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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jdelo24jdelo24 Posts: 1
    I have my eye on a 2006 Tundra SR5 Double Cab V8. It has 34,094 miles on it and their asking price is $18,495, out the door. On top of that, the dealership said I would have to pay Sales Tax and Licensing at the tag agency for $697 (based on that asking price). How much do you think I can talk this down to?
  • osellrosellr Posts: 6
    the reason your having a hard time finding a tundra 4x4 is because all (or at least most) of the tundras in the southern states are 2x4. why? because it doesn't snow in texas, therefore a 4x4 isn't necessary. if you want to haul your horse trailer in texas, even on dirt or tall grass, a 4x4 wouldn't be necessary.
  • 2010 Tundra Crewmax Texas Edition, 5.7L. Texas edition includes 20" chrome rims, chrome nerf bars, and badging on truck and mats. negotiated price was $30880. I think they still made good money as i traded in my 2008 F-150 4.6L w/ 12000 miles. KBB said trade was worth $22300, but went to 3 dealerships and nobody would give me that, traded for $19000. Luckily i got $13k off the sticker on that truck back in december and ended up even. had to get additional towing for our boat. the f-150 stuggled with the 6000 lbs. hope your not paying full price for f-150's or you plan on keeping it for awhile.

    all this was at star toyota in league city, tx. dealership was great and very easy to work with. can't say the same for community toyota in baytown. drove all the way to baytown to find out they never had what they claimed they had in stock over the phone.
  • bigbbdbigbbd Posts: 5
    Bought 2010 Crewmax yesterday at 10PM with $2k rebate. Noticed this morning the rebates went up to $3k for crewmax. They had to get the truck from a different state and I have not taken ownership, however all papers have been signed. Do i have any options for getting that extra $1k?
  • jaragonjaragon Posts: 2
    Msrp here in my area is $32,196. Truck seems to have everything I need. Does anyone know how much they should negotiate down on the truck? Do you think $28,000 is asking for too much off of the truck?
  • Here in the Dallas area new Tundras are just plain rare. 5.7 4WD's are almost non exisistent. Maybe IF you can find a 2009 they would do the deal. But if they have very FEW 2010's they may hold out for closer to sticker. Right now I think there is a big supply and demand thing with Tundras and it is a sellers market. Good Luck!
  • Has anyone had any experience yet negotiating a price on 2010 Tundras w/ Platinum package? Any info appreciated.
  • Is no one monitoring or posting anymore in this thread? I sure would like to see an answer to post #725. I am also thinking about getting a tundra in the not too distant future and would like to know if anyone has info on what kind of apr's one could get with their credit score..? Is anyone still able to check the invoice on a truck if we have the vin? Any help would be great!
  • mdan1mdan1 Posts: 9
    I think people are waiting for the rebates to go back up. Earlier this year there was a $3,500 rebate on this truck; now $1,000. Also I see dealerships in my area have low inventory, I wonder if they will rebuild that inventory pre-clunkers? With the cost of oil hovering around $76/barrel I wonder if people are having 2nd thoughts about purchasing a new truck.
    I can't speak for anyone else, but with unemployment set to go over 10% anytime now; it is no wonder that consumers are not spending. If you are laid off or think you may become laid off I don't think that unnecessary purchases are a wise decision.
    In the short inventory is low and dealers are not as willing to give a great deal at this point. So in the end there are people on the sidelines waiting.
    Please post if you recently purchased a new Tundra and let us know what type of deal you received!!!!
  • Well I was considering getting a tundra by the end of the year. The rebates right now, in my area (houston), are 2000. Not as good as 3500, but from what I've heard the highest rebates tend to be around spring or summer.
    I know what you mean about the economy. Times are not good for a lot of people. Part of the reason I thought i'd be able to get a good deal. I saw a truck at a dealership, DC SR5 with grill guard, running boards, spray on liner, upgraded tires and rims, and tool box. for around 32,500 thats been sitting on there lot for a several months.These are all things I wanted to get on the truck anyway and it'd save me the time and trouble with them on. But the downside is its a 2wd and I was wanting to get a 4wd. Any thoughts?
