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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    edited February 2013
    I'm doing same thing. I don't like to go to dealer unless I agree with numbers. I'm talking to 3 dealers and waiting for the last one to send me OTD price on my SL 4X2 w/premium package, cross bar, illuminated kick, splash guard and rear bumper protector.

    My wife and I both were confused with Cayenne RED and Mocha.. but we settled on RED.. Mocha is my another favorite color.

    Whoever gives me the lowest price, going to get it from him.
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    SL 4X2 w/Premium Pkg, Illuminated Kick, Carpet floor, Bumper protector, splash guards cross bar

    MSRp: 39670
    Invoice: 36453

    Agreed Price: 34000... plus documentation fees, tax and title fees.

    Trade-in would be negotiated tomorrow.
  • Just did paperwork for
    2013 SL 4x4, black on black with
    floor mats,
    stainless steel bumper protector,
    cross bars &
    tow package.

    MSRP was $38,070 (not including the bumper protector - they are adding that on at my request)

    My price, before TTL $32,933.

    I am financing 1.9% for 60 months have applied for the $500 Edmunds visa card.
    Curious to hear what others think. I believe this is a good price? Your thoughts?
    Should I negotiation even more?
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    Looks like a very good deal. I was offered similar deal but it had DVD pkg so price went up 1700. I didn't want DVD so I moved on to current deal.

    Where are you getting this deal?
  • This deal is with Barberino Nissan in Wallingford, CT. After much negotiating & going back forth with area dealers I felt like this was a good deal, but really wanted someone else's opinion. Thanks!
  • I think thats a great deal, mine was $44920 MSRP sold for $40450

    Platinum / Premium Package / 4 Piece Floor Matts / Illimunated Plates / Splash Guards / also LIFETIME POWERTRAIN Warranty nationwide

    Anybody thinking about getting the extended warranty? If so let me know your deal, also getting accessories from I think thats the cheapest I have searched so far.
  • cliffy2112cliffy2112 Posts: 9
    edited February 2013
    I think you did pretty good.. (better then me).

    I got the identical vehicle with msrp of 38,070 for 33050.. It took hours of bickering, but was well worth it.. By the end the sales manager only would give me angry stink eye..

    Thus far love the ride (appx 400 miles).. I got black on black as well which I think looks pretty good, except when they salt the roads... I would have prefered slate, but they didnt have it at the dealer so I went with the Michael Knight edition...
  • I have a black Highlander now and agree - it does show all the dirt, but when it's clean - man it looks good. The black PF immediately caught my eye when I was looking around. With the chrome accents..looks sharp. Thanks for your opinion on my price. I feel like I'm at the "stink eye" point with the dealers around here now too.
  • cliffy2112cliffy2112 Posts: 9
    edited February 2013
    Yes.. the Chrome is a nice addition..

    Also make sure to sign up for the $500 edmunds deal before you sign... I submitted the paper work, got a confirmation email right away.. But you need to do it before you sign.
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    edited February 2013
    I agree on Edmunds $500 Gift Card. It's an extra discount and better sign up before you sign the paper.

    My new car deal is done and We are fighting on 2006 Nissan Murano right now.

    I was able to bring dealer to $33834 (before fees and TT) for SL Fully loaded every options available (except DVD LOL)
  • 33834 with a platnium package?? Really nice job.

    I think the wording on the edmunds card says it must be signed up before you sign.. I assume you could do it same day, but anything else would just give an easy reason to reject the rebate..
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    edited February 2013
    Yes but it's SL 4X2 NOT 4X4... But I still think that it's a good deal because NO other dealer is going below 34K+ in my town...

    No dealer has SL 4X4 in ATL with SL Package since they sell very rare.

    On top of that I'm getting Limited Lifetime warranty plus 2 year of Basic maintenance free... I'm negotiating 100 Gallons of gas free since they had that flyer few days ago LOL
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    I went to different dealer since my original dealer won't give me more than 7K on my 2006 nissan murano SL trade-in...

    New dealer same price on new pathfinder plus gave me 9300 trade in value... so saved me some tax money too...

    SL 4X2 Cayenne RED/Charcoal W/Premium package, cross bar, illuminated kick, floor mat, bumper splash, rear bumper protector

    27 OTD after trade in...
  • I've already signed up for the gift card, got the email confirmation. Now just waiting to sign the paperwork so I can fill out the online submission form.

    The car I test drove had the "passenger air bag off" light illuminated the entire time someone was sitting in the passenger seat. I told the dealer before I signed the paperwork I wanted them to check that out & fix it. In the meantime I'm still price shopping! LOL but I think the $32,933 will be my best bet. BTW - I did notice on plenty of places on the net that there is some issues with that airbag light. Check yours out everyone & make sure it's working properly!
  • $1014 doesn't sound too bad. Is it a Nissan warranty?
  • How do you apply for the Edmund's Visa Card? I'm not seeing it on the site.
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    edited February 2013
    You might be see some ad for Nissan $500 rebate or look for Nissan Incentive thru edmunds and sign up..

    You should get an email within few hours.
  • cliffy2112cliffy2112 Posts: 9
    edited February 2013
    If you bring up the 2013 pathfinder for research in edmunds it usually appears.. May take a couple times..
  • I noticed on the paperwork that was written up this weekend that they had a pre-printed amount on the form of $499 - I'm guessing it was the dealer prep fee?? Sounds high to me. What do others think? And is this negotiable? Again - I haven't signed the paper work yet, so I want to know what I can still negotiate before I sign on the dotted line. Thanks!
  • Mine had a prep fee for $65.. I guess everything is negotiable, and depends on how much you want to bicker..
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