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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I assume you mean 2010 Tundra, not tacoma. A 5.8L tacoma would be news to me. I'd suggest you give some actual numbers on the price of the tundra if you want an accurate response. Unless ppl know what you got for the tacoma. Have you compared the price to edmunds TMV?? I will be getting my truck probably just after or before new years. Please post what you paid if you bought it already!
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I was just looking at this forum and noticed your post. I was in the market for a new Sequoia and tried cardirect and found a better way. Try cars and look at true car .com.

    I have a new Sequoia on order which was $ 500 cheaper than cars direct .com The vehicle cost with options is $ 700 over dealer invoice or $ 3,200 off sticker. The price on this vehicle has gone down to about $166 above dealer invoice since I ordered.
  • seemed like an awesome site so thanks for that. didn't find any cars on though. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal on the sequoia.
    I am in the market for a tundra right now. they are offering $3000 incentive on them in my area (texas). that puts the model i want around 31k or so. And according to the websites i've checked out i should be able to get another couple of thousand off of it.
    i will post on here how it goes/went when the time comes!
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    I used carsdirect some years ago to purchase a vehicle. They price they gave me was the price I paid for the vehicle. I would use them again.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    Cars direct gave me good price but you are paying a 500 dollar bird dog fee for the car. I saved the 500 dollars using cars getting the exact same vehicle.

    I had two dealers competing for my business both offering the same price Carsdirect had only one dealer in the same area which was 500 higher in price.
  • ok here is the deal - they are saying

    Trade 20000 - 07 Tacoma Crew Sr5, Prerunner, tow

    New 29500 - 10 Tundra, Sr5, TRD, backup camera

    Tax 10165 - GA

    OTD - 13497 - .07% tax, 300 dealer fee, 3 lemon, 30 title
  • This is a 01 Crew
  • snow26snow26 Posts: 24
    Looking at 4x4 extended cap tundra Grade, 4.6 ltr V-8. What are the customer incentives available? What are the factory to dealer incentives available? AutoNews says up to $3,000 in factory to dealer (that is above the customer cash).

    Carman - Please advise.
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    Since you came to this website to ask the question, the tools are right here. Start at the home page, under New Cars Prices, Reviews,'s all there. The menu will take you through pricing a particular model, you select options, and it will ask for your zip code...that's important. In the final pricing report, any incentives will be calculated and shown based on that zip code. Incentive amounts are NOT equal in all sales regions. I live in Iowa on the Illinois border of the Mississippi, there's dealers on my side and the Illinois side. Rebates and incentives can exist at a dealer 5 minutes away across the bridge where they don't at the one across town on my side of the creek.
    Edmunds is a GREAT tool, I used it last year to search for exactly the Tundra I was looking for and with the best incentives...had to take a 6 hour trip to Wisconsin to pick it up, but saved thousands of dollars. And, the color I wanted wasn't even available in my surrounding sales regions, either IA or IL. Best of luck. Regards, BGood ;)
  • I am on the market for a new tundra in DFW area, and just wondering if anyone has bought one lately and ask you to share your experience. What I am looking for is crewmax 2WD 5.7L grade. I am getting quotes from several dealers between 28.5 - 30K . I am thinking about offering 26K (that's about 30K without 4K rebate : 3k manufactory + 1k loyalty). just scan throught with couple other opinions.

  • Did they start selling tundras again?
    That sounds like a pretty good deal, depending on the features/upgrades on the truck.
    It sounds like people are getting at least 10-15% off of msrp. If you can get more, great!
    Also check to see what people are paying.
    I got one late last year and love it. I have a DC 4x4 5.7L FFV.
    If you got any other questions just ask!


    By the way, check out, for those in the area (i'm from houston). If you sign up, I'm GreatScott (put it in the referral part).
  • Yes, they started selling last week when they got the replacement parts.
    Based on what you said, 26k does not sound like a good deal. the MSRP is somewhere between 33.5K-35K. 15% off brings it to 28K-29.5K, with 4k rebates give us around 24-25.5K. thanks for the info. I'll probably start from 24K .
  • No, the 10-15% i was talking about was total. You should not be able to get a 35k car for less than 25k, thats like 30% off! Don't think you could get that much off a GM.
    Mine was a bit over 36k and i ended up paying about 30k. Real good deal but not the best i've ever heard of. If you offer 25k for that truck you'll prob get laughed at lol.
  • One of my friends bought 5.7L DC 4x2 with towing package, running board, and some other "crappy options" for 25K OTD in 2008 in where there was a 5K rebate. Crewmax is just 1K more. Therefore, 25K + 1K (Crewmax) + 1K (less rebate) = 27K OTD. 25K, in my opinion, is doable. Don't you think?
  • Doubt it. Give it a try though. Did your friend by when gas prices were through the roof? Cause A lot of people got incredible deals on gas guzzlers when prices were sky rocketing. Prices have gone up overall too, so don't expect to pay the same as your friend. But give it a try and let us know.

    What kind of options you getting?
  • Im looking to get a deal on a Tundra. Ill just be honest and up front. I hear they may be comming out with some incentives to get people excited about their product again. And if the recalls are fixed well then they are fixed....I dont think they will take any more chances with dangerous products.

    Anyway I would like to know what people are paying for
    2010 Tundra CrewMax
    This one has a selling price of $28,900.

    Any thoughts on the F150 XLT
  • I'm usually not one to boast but recently I had the best buying experience ever. Midwest Superstore of Hutchinson Ks. really made me feel at home when i was buying my new tundra. My salesman Doug was the absolute greatest. There were no high pressure sales tactics and the dealership was great at financing our new truck for us. Their financing department beat our credit union by 2% apr saving me even more money after Doug got us a $5,000 rebate. I know I'm not suppose to mention names but I'm telling you our salesman was the greatest, he stayed by our side the whole time and took great care of us. It's not often that anyone really gets to brag about how well they were treated at a dealership. We were and I think it should be shared. Both of my sons have since bought new trucks from the same dealership and salesman and received the same great service I did. I see now why everyone that does business there comes out happy, I won't buy a truck anywhere else and I even got an extended warranty alot cheaper from that dealership than any other place I checked on. The whole buying experience took on a new meaning. If you ever catch yourself looking for a new vehicle please check out this dealership I promise you it will not be dissappointing. Thank you Midwest you have just earned a family of loyal customers.
  • The cheapest price on tundras i have found is at Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson kansas. I got a $5000 rebate and it made the price of my new tundra very competitive with a used price tundra. I even picked up an extended warranty for my new truck at a lower price than anywhere else i could find. They even sold my sons pickups out of state and did everything over the phone all they had to do was show up and pickup their new trucks. A+ dealership. Make sure to ask for Doug he will really help you.

    Mike T.
  • Thanks for sharing. I assume 5K off of the invoice. I am getting quotes from pretty much ALL toyota dealers in my area (DFW) around 5-6k off of the MSRP. But, I still want to wait until March because I believe that toyota will have huge incentives on Tundra next month.
  • hey great story! Can I ask how much you paid for the extended warranty? I know of people who paid less than 1k for the platinum (7yrs/100k) warranty. Which did you ask and how much?
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