  • mdan1mdan1 Posts: 9
    I would wait. I'm only guessing here but as long as sales are slow I believe at some point the incentives are going to get better. "CFC" stripped most dealerships inventory and are now slowly repleneshing them. The question is how much inventory is a dealership going to have going forward? Probably less than before, at least until the economy begins to improve, most importantly job gains.
    Also do not compromise on the type of truck you want. If you want 4wd then get it; you will kick yourself in the a** if you don't.
    Can't hurt to wait till January or so; unless you need a new vehicle right now. And let's wait and see how the price of oil fluctuates; the higher the price the oil the lower the demand for trucks and SUV's.
  • I can wait a little while, but not too long. I have a lease coming to an end and will need something probably by january. I will wait as long as I can though, and see if the deals get any better. Isn't it true though, that prices on trucks tend to go down when gas prices are up? I seem to remember people a couple years back getting great deals.
    Do people still post on these forums, lol. Doesn't seem like it, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong threads.
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    I don't know if my buying experience earlier this year will help as a point of reference...April of '09 in the upper midwest, I was looking to get a left-over '08 DC 4X4 in a particular color (blue streak) that wasn't available in the Iowa or Illinois sales districts where I live. Found exactly the one I wanted on-line at a Wisconsin dealership that they'd had for I'm guessing pret-near 6 months. Up to that point dealers in this area had finally whittled-down the huge inventories of Tundras left over from the high gas prices and economic down-turn depressors. I suppose I could have negotiated a bit harder but I really wanted this particular truck and I wound-up with: list price $36,000, selling price $32,700, minus the Toyota factory rebate of $4,500 for an out-the-door total $28,200. I was happy with it, and it's a long-term keeper so I'm not concerned with year-old depreciation loss. Regards, BGood
  • Thanks for the input. Thats not too bad of a deal, i guess. Although 36k for a previous year's model? sounds high, but I've heard the Tundras keep their value well. I would love to see another 4500 incentive, but that doesn't seem likely..
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    Just for clarity, the $36K was the window sticker + my added options (bedliner and step-boards).
  • still sounds high, lol! i know they are giving huge discounts on 09 chevys right now, to make way for the 10's. why doesn't toyota do that? or was this year just different because of the early release of the 10's?
  • mdan1mdan1 Posts: 9
    With the cost of oil shooting up as of late how are the Tundra deals going? I hope that the rebates will soon increase, in Mass we have a $1,000 rebate + low financing. I need at least a $2,000 rebate to get what I want! Any chance of the $3,500 rebates we had earlier this year?
  • Has anyone ever used carsdirect for the purchase of a new auto? I have submitted a request for a 2010 Tundra Crewmax 5.7L with a sticker of $37,990 and received a special internet price of $34,523 plus $1,000 rebate offered in Massachusetts from Toyota for a net of $33,523 plus TT&L. Does this seem like a good deal or not? I think the incentives are set to change on 11/2 and I may wait to see if rebates go up higher than the current $1,000 offered in this region.
  • That sounds a bit high compared to what others have gotten. I would compare it to the edmunds TMV pricing to know for sure. Can you negotiate the price on In my area the incentives recently went up from 2000 to 3500. But the financing isn't very good, around 6% i think.
    Your truck doesn't sound like a limited, but do you have lots of upgrades? That tends to inflate the price quite a bit..
  • Here is what ive been offered... Tacoma is paid off

    2010 Tacoma SR5 TRD
    - 5.8L
    - 2wd
    - Steering wheel radio controls
    - XM stereo
    - Bluetooth
    - Step bars
    - Towing package
    - Alloy wheels
    - Reverse Mirror

    The difference is $16,000 OTD in GA
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