  • aikidriveraikidriver Posts: 2
    That's a great deal. I've been looking at a couple of the remaining 2008's that are very similar to this, MSRP just over $44K; one dealer wouldn't go below $35,950 plus tax/title. We'll see whether the other will come near your deal... last one on their lot in both cases...
  • indiomonkindiomonk Posts: 24
    Renee Isip Toyota of Lewisville. Toyota of Lewisville really worked with me, and I am really happy with my truck.
  • lstorylstory Posts: 1
    Help. I priced a 2009 SR5 4x4 Tundra exta cab 5.7 Flex fuel today at $29,564 (before 4% sales tax). This seems high. VIN is 5TFBW54159X093786. They told me no rebates on 2009 models yet. Their list price was $34,970 on this truck.

    I live in Alabama. Any help appreciated.
  • mainer0607mainer0607 Posts: 4
    lstory - In the Northeast, there have been rebates on the '09's since January. However, the '08 inventory may be much thinner here. If that is the case, and there are plenty of new '08's to choose from, you should be able to save a good chunk not only on purchase price, but also with registration and insurance with an '08 model.

    Currently they're running $3000 back on the '09's in the Northeast. If you go to and enter your zip code, you'll find manufacturer's incentives for your area.

    If you have that price for the larger engine SR5 without a rebate, you have a pretty good price thusfar - at least for the New England area.

    Good luck.
  • cjaspycjaspy Posts: 1
    We are looking for a 08 or 09 tundra Double cab,TRD, tow pk, white or dark grey, 4x4, 5.7 engine, in Southern CA.
    Wanting to pay no more then 30,000 + TL. any suggestions on a dealer with this price? :) Toyota is giving 3000. rebates off the MFSR,
    Looking for more.
  • indiomonkindiomonk Posts: 24
    I was getting my truck serviced at Toyota of Lewisville this past Saturday,one of the largest toyota dealers in Texas. I think there was 1 2008 Toyota Tundra on the lot and it was not a 4x4. Maybe 2 2009 Tundras and they also were not 4x4's. I thnk they had 5 2010's.

    If you can find one I think you might want to snatch it up if the price is right.

    Good Luck.
  • mitcheldmitcheld Posts: 12
    Go find yourself a 2008, there are plenty of them on lots around the country. See post # 703 regarding pricing. You can definitely get what you want if you take the time to find the vehicles. I suggest autotrader in that regard, followed by searching on the identified dealers' websites to confirm inventory.
  • I am looking at this Tundra at a dealership in WI (they just sold their last 2008 and have no 2009 in stock)

    Engine: 5.7L 8 cyl
    Model Code: 8331
    MSRP: $36,392
    Stock Number: 9901
    Transmission: Automatic
    VIN: 5TFUW5F1XAX096662
    Body Style: Crew Pickup
    Exterior: Spruce Mica

    I received a quote for a 09 Silverado with the same MSRP for 28.7k. Any chance of getting the Toyota for about that or am I dreaming?
  • indiomonkindiomonk Posts: 24
    Yes, they should do the deal. I would act quick. Some one said to go online and look at auto trader and the dealers website, but the best thing to do is go down and scout it out first hand. Those websites are NOT updated. I don't think we have any 08's in Dallas. Good Luck. I bought my 08 4x4 Double Cab last month and LOVE it. I bought the last 08 NEW 4x4 on the lot at one of the largest if not the largest toyota dealership in the Dallas Area. ... I also looked at the Silverado's and Ram's but they actually cost MORE. so I went with the Tundra and I am HAPPY.
  • rele1rele1 Posts: 1
    tell me what the best price for this vehicle is
  • imbriangimbriang Posts: 1
    list price: 36,822
    my dis. price 34,915
    it has offroad pkg 3,110
    am/fm/mp3 cd 510
    cold weather pkg 160
    pwr. htd. outside mirrors 30
    cloth buckets w/power 605
    sliding rear window 345
    protection pkg 495
    spray in bedliner 599
    carpet floor mats w/door sill protector 178

    invoice is 32,139, the salesman says he paid 33,869 including bedliner. i offered 33,500 he said that was below what he paid for it. not sure if he's giving me a line or what. thanks for any info.

  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    for those who have purchased 2010's with package "OF" - the offroad package, have you noticed the upgraded suspension and shocks helping to smooth out the "bouncy ride" that many Tundra reviews mention? If so, would no doubt be worth the $$.
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    From my experience, I got an '08 dbl cab 4X4 with the TRD off-road package and it rides noticeably more stiff and jittery than my buddy's '07 dbl cab 4X4 without it. The saving grace is the really comfy cloth buckets...especially the driver's power one, but the wife still prefers long trips in the Tundra over our Highlander which we always thought was a pretty nice ride.
    Regards, BGood
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