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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nettainettai Posts: 3
    Did this include the Premium package as well with dual DVD system and all? By the way, can you post the name of the dealership. Also, there is no tax in NH correct? what other fees/charges were added to the selling price to arrive at this OTD number?
  • No DVD system.

    No tax in NH, so the OTD price includes destination/title/dealer fees.
  • That's a great price - with all the accessories probably close to 2K under invoice.

    I'm looking at a Platinum Premium 4x4 in NY. I am returned my leased car and it has 3 months remaining. They are offering the vehicle @ invoice price, excluding TTL. I can get 60 months at 1.9% from a private bank.

    I've been pushing them to go lower but won't budge, I guess because they are eating my last 3 car payments on my current Nissan? How does that work?
  • maxgqmaxgq Posts: 2
    edited January 2013
    Do you have some employee purchase program or know the dealer personally?

    I was offered the 2013 Pathfinder Platinum Primium 4WD for 42,000 + 3,400TAX + 272.50Fees
    This includes Cross bar, bumper guard, slash guard, floormats and cargo cover. (This is in NY)

    MSRP: 45,000
    Invoice: 41,700

    Whats the secrete to get it 2k below invoice? Please share.

  • I used and negotiated a few extras from there....I was shocked, because it came in way under the TMV on this site....maybe because it was end of year, not sure, they did back date my paperwork to 12/31 and I took delivery on 1/2.
    also took the $500 nissan financing and applied for the edmunds cash card.
    I still have a 2002 Pathfinder with 193k on it, so I've only driven the new one 200 miles of so this month. I never expected a deal like that and really wasn't serious about a purchnase until I SAW THOSE NUMBERS.
  • I also bought mine right at the end of the year (29th of December) so I think the end of the year helped get my price. Also, you can try to use that $500 rebate for financing through Nissan as leverage. I told them the interest rate through Nissan was too high, but I still wanted that $500 off. I eventually got the extra $500 off, then went to finance the deal and said I wanted to finance through Nissan (giving me another $500 off). As long as I can refinance back to the lower rate (nothing on the Nissan loan says I can't), it will work out.

    Also, I just received the Edmunds visa gift card in the mail (took about 5 weeks for delivery).
  • steel11steel11 Posts: 2
    edited February 2013
    I bought SL 4x4 w/Premium package cross bars, splash guards illuminated kick plates and all weather floor mat set plus rear cargo protector: Price in Paramus Nissan in NJ $35400 includes destination plus tax $399 doc fee and $401 DMV tax was $2478(7%) out the door $38678 finnance it with Nissan 2.99%
  • 2013 Nissan Pathfinder SL (no premium package)
    Cross bars
    All weather mats and cloth mats
    splash guards
    tow hitch
    Lifetime power train warranty included (locally)
    Lifetime oil change included (locally)

    $36,000 OTD in North Carolina - $500 Visa Cash Card from Edmunds
  • This Nissan Pathfinder SL is a 4 x 4
  • Hello gratefuldriver, this is a really good price for all the options you get. I am specifically interested in the Lifetime power train warranty. Is it only endorsed by your local Nissan deal who sold the Pathfinder to you? not a genuine Nissan Warranty? Could you share the breakdown of the cost like car price, TTL, Tax? this will be helpful for me to negotiate it. I want to buy the same 4x4 SL model. Thanks.
  • Chicago-land
    $38220 MSRP ($36050 base)
    SL 4x
    tow package - 400
    illuminated kick plates - 275
    splash guards - 150
    carpet mats - 200
    crossbars - 300
    wheel locks - no charge
    delivery - 845

    $34,642 + 6% tax + $150 doc fee + $28 license transfer = $36909

    -$500 NMAC
    -$500 Edmunds (3 weeks no response yet)

    $35909 on the bottom line. FWIW, negotiated $2000 over KBB private party retail on trade-in($15k total) before MSRP negotiation (wound up a few hundred under VPP, my backup plan)

    Took NMAC on $7500 @ 2.99% with 850 credit... the min finance charge. Beware... you must keep loan with NMAC for minimum of 4 months or pay back incentive.

    loving it so far...
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    edited February 2013
    I just went through (my company prefers to go thru that if you want additional discount, I think one of the member also mentioned it earlier).

    I got Guaranteed Saving Certificate email

    SL 4X4 W/Premium package plus Splash Guard, Floor Matt, Bumper Protector, Cross Bar ,Illuminated Kick Plates

    $36554 before TTL..

    I'm thinking to do little bit more negotiation and Trade-in my Murano and hopefully deal gets done by EOM. (Got email from edmunds for $500 hurrahh)
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    edited February 2013
    Dealers don't have a SL 4X4 with Premium package. But he got with DVD package including almost every options except Tow hitch (I've asked him to throw Tow Hitch free too).. He brought his price down $34766 plus $598 document fees ($35364)...

    Final would be $35364+Tax, title and registration fees. . looking around $37600

    My wife is looking with Premium Package and I'm going to meet the Dealer tomorrow and let's see if he brings more down since my wife is going to play bad cop LOL...
  • Grateful: Would you mind messaging me or posting who you talked to and what dealership? I'm really trying to get a decent deal for my wife who likes the SL 4x4.

  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    Here's one of the Dealer in ATLANTA giving this. NOT sure how many loop holes are in this one? such as all the regular maintenance has to be done there including OIL change or stuff... I'd find out more

    "Lifetime means lifetime as long as you own your car your vehicle is covered."


    (Good at any factory authorized Nissan dealer in the U.S. and Canada)
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    edited February 2013
    Here's the Deal I'm getting... Please let me know if it's good or NOT.

    SL 4X2 , Tow package, Illuminated Kick, Cross Bars, Splash guards (Cayenne RED and Charcoal.

    $32917 (before $500 NMAC financing)... plus Tax, title and fees...
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    Here's another offer:

    SL 4X4 Cayenne RED with Almonds(my wife wants Almonds with RED)

    SL Premium Pacakge
    Splash Guard
    Illuminated Kick
    floor mat

    37700 OTD... including LifeTime Powertrain warranty (it's from 3rd party I guess, that's how they do it)
  • We are in final negotiations on a Platinum Premium 4x4 and I'm curious what others have paid for their extended warranty. The Pathfinder comes with a 36 month, 36K bumper to bumper, but what about extended warranties?

    I've heard that these can be purchased from any Nissan Dealership (location doesn't matter). What have others paid for theirs? We're looking for a 7-year, 100K warranty?
  • Just picked up my new Pathfinder yesterday. I was going back and forth with the color Artic Blue and Mocha Stone both Almond interior. Boy Im glad I got the Mocha Stone, very awesome looking especially late afternoon early evening. The color seems to change from day to evening. Anyways, you really need to do your homework when dealing with them. I did all the negotiations via-email between 4 different dealers in chicago, I finally made a deposit with the dealer with the lowest price. You know whats funny though every dealer says they are the Largest Dealership in the Midwest. So heres my price MSRP $ 44920 Sale Price $ 40454 with 3.9% APR. Lastly, if you finance the car with them ALWAYS ask the finance guy the " buy rate ", because the banks give the dealers a lower rate then the dealer raises the rate 1 to 2 points..they have to disclose if you ask. Btw, anybody purchased the extended warranty, if you did what are the terms and cost. They offered me $ 1013 72months / 75000 miles.....sorry this took so long to write
  • My dealership offered my $1014 for 7years / 75000 miles, have you found a better deal,

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