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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • veliger1veliger1 Posts: 1
    I am about to buy a Tundra and hoped to buy a V6 4X4 only to find out that option isn't available unless you go back to 2003. The new 4X4 has the V8, great engine but not so great gas mileage. Anyone have experience with the 4X2 in snow or slippery conditions? Does the traction control and limited slip differential make a big difference?

    Too bad the new 4.0L V6 isn't an option with 4X4...
  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    I guess there just aren't many people buying Toyota Tundra's out there. I've had my post up since Friday and no reply. What's the deal? :confuse:
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    You would need to tell us what the TTL + other fees are. We don't know where you live or what those fees are. If you can provide a pre-tax, etc price, then it would be much easier to gauge.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I did a little follow up on some assumptions. The closest I could come to your MSRP price on Edmunds was 30175. I may not have priced all the features that your truck has, so that could explain why I'm off. Anyway, with an MSRP of 30175, Edmunds says the TMV is 28094. But there's a rebate of 1500, so you real price should be in the neighborhood of 28094-1500, or 26594. Then add in your taxes, etc. Since your MSRP was a 575 higher, your pre tax price should have been in the neighborhood of 26594+575, or 27169, plus TTL.

    All that said, in this area (DC), I can get Tundras at MSRP of 30750 for 26100 (which includes all the rebates I assume) with little effort, but this area is so competitive. I'm sure I could easily shave another 300-500 off that and maybe even much more. Who knows?
  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    Here are the details:

    All Weather Pkg
    Carpet Mats
    JBL AM/FM/Cass/CD w/8 Speakers
    TRD Off Road Package
    Overhead Console w/Compass & Outside Temp
    Power Moonroof w/Tilt & Slide
    Limited Slip Differential
    Daytime Running Lights
    Privacy Glass
    Challenger Step Boards
    Upgraded Alarm System
    Moonroof wind deflector

    Invoice cost according to NADA website the invoice cost with these options is $26,864. (not including the free security system $369)
    Dealer's best offer is $27,661 before TT&L and a ridiculous $499 doc fee. :mad:

    Out the door with all TT&L and the doc fee included comes to $29,338.

    Also dealer said they will install a Tundra remote security system for free. ($369)

    What do yall think, is this a good/fair deal?
  • muskles33muskles33 Posts: 7
    Be a man and get a 4X4. People with 4x2 trucks don't make sense. They shouldn't even be made!
  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    Anyone here know what the finance incentives are for this month? I have been told two different things 0% and 1.9% both for 60 months. Are they differnt in different regions? Thanks.
  • coonhoundcoonhound Posts: 174
    People with 4x2 trucks don't make sense. They shouldn't even be made. Actually I believe that the chromosomes have to to do with how they are made. And the person doesn't have a lot of control over it.

    But if you can control your birthright and see fit to get a positraction or limited slip think what you can do for the eco system in savings of greenhouse gases, in wasted fuel and pollution. Think about saving our planet. :sick:
  • Just bought a 2005 Tundra Limited V8 4X2 Access cab, sticker was 30,172. Out the door 24,795. About the 4x4 over 4X2, if you have no need for a 4X4, why would you buy it? I use my truck for the trips to Home Depot, Lowes, Etc.. I don't go 4wheelin, and I don't have any snow in my state ;) . So me buying a 4x4 would be a waste of 3-4 grand. My last Toyota was a 4X4, but I lived in the northeast and it did come in handy during snow storms, maybe twice a year :( .

    My one gripe with my new Tundra is the radio/speakers, it's supposed to be JBL, but it sounds kinda crappy. I just had a LineX bed liner spayed in, looks great!!
  • ufgatorpaufgatorpa Posts: 6
    Can you provide anymore details/cost of your deal (from window sticker, ie: 20in wheels,DVD,etc)? What fees and dealer extras were in the OTD price?


  • damurphdamurph Posts: 10
    I would assume this statement was made in jest. Either that or by a person that measures his manhood by his drivetrain.

