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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Perhaps the dealer will do the switcharoo for $50 or so. Many people like it with the letters out. If you have a Costco card maybe they can work a better deal but with a 26000 machine and about $5000 or so in payment interest in the works I wouldn't lose any sleep.

    Good Luck

    We did do the walk-around. Unfortunately I could not be there so my wife did it. I told her things to look for but never thought of the white wall issue.
  • kms87kms87 Posts: 8
    I'm looking at both used and new Pathfinders. I have quote requests out to a few dealers. But I'm wondering about a 2007 SE at a local dealer that is a program vehicle. It has the towing package and comfort package and is in very nice (near mint) condition. Ideally I wanted leather, but this is a pretty nice-looking vehicle regardless. It has 26k miles on it. The sticker is $27,900. What do you think is a good OTD price? I was thinking $24k? Is that realistic? I'm just getting started and trying to learn. Thanks!
  • stetsonbustetsonbu Posts: 14
    I did some research on the safety of the 2005 and on Nissan Pathfinder and it received a 4-star frontal crash rating. Does anyone know why? According to the rating, a 5-star has a 10% or less of a serious injury. a 4-star has 10-20%. My next question would be, would the 4-star rating be closer to the 10% or 20%? I wonder if this vehicle just missed the 5-star rating?

    Please help as this is one of the deciding factors for purchasing this vehicle!
  • kms87kms87 Posts: 8
    Ok--I had posted a message above about a used pathy but ended up with a new one. Final price: $29k, OTD. This is a loaded 2007 SE---leather, comfort and premium packages. I am really excited. I have to make a road trip to purchase, but that's ok!
  • stetsonbustetsonbu Posts: 14

    Wow, sounds like a deal! Does the $29K include TTL, fees, etc.?

    Also, did you get heated seats?

    What dealership did you purchase? I wonder if I could get the same deal here in Maryland?

  • kms87kms87 Posts: 8
    I am purchasing out of state, so I have not paid taxes or registration. The $29k does include ALL fees such as the destination charge and document prep fee. The vehicle includes the leather package (including the heated seats), comfort and premium packages. I wanted dark leather (the vehicle is black) and that's what this one has. It also has the sunroof deflector, floor mats and splash guards.
    I purchased from the Nissan dealer in Omaha, NE. I'm very pleased with their service. They beat all of the local dealers easily.

    Good luck!
  • Chicagoland area, 37k miles, 2004 LE Platinum Edition. Paid 20k. I think that's a decent deal and in line with what was on at the time.
  • footwoodfootwood Posts: 16
    The 2008 LE pathfinder with dvd mats and wind defl has a MSRP of 39560.00 and a invoice price of 36618.00 which would make the selling price 36418.00.

    36 mos 12k per yr is 548.00 plus tax and mv res is 21758.00 and money factor is .001170

    39 mos 12k per yr is 542.00 plus tax and mv res is 21362.40 and money factor is .002090
  • otaota Posts: 1
    Got a price quote on a 2007 Pilot for 27.5 out the door for an EX with Leather, sunroof, and the premium package. Really have my heart set on a Pathfinder instead. Do you think the Nissan dealers will bite and try to compete? Priced out my Pathfinder with the same options, and MSRP is about the same as the Pilot (33k). Any advice at landing a pathfinder for the same price as the Pilot?
  • aggie10aggie10 Posts: 17
    I have negotiated a final price of $23,950 for a 2008 Storm Gray Nissan Pathfinder S + TTL. Do you think that's a good deal? Thanks.
  • 2008 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 V6
    -Storm Gray
    -Leather Package (Graphite)
    -Premium Package
    -Floor Mats
    -Sun Roof Wind Deflector

    MSRP: $35,810

    Price Offered: $32,400

    The above price does not factor in the $1,000 Customer Cash, which I may put towards the car, or just put in my pocket.

    What do you think?
  • chuckiscchuckisc Posts: 31
    Based on a lot of assumption,
    Color= unknown,
    Tax = unknown
    Tag = unknown
    MSRP based on your number= 35,810.00
    Invoice based on Edmunds' spec= 32,943.00
    Holdback 2%= 658.00
    Rebate= 1,000.00
    Market Support= 500.00
    True Invoice(Invoice - Rebate - Holdback - Market Support)= 30,785.00
    Tax 6% $100 tags:
    Tax tags(% x true invoice)+(tags=$100est)1,947.10
    low ball(true invoice - 2k + tax)= 30,732.10
    Target Price(MSRP - rebate or Sale price - Low ball offer / 2 + low ball offer): 32,771.05
    REMEMBER, do not and will not negotiate with dealer anything but OTD price!
  • Color: Storm Gray
    Tax = 6%
    Tag = $135

    The came back with $31,900 (includes rebates).

    I am going to lease this vehicle.
  • Well I guess you don't get the rebate if you lease. Here is the breakdown of the latest offer:

    2008 SE 4x4 V6 (Leather, Premium, XM, Mats)
    MSRP: 35,710
    Purchase Price: 32,900
    Adj Price: 31,895 ($1,005 from trade)
    36 Months/15k miles
    Residual: 57%
    Money Factor: .00192 (4.608%)
    Tax: 6%
    Acq. Fee: 595
    Payment: $464
  • Theo2076

    A question - Nissan dealer in NJ is telling me that the money factor and residual factor are locked and not negotiable. I am also looking at a 2008 SE with Leather, Prem., Sat and mats. The lease terms are similar except

    Money factor is .0022
    Residual value is 56%

    This lease requires $2500 at signing

    Are they being honest with the locked rates? BTW this lease for a 24 month had a money factor of .00192 - I dont get it??

  • I believe the money factor and residual is based on the term of the lease, the amount of miles you want, and your credit score.

    I only had to pay first months payment and $50 doc fee. I also got them to waive the security deposit.
  • HI there,
    I am doing research on Durango's that have caught fire. My son in law is in ICU burn unit right now due to his 04 catching on fire...can you please have your friend whose durango burnt contact me PLEASE...we need to try and get this info out to the public as it could save lives.
  • You must have missed this report back in March 2007
    Dodge Recall">link title
  • What is Market Support and how is it determined?
    How is Holdback determined?

    Thank you very much!
  • I live in the southeast and I am looking to buy a 08 Pathfinder LE. What is the best price I should expect? The dealers will drop to the low 32's quickly but does not want to move from there. I think I can do better. I have looked at 07's but the price is so close to the 08 and the backup camera in the 08 is a plus because my wife has hit a few things with the Tahoe (ok I admit it really me). I will travel a bit if the price is right. I hear the car market is soft but Nissan does not seem to have excess inventory.
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