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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • First request (in TX) for a quote for 2013 Pathfinder SV was 35K out of the door.
    Around 31-32K + tt&L.

    I think it needs to be invoice + ttl, considering the $500 discount.
    So I'm looking for around 31-32K OTD. Hopefully they can throw in leather seats as well.

    Any thoughts?
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    SV does not have option of leather seats. You need to move to SL for Leather seats. 31-32K OTD should be possible. I have received quotes of $37000 OTD on SL with Premium package.
  • Is that quote for 4X2 or 4X4? I'm in CA and just got a quote for an SL 4X4 with cargo package and floor mats only for 37 OTD.

    Please let me know if I should look to do better!
  • where you get this quote at? that is a really good price, that is almost 7k off sticker
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    Northern Virginia.
  • Test drove the 2013 on Friday night and loved it. I'm in Chicago, and the dealer quoted me $35,200 + ttl for the SL 4x4, with cross bars and the cargo package. From what I'm reading here that seems like an okay deal (not the best, far from the worst). I've asked for an updated quote including the Premium package -- my wife and I LOVED the panoramic rear moonroof. Haven't heard back yet but am hoping they'll get hungry for my business and price aggressively. suggests this configuration is worth $37k but I'm hoping they'll be inside of that number. Am I being realistic?
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    Let us know what dealer is quoting for SL with premium package. The price that dealer quoted you for the Base SL should be the price i have got from couple of dealers for 4x4 SL with premium package.

    Check this car out. It is not 4x4 but to compensate for 4x4 it has Rear Seat navigation. MSRP is $40470. This is jus a internet price. You can still haggle more on this price. Hope this helps. 12489969
  • Thanks ucd. This is very helpful.

    The link you sent looks to be a similar configuration. This SL has the headrest DVDs installed but does not have navigation, which is only available in the Platinum model. The DVD is an ~$1,800 (MSRP) add-on so it seems your dealer is basically throwing that in for "free" on top of the $35,200 I was quoted. Though I hadn't haggled on my offer yet, either.

    I'm being told here in Chicago that new stock is hard to come by and that customers are putting deposits down well before cars are delivered -- especially for the SL with Premium package. Probably just salesmanship but we'll see. I'm still hopeful I can get what I want for under $37k.
  • ucd,

    I received my first quote last night for a 4WD SL with Premium package, $36,700 + ttl. This is $1,500 over the base SL (no Premium), which seems to be about a $1,000 discount on the Premium package itself. That said, the dealer does not have any SL-Premiums in stock and isn't sure when he'll be getting any. So I'm not sure if this is just a pricing gimmick to get me into the dealership.

    I will clearly try and haggle downward, but $36,700 seems like a nice starting point given MSRP of $40k+ for this configuration.
  • We like this vehicle - can anyone comment on price paid?

    Thank you
  • bluechunks, I would think you could get your Platinum w/ Premium at or around invoice.

    I just received another competing quote on an SL w/ Premium package plus cross bars, splash guards, floor mat set and illuminated kick plates: $36,000 + ttl. This is $4,000+ off MSRP and $1,200 below invoice, and requires that I finance through Nissan USA. I'm sure they'll make up a little bit by charging a higher loan rate than market (their first quote is 2.99%) but I still feel this is a great starting point. I'm told that if I finance elsewhere the purchase price will increase $500 -- so it's an interest rate tradeoff.
  • Thanks!

    This is helpful & gives us something to go on should we decide on the Pathfinder. We saw the $500 discount for financing with NMCA too.

  • Has anyone compared the Nissan 2013 Pathfinder Platinum vs. the Infiniti JX35? Just comparing on paper, the Nissan looks to be about $7,000 less costly for the same features. I can't physically compare since local dealers still don't have a Platinum in stock.
    Would like very much to hear from anyone who has driven both and their opinion.

  • After lots of research and initially thinking JX, I bought:

    2013 Pathfinder Platinum
    Black on black
    Premium Package
    Floor Mats

    Price Paid: $39,600.

    This included application of my $500 NMAC cash for Nissan finance.

    The car is so luxurious I could not justify 10K more for a JX. I can use regular fuel, 1MPG better (I think), and more headroom in 3rd row. Only thing I miss/want is HID lights.

    Negotiated 7 Year 120K Nissan Preferred Gold warranty with no deductible for $2300.

    Good luck everybody!
  • Nice! Thanks - very helpful. I wasn't up to considering warranty yet.

    What's the usual cost for the extended warranty?
  • It looks to me like you got a great deal and price. How did you do it and where is the dealer (state and name please.)

    I checked Edmunds and it looks like you got a car for less than invoice ($40,593) wth an MSRP at $44,495. Your cost of $39,600 is a little less than 1000 UNDER invoice.

    Well done!!!

    I'll try for a similar deal when the local dealers start getting some Platinum models in. I want just the plain Platinum without any other add ons.
  • Bought the car in Stockton, CA. Simply said I couldn't pay over 40k, they said ok. My friend Harris taught me this trick and it worked!
  • Is this an OTD price or do we need to add TTL to the $39,600?
    I'm seeing a $36.5-37K OTD for SL+Premium.
  • This was selling price with destination minus 500 NMAC. Tax and license were extra.
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