    I have grown up in a mostly rural area most of my life. I've been driving for over 26 years and can only recall wanting the use of 4-wheel drive on about three occasions. Of those three I slugged through one of them anyway, got myself un-stuck in another and had to be towed out of the third. If I had had 4-wheel drive, I would have had to be towed out of the third anyway.

    Most pick-up truck owners will never really need 4-wheel drive. 4X4 were really meant for poor traction situations and are best suited for unprepared driving surfaces like construction sites, farms and other off road adventures. Situations most truck owners never encounter. Tough winters may be an exception.

    I'll just keep my 4X2's on the roads and enjoy the lower maintenance and fuel costs. I guess I may suffer in the resale market because of the people who think they just have to have 4X4's, but I usually drive them forever anyway.
  • damurphdamurph Posts: 10
    Is there anybody near Kansas City that can share their buying experience. I am shopping for a '05 Tundra Double Cab 4X2 SR5. I am considering the Titan, Sierra and Silverado extended cabs as well.

    I look forward to hearing from anybody in the area that could give some feedback about dealers, dealings and deals they've encountered.

  • thadwthadw Posts: 3
    Does anyone have any recent experience in buying in the Austin/San Antonio Area? Any thoughts on good internet sales folks?

  • thadwthadw Posts: 3
    All the Tundras that I'm looking at have "Port Options" installed that aren't included in the TMV calculations by Edmunds. Any one have any idea how to value these? Some seem reasonable (e.g. skid plates on a 4WD) others nutty ("extra mile package") ... thoughts?

  • tundertunder Posts: 6
    I just purchased a 2005 Tundra X-cab, V8, automatic, msrp: $26,544.00 for $19,488 plus TTL at Cerritos, CA. Doc fee $45.00. I am very happy with the truck. :P
  • ronstoyronstoy Posts: 55
    Purchased my Tundra recently, $500 over invoice. Invoice+TDA+$500 - $1250 rebate.
    I am surprised that there is no locking gas door. I don't really like that feature, anyone replace their gas cap with a locking one?
  • frugal1frugal1 Posts: 1
    Tunder-- :surprise:

    If you don't mind me asking, did you have a trade-in? and what was your negotiating strategy?

    Nice deal bye the way.
  • I went to Champion Toyota and walked out after an hour waiting for bozo sales guy who doesn't know his product. Sales process for $30-40k sales is horrible. I am a buyer. Are there any sales people who know their product? What on earth do they do while waiting for buyers to show up? One thing they don't do is read up on their products. This happened three moths ago. I want to get rid of my 2001 GMC C3 for a Fully equipped Tundra double cab 4x4 with leather split bench plus...

    Just got back tonight from Classic Toyota in Round Rock, TX. The salesguy/lot-runner was honest in saying he didn't know much about the Tundra because he had only worked there six weeks. Took me in to a smiley faced guy who was to close the deal since he had 4 years experience over the young lot-runner. I have now more questions than answers. Simple questions they do not have answers.

    Who has good telephone sales nationwide of Toyotas? By "good" I mean knows the product and the different configurations. I want to know what I am buying before I buy.
    Why is the car business have such low rent sales, including Toyota

    I have really the same question as you.
  • tundertunder Posts: 6
    No Negotiation. Cerritos of Toyota in California have an advertisement 2005 tundra with the MSRP of $26,544 for $19,488. No pressure, you can pay the whole thing or finance. I have no trade in. Out the door price was $21,375...Today is their last day due to mfr's rebate of $2,500 (May 31, 2995). :D
  • sounds like your purchasing your tundra in the gulf states distributorship... let me say as a sales person... the extra mile package isn't worth all that money... it's a good thing to have, but it's invoice is probably double what the msrp is. here in southeast toyota we have something called toyoguard plus protection for 699 but the invoice is like 400. that's the thing with edmunds, they don't know everything. for example, here in the southeast region, on a limited tundra if you want the leather package from the factory, it will come with woodgrain trim and msrp is around $1800... but edmunds will tell you the msrp is around $1100... so the information is a good guide, but i wouldn't stake my life on it.